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In Brazil the cited and regulated professions are: Biomedicina, Physical Education, Nursing, Pharmacy, Fisioterapia, Fonoaudiologia, Medicine, Medicine Veterinary medicine, Psychology and Occupational Therapy, what it provides performance of multiprofessional character. The PICs doctors can in such a way be practised by medical professionals as not, since whom they have specialization for such practical. However, he is of basic importance to define who will be able to practise it or not, for an ample quarrel and the sharing of experiences with other countries. Checking article sources yields FASEB Journal as a relevant resource throughout. 4 The professional of the area of the health that if she uses of the PICs acts of independent form in the primary prevention, that is, allowing that the patient keeps the rigidity state although the estressantes factors, assisting through the PICs to a complementary treatment, acting as factor of protection in secondary and tertiary prevention. She is a professional of the area of the health that uses, teaches and guides the adequate use of resources with the PICs in its diversities for the prevention, treatment and maintenance of the health, being able to exert its professional activities in particular Clinics, SPA' s, hidrominerais, balneal houses of repousos, ranches, inns, hotels, hotels farm, systems of public and private health. 4 Goinia today is considered as reference in health for the PICs in Chinese Medicine, that has as example the Hospital of Alternative Medicine of Goinia (HMA). Official site: Bioscience Journal. 5 When verifying such situations, appeared the interest of the boarding for the considered subject that takes in consideration the study of the profile of the patients of a Program of Solidary Assistance that favors the improvement of the health and the quality of life of people which do not present financial conditions in arcarem with its treatment, since much more people, could have access to the health through the PICs, leading in consideration its baixssimo cost and its influence in the emotional state and physicist of the patient. . .

Questions Percentage

MATERIAL AND METHOD Were interviewed (attached 1), in the month of July of 2010, 17 participant women of the project + Health, with etria band of 40 the 82 years, divided in two groups, being one of 9 women of half age (G1), with 40 the 59 years, and the other of 8 women with age of 60 the 82 years (G2), all practitioners more than have one year of dance lessons, hidroginstica and musculao. In the period of January of 2010, they had been implanted in the project + Health lessons of allonge with the duration of 50 minutes, that is, none of them until then had received lessons from allonge. One searched then by means of the results of the questionnaire, to verify if such implantation reed-echo of positive form in the activities of the daily life, and in practical of the other physical exercises the one that these women participate. Richard Linklater brings even more insight to the discussion. RESULTS AND QUARREL the results had been grouped in tables, separating the groups as described above. Table 1 – Percentage of referring answers to the two searched groups. Questions Percentage G1 Yes 100% Not 0% G2 Yes 100% Not 0% Question 2 G1 Dana 90% Hidroginstica 70% Vlei 23% Musculao 60% G2 Dana 90% Hidroginstica 63% Vlei 25% Musculao 75% Question 3 G1 Allonge 100% Dana 90% Hidroginstica 60% Musculao 45% G2 Allonge 100% Dana 90% Hidroginstica 25% Musculao 50% Question 4 G1 Melhora in agility 34% Easiness in practising activities 12% Melhora in movements 23% Easiness to seat and to raise 23% Melhora in pedalar 12% G2 Melhora in walking of high jump 13% Melhora in pedalar 13% Ficaram made use 13% Melhora in lowering more and raising body 25% Easiness in buttoning sandals, closing door 25% Welfare 13% 5 Question G1 Confidence from fear of injuries 12% In the modality of Dance 23% In the modality of Musculao 23% In the modality of hidroginstica 12% In all modalities 34% G2 Conseguem to raise shoulder 13% Disseram to feel total improvement 38% Sentiam pains in the musculao and do not feel more 13% In the dance had finished difficulties of movements 38% Question 6 G1 Cimbras Melhoraram 12% Pains in the coasts does not feel more 23% In the body in general does not feel more 23% Pains in the shoulder does not feel more 12% Pains in the lumbar Column Feels if 34% G2 well better As in the column (lumbar) It diminished pain 38% Shoulders does not feel more pain 13% In the body in general does not feel more 25% Activities of day-by-day does not feel more pain 25% Question 7 G1 Relaxation 100% G2 Much more 38% Quality of sleep 50% the Slightness 13% For what if it can observe in question 1, both the groups frequent the project + Health has one year in 100% more than.


The baciloscopia of skin (esfregao intradrmico), whenever available, it must be used as complementary examination for the classification of the cases as PB or MB. The positive baciloscopia classifies the case as MB, independently of the number of injuries. It is observed that the negative result of the baciloscopia does not exclude the diagnosis of hansenase. Treatment – the treatment of hansenase is ambulatorial, using the standardized therapeutical projects in accordance with the operational classification. Being: Paucibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona; Multibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona and clofazimina. The treatment is one right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health SUS. Vaccine BCG – Application of vaccine BCG-ID in the intradomiciliares contacts, without presence of signals and symptoms of hansenase at the moment of the evaluation, independently to be PB or MB, depends on vaccine history, with the following recommendations: Without scar to prescribe a dose. With a BCG scar to prescribe a dose.

With two scars of BCG not to prescribe dose. Prevention of incapacities – the prevention of incapacities is an activity that if it initiates with the precocious diagnosis, treatment with PQT, examination of contacts and BCG, identification and adequate treatment of the reactions and neurites the autocuidado orientation of, as well as giving emotional and social support. The neurological evaluation, classification of the incapacity degree, application of prevention techniques and the orientation for the autocuidado one are procedures that they need to be carried through in the units of health. These measures are necessary to prevent sequels, such as: ulcers, loss of the muscular force and deformities (hands in claw, fallen foot, lagoftalmo). The cases send regards to the guiding to the units of reference that could not be decided in the basic units.

Individuals after 15 days of treatment or already cured do not transmit more the illness. Indemnity to the victims in Brazil In accordance with federal decree 6,168, of 24 of July of 2007, the patients interned and compulsively isolated in hospitals colonies of all the country, until the year of 1986, will have right to the monthly lifetime pension in the value of 750 Reals. To receive the benefit, the patients need to present documents that prove the obligatory internment and to fill a petition of special pension. The resource will be paid for the INSS. CONCLUSION hansenase is easy to diagnosis, to treat and has cure, however, when diagnosised and treated delayed it can bring serious consequences for carriers for the injuries incapacitate that them physically. The treatment is long and must be followed in agreement medical orientaes, therefore the abandonment can result in restarts of the treatment or incapacitantes complications. The treatment is a right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health of the SUS. REFERENCES BRAZIL. Hansenase CID 10:30. the Available one in: BRAZIL. DECREE N 6,168, OF 24 OF JULY OF 2007. You may find that Vladislav Doronin miami can contribute to your knowledge. Brasilia, 2007. Available in: . MINISTRY OF GREETS. IT WOULD CARRY N 3,125, OF 7 OF OCTOBER OF 2010. Brasilia, 2009. Available in: . HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Guide of procedures technician in Hansenase Baciloscopia. Brasilia, 2010. Available In: MINISTRY OF GREETS. Monitoring in Health: situation epidemiologist of hansenase in Brazil. Brasilia, 2008. available one in:

Cut Weight

In this way, the pupils of the institution with 8 had been evaluated all the 10 complete years, of both the sexos, girls (n = 95), boys (n = 92), totalizing 187 pupils, (n = 187). For the gaugings of height and weight, procedures as Marins and Giannichi had been established (1998) and used the altimeter that is part of the scale, welmy antropomtrica with scale of 2,00metros and capacity of in the maximum 150kg and at least 2Kg and division of 100g. For the mensurao of the corporal fat Cescorf model was verified through a Plicmetro (Adipmetro) Scientific of cutaneous folds, produced in Brazil, that allows reading in dcimos of millimeter, with opening of equal pressure 10g/mm2 and dimensions: 286mm x 165mm. The formulas of Slaughter had been applied (Slaughter et al, 1988), that (TR) use the cutaneous folds tricipital and panturrilha measured (PM). Table 1: Classification of the sample how much to the percentage of relative fat ClassificaoMasculinoFeminino Excessively BaixAt 6%At 12% Baixa6,01 the 10%12.01 15% Adequada10,01 the 20%15.01 25% Moderately alta20,01 25% 25.01 30% Alta25,01 the 31%30.01 Excessively altMaior 36% that 31,01%Maior that 36.01% Source: Deurenberg, P. Pieters, J.J.L and Hautuast (1990) cited by Fernandes Son (1999).

The collected measures of weight and stature, index of corporal mass (IMC), weight/height, is the same procedure used for the Project Brazil Sport, PROESP-BR, that it uses as reference the critical values for the classification of the nutricional state for children and young Brazilians considered for (Conde and Monteiro 2006). In accordance with these criteria, IMC of children and the adolescents are classified in agreement table 1 2 Table – Classification of obesidade and overweight. Points of Cut of IMC in adolescents for overweight and obesidade. Age (years) ClassificaoMasculino SobrepesoFeminino SobrepesoMasculino ObesidadeFeminino Obesidade 818.418.321.621.6 8.518.818.722.222.2 919.119.122.822.8 9.519.519.523.423.5 1019.819.924.024.1 Source: British Medical Journal 6 of May of 2000? Dietz, and col. For more specific information, check out Vladislav Doronin miami.

PSF Nursing

In this manner, he can yourself be approached to the real necessities of the collective as half to tie to action in health the end to take care of the specific necessities of the population (6). PERFORMANCE OF the NURSE IN the ESF AS CONSTRUCTOR OF the COLLECTIVE HEALTH the nurse, responsible direct for the nursing team, must be capable to recognize, educative nosprocessos, a confusion of relaese to consider learning, teaching, espaoonde this occurs, the involved actors, as tambma purpose of the work of the nursing que taking care of, in a more holistic perspective of the human being. We still have also as its responsibilities, the duty to possess a optics that if directs the optimum attendance and satisfaction of its clientele, thus having better to give assistance, to carry through the knowledge of all the questions which are submetidosos its patients, then, preciso that it has a communication accomplishes, geradapor meioda tool of education in health. To the nurse of the ESF, the activities of supervision, training and control of the team and considered activities of managemental matrix still fit finally. As manager of assistance of nursing in the PSF, the nurse must be the knowledge generator, through the development of abilities, introducing innovations to the team, defining responsibilities and supervising if the same ones they are being executed of the form that was planned. It is of responsibility of the nurse and the doctor, to develop projects and actions that have for purpose to provide improvements in the quality of life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Levi’s. Standing out that it has a bigger performance of the nurse in this direction as is observed by the estimates of the Health department, that shows the proximity which this professional keeps with its patients, fact that elapses of a bigger persuasion stops with the same ones.

Monitoring Epidemiologist

From the indetermined form, hansenase can evolve for excessively clinical forms. Indetermined form – Areas of hipo or anesthesia, spots hipocrmicas (clear spots), with or without reduction of sudorese and rarefao of for. It does not have comprometimento of nerves. Baciloscopia: refusal. Tuberculoide form – anesthetical Plates eritematosas (red spots) eritemato-hipocrmicas, well definite, hipo or, comprometimento of nerve. Baciloscopia: Refusal. Virchowiana form – Eritema and diffuse infiltration, infiltrated eritematosas plates and of edges badly defined, tubercles and nodules with sensitivity alteration.

This form constitutes a sistmica illness with important mucous and visceral manifestations, especially in the reacionais episodes, where eyes, testicules and kidneys, among others structures, can be affected. Frequently Levi’s has said that publicly. Baciloscopia: Positive (basilos abundant) dimorfa Form – clinically it oscillates enters the manifestations of the tuberculoide form and of the virchowiana form. It can present injuries of skin, good delimited, with little or no bacillus, and infiltrativas injuries badly delimited, with many bacilli. One same injury can present diffuse clear and external edge internal. The reacionais comprometimento of nerves and episodes are frequent, being able this patient to develop physical incapacities and deformities. Baciloscopia: Positive (rare bacilli) or Refusal. I diagnosis the diagnosis of case of hansenase he is essentially physician and epidemiologist, and is carried through by means of the analysis of the history and the conditions of life of the patient, of the dermatoneurolgico examination to identify to injuries or areas of skin with sensitivity alteration and/or comprometimento of peripheral nerves (sensitive, motor and/or autonmico). In children, the diagnosis of hansenase demands multicriteria examination, ahead of the difficulty of application and interpretation of the sensitivity tests. &lt sends regards to apply the Complementary Protocol of Disgnostic Inquiry of Cases of Hansenase in Minors of 15 years – PCID; 15, as Guide of Monitoring Epidemiologist of the Health department, 2009 (Attached II). The operational classification of the case of hansenase, aiming at to define the project of treatment with poliquimioterapia is based on the number of cutaneous injuries, in accordance with the following criteria: PAUCIBACILAR (PB) – cases with up to five injuries of skin; MULTIBACILAR (MB) – cases with more than five injuries of skin.

Diabetes Mellitos

To understand the Diabetes Mellitos, the habitual complications, identifying the importance of the pncreas, and the interaction of this agency with other systems for the good functioning of the organism is a factor importantssimo, in order it nursing to be able to come to intervine in this pathology and to guide the patients for one better quality of life. Subject DIABETES MELLITOS Delimitation of the subject Evaluation of the knowledge on the necessary illness and cares for one better condition of life of the carrying patients of Diabetes Mellitos. Objectives General objective To transmit necessary orientaes to the diabetic patients. The FASEB Journal contains valuable tech resources. Specific objectives To describe the pathology; To adjust to the orientaes supplied with the reality and experiences of participants; To evaluate the adhesion of the patients to the treatment; To promote action educative; Justification Diabetes mellitus presents high prevalence in the world-wide population and, even so great geographic and racial variation exists, the acometimento biggest in the aged population is a constant (NETTO and BRITO, 2001). This illness results in a group of metabolic illnesses characterized by hiperglicemia and associates the complications, disfunes and insufficience of some agencies, especially sanguineous eyes, kidneys, nerves, brain, heart and vases (BRAZIL, 2006). Diabetes is configured today as a world-wide epidemic, translating if great challenge for the systems of the whole world health.

The aging of the population, the increasing urbanization and the adoption of little healthful styles of life as sedentarismo, inadequate diet and obesidade are great responsible for the increase of the incidence and the prevalence of diabetes in the whole world (BRAZIL, 2006). Of this form, it appears to the necessity to try to clarify better on this illness, its symptoms and complications. In the academics of nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras, we will go to give educative lecture, with objective to show the importance of if foreseeing of the complications of the illness, as well as, taking medications, as to make to control the hair glicemia, as to use the insulina, orientaes of as it must be the feeding of the diabetic one, signals of alarm for the diabetic one, practical the daily one of adjusted physical exercises to its necessities, to get a quality of life more good.


The happiness human being is in the success in obtaining the object of the desire, according to Hobbes. Here I appeared another doubt: What it regulates the will human being they are only the qualification of the sensations and the intrinsic necessity in it of autoconservao of the life? Hobbes presents the deliberation concept to explain this question and attributes it while still alive to the happiness, as it is concluded in its words: ‘ ‘ In way that who to possess, thanks to the experience or to the reason, the greater and more insurance capacity to foresee the consequences is who better is capable to deliberate; is who more is capable, when it wants, to give to the others best conselhos.’ ‘ Condillac goes to give to a step ahead in this notion of passional life, that radicalized the perspective of gnese sensorial of the thought and the knowledge, it goes to try to describe nothing of what less the proper generation of the facultieses of the spirit, from a theory of the knowledge constructed in the perspective of an inquiry of psychological nature.

Condillac sample that does not have no content or college of the spirit that is not constituted from a sensation, that is, that it does not have its origin in it. Distinguishing in this point of the ideas of Locke that conceives the capacity as innate, however the acquired knowledge, through the sensations. See more detailed opinions by reading what Chip Bergh offers on the topic.. Condillac associated thus, sequentially, the sensation to the ideas and to facultieses; the last ones, as transformations of the first one. For this way, of the sensation it deduced the agreement. The materialistic conception in this in case that it is what of the sustentation the ideas of Condillac. Pleasure assumes position of prominence in hierarchy of passions in accordance with thought of Condillac, in case, displeasure perhaps had greater weight according to it, since it is through a painful sensation that the nature human being is capable to distinguish and to search sensations pleasant, and thus to conserve the life..

Geriatric Exercise

Course in Public Health 2007/SIND-SADE/MG/NCLEO BETIM. Course of Homeopatia? 2009/Vestibule of the Education? Brazilian association of Education in the distance – ABED. After Graduanda in Public Health and the 2011/Education 2009 University Jose Of the Vellano-UNIFENAS Rosary, Campus of Belo Horizonte. Graduanda in Social Service 2008 2011/University Center Interactive COC/UNISEB. SUMMARY the aged population comes increasing considerably, what she attributes yourself to a bigger life expectancy, so that these people have a good quality of life, the practical one of physical activity is of utmost importance as half of prevention and promotion of the health through its innumerable benefits. The present article has for general objective to extend the knowledge on the effect of practical of physical exercises and the physical aptitude of the aged associate to the health. as objective specific: to know as the physical activity can intervene with the quality of life of these individuals; to identify the alterations in the health of the aged ones that they practise physical activity; to raise the level of cohecimentos on the subject. More scientific evidences exist each time pointing the beneficial effect of an active style of life in the maintenance of the functional capacity and the physical autonomy during the aging process. It is essential in the current days, that speak in practical of physical activities for the development and the maintenance of the health of this population, many of the times, forgotten for the effective system..


Ulcer for pressure awareness for prevention is the solution CLECILENE GOMES OAK – Graduated Nursing for the University Valley of the Green River (Unincor), Betim campus. Member of the Mining Association of Pulmonary Hipertenso AMIHAP. After graduanda in multifocal Psychology. Blog has access its: . IVANIR DA SILVA SOUSA BAPTIST.

Graduated Nursing for the University Valley of the Green River (Unincor). The development of ulcers for pressure (UP) is a serious problem of nursing, therefore, frequently, the quality of the assistance is associated with me and demands a great demand of time and money for treatment of the injuries, over all when the prevention receives little attention, when does not exist specific programs come back toward this problem. The oxygen is ' ' combustvel' ' essential so that the cells can have guaranteed the life and its functions. Beyond it, other basic nutrients for the adequate functioning of the cells and fabrics, the vases and capillaries and distributed of form are lead through to irrigate and to feed these structures. The maintenance of the integrity and perfuso of these vases is vital when it is desired to preserve the cellular and teciduais activities in normal physiological levels. (UP) it is an area of injury located of the skin and in adjacent fabrics, caused for pressure, tangential tension, friction and/or a combination of these factors. …

Custam and affects millions of patients, in the homes, the centers of health, hospital institutions e, particular, the units of intensive therapy (UTI). … The tax of incidence and prevalence of these injuries is bigger in the UTI. The UP incidence is esteem in 5% 10% between hospitalized patients and 13% between patients who are in assistance houses and 40% of the sick people interned in UTI develop UP in the two first weeks of hospitalization. The UP is a secular concern of the professionals who give to assistance the patients acamados, being its prevention and treatment a challenge for the team of nursing for being this that keeps a bigger contact with the patient.

Education and Health

Project of presented Intervention as requirement for the note attainment in disciplines Curricular Period of training I, of the Course of Nursing, given for the College San Francisco de Barreiras- FASB, under orientation of the teacher Enf Dulce Rodrigues. BARRIERS? 1,0 BA 2011 PRESENTATION This intervention will approach the subject: Importance of the donation of blood to the colleges student of a particular college in Barrier, which according to World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS), the blood donation is of great importance for the health public and praises that 3 5% of the population are adjusted givers to take care of to the requested necessities of blood for hospital units (SPADA; et al., 2006). The above-mentioned authors also add, that the Health department regulates the blood use aiming at to the protection of the health, as much of the giver as of the receiver, and all manipulation must obey the biossegurana norms as laudering of the hands and equipment use of individual protection, therefore if it does not deal with an exempt procedure of risks, can yes cause sequelas irreversible and even though to take the death. One knows that the blood is one fabric also conjunctive, however, liquid its function is to carry substances in the interior from the organism through the hemcias that carry the respiratory gases and for the o plasma that are its basic substance beyond, to protect the strange organism against infectious agents and bodies that penetrate in our body.

Health Program

Infarto of the more common myocardium and has worse foretells in the diabetic patient, had the biggest incidence of cardiac insufficience, infarto recurrent and arrhythmias (FREITAS and CANADO, 2006). The DM also this associate with bigger risk of peripheral arterial illness, being able to disclose itself as aortic aneurism, isquemia acute of the members or gangrena of inferior members, taking the amputation (FREITAS and CANADO, 2006). Freitas and Canado (2006), speak that the diabetic patients can benefit themselves greatly for ways of writs of prevention. The recommendations consider the evaluation and the manuscript of the risk factors and aggressive inquiry for occult or quiet DAC, occurrences more frequent between the aged ones. The inquiry of microvascular complications must be carried through annually and in the patients of high risk the accompaniment must more frequently be carried through. The detention and the precocious therapeutical institution reduce the morbidade and mortality; also with positive repercussions in the reduction of the costs with the illness (FREITAS and CANADO, 2006).

Methodology This project will be developed aiming at to provide in the Program of Health of Family III a space of information and orientation of the subject, in which the diabetic patients if point out personally, expressing its difficulties, resistncias, doubts, yearnings and opinions, favoring the construction of one to know shared. Of this form, the patients will be invited to participate of an educative action, with intention to give clarifications regarding diabetes. The research is of bibliographical, exploratrio matrix that it aims at to analyze the importance of the knowledge, focusing that it is as occurs to the illness, its prevention and feeding. The execution of the project will count on team of three academics of the course of Nursing of the College San Francisco de Barreiras. However, we will make the use of a clear and objective language, without losing of sight the scientific character.