Jane Jacobs

Relations as: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit, these social nets are the exit for one ambient education each more responsible and popular time, so that each citizen knows that environment is thing of it and not only of the government. Meanwhile the aid that we poderiamos to give to the people and the knowledge, after all already and more secret that the future is something uncertain and the people does not have responsibility for each bag that plays in the streets, for each area whom it destroys, for the fuel that uses. Efim we must also prepare not only the cidadado more the demanding consumer in relation to the environment. For Hanifan, capital stock mentions it: to the intangible things that is important for the daily one of the people: good will, friendship, solidarity, social interaction between the individuals and the families who compose a social unit. A person only exists socially, if left proper itself But if it to enter in contact with its neighbor, and these with other neighbors, will have an accumulation of capital stock, that can immediately satisfy its necessities social and that they can exhibit a social potentiality sufficient for the substantial improvement of the community, for the conditions of life of all the community. The community as a whole will benefit for the cooperation of all its parts, whereas the individual goes to find in its associations the advantages of the aid, of solidarity as well as its neighbor in clube.' ' Although some aspects of the concept have been boarded for all the areas of social sciences, some trace the modern use of the term until Jane Jacobs, in the decade of 1960. However, it not explicit defined capital stock in its use of the term in an article where she dealt with the value of the nets. . For more information see this site: Balkrishna Goenka.

United Nations

In accordance with the PNUD (1998) all the productive action must be carried through of conscientious way, respecting the environment and preserving the resources; thus making possible the recovery of the ambient, economic and social balance. To adapt techniques and space to save natural resources, they are initiatives that save the environment. The protection of the nature independe of education, the ambient culture comes growing, and in such a way to adhere practical the ecologically correct ones, is a way of if detaching in the market, that is each bigger and more competitive time. The main objective of this article is to tell as a beauty hall can apply ecological techniques in order to be an ecologically correct establishment, through specific objectives as substitution of light bulbs, reaproveitamento of the water, exploitation of the natural light and ventilation, beyond the accomplishment of the separation of residues for recycling. Vlad doronin gathered all the information. According to Roaf (2006, p.245) normal taps spend about 6 the 12 liters per minute varying as the model and the pressure of the water. For the laudering of the hair in beauty halls are delayed of 5 the 10 minutes depending on its length and the type of treatment that is being made.

Adding the information, one concludes that for the service of hair hygiene it can be spent up to 120 liters of water for laudering. Estimates of the Organization of United Nations (ONU) foresee that, up to 2030, one in each three inhabitants of the planet will not have access to the water potvelDe agreement with Carlos consulting Oristnio of management and administration of beauty halls, with simple sufficient measures, the owner of the business, together with its employees, can preserve the environment and, indirectly, reduce some of its proper expenditures. To adhere practical ecological, opting to alternative sources of discarding of packings, reduction of residues means little expense and continuous improvement financial.

The State

Sanches (1998) points three main problems: existence of risks to the security of the properties and the people, risks to the public health and of ecosystems and restrictions to the real estate and urban development. In accordance with Gibotti (1999), the occurrence of emptyings of hydro-carbons configures constant fire danger or explosion in the reached places. Gasoline vapors can blow up without previous ignition when reaching concentrations of the order of 14.000 ppm in air, when the more supporting combustion fuel mixture is enough so that it has spontaneous combustion. Moreover, some of organic composites gifts in the composition of the gasoline and the oil diesel scientifically are proven as carcinognicos. It’s believed that Fine Arts sees a great future in this idea. Beyond these problems, it is important to stand out that the recovery of contaminated areas is one complex task and sufficiently delayed, and in some cases is not obtained to reach the limits allowed for the legislation or the ambient agencies (MANCINI, 2002).

Currently, a concern exists and awareness of the society in relation to the ambient quality, the population comes becoming more critical, consequently bigger performances each time of the authorities happens. In such a way, in function of the increasing demand in relation to the management of contaminated areas, significant advances had occurred in the last few decades in the studies that they aimed at to the ambient recovery (SPILBORGHS, 1997). Therefore, diverse technologies of remediation have been developed and consolidated mainly for the developed countries. Brazil, today more worried about its contaminated places, starts to develop its proper technologies and also to adapt the established technologies already to our ambient conditions. The State of So Paulo, in function of its intense one industrialization, presents a more critical situation in relation to this question. In such a way, the CETESB has developed manual and adapted legislaes, mainly Dutch norms (CETESB, 1996), in view of the control of the areas suspicion of contamination and comprovadamente contaminated.

Manuscript Water

3 – Physicist-Chemistry characteristics – physical Form: liquid – Density 25 C: 1,250 1,270g/cm3 (12% Al2O3) – Density 25 C: 1,280 1,320 g/cm3 (16 18% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:2,00 the 3,20 (12% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:3,50 the 4,00 (16 18% Al2O3) – Appearance: Lightly brownish yellow and – Exempt of persistent metals heavy and organic 4 – Dosage the dosage of the CAP is in function of the characteristic of the water to be treated 5 – Application the CAP can be applied pure or diluted on-line, in order to reach mixture and dispersion better. For application of the product, it will be able to use a dosadora diaphragm bomb. The polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, PTFE material are adjusted for bombs in the feeding system. 6 – Manuscript the CAP will have to be handled as any acid product, to prevent its ingestion, contact with the skin and the eyes. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Science education. In contact case, to wash the place reached with water per 15 minutes with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution 5% and to provide medical attendance.

7 – Packing Normally the CAP is supplied in bulk. But in specific cases they can be supplied in bombonas as request of the customer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Processes for application of the project Through some you analyze in laboratory was verified that the Policloreto of diluted aluminum 40% had a bigger efficiency in the treatment of the water. The used method was simply to catch 4 ml of pure solution and to dilute it in 20 ml of water. After made this if ml caught 1000 or 1 liter of effluent sample of rude and was adding policloreto of aluminum already diluted and other solutions as polymer and the hidrxido one of sodium (caustic soda water) and was verified that the effluent one was floculando better with the solution of the diluted CAP already. With this one evidenced that the diluted CAP was better of what pure. RESULTS AND QUARRELS After made the tests in laboratory had been made tests in the treatment station where this project was implanted. A container of 200 liters was caught and in it 40 liters of the pure CAP had been added and completed the container with 160 liters of water this in the part of the morning after 24 hours was verified that the water dealt with this diluted CAP had a better aspect the water was limpid and without loss of solids. In this effluent one treated with the diluted product they had been made you analyze of match and evidenced that the same it had been below of the previous day when still we used the pure product without being diluted. CONCLUSION After the accomplishment of the present work, concludes that: It had one significant reduction in the budget of the company in virtue of this product to be being diluted and not more used pure as old, therefore we used 4 bombonas of 260 liters p/ms and now alone we use 2 had a reduction of 50% in the budget of the company with this the money that sobrara of this economy can be used in other sectors of the treatment station.

School Developments

Relating the problematic one with economic aspects, social politicians and. Group. Graph 7? Knowledge of the laws on Ambient Education When analyzing the data presented in graph 7, is evident that, although the existence of Federal, State and Municipal Laws that tutor the thematic one in question, 67% of the investigated professors says to be unaware of Ambient legislation. Practical ours as teacher of pedagogical support, it allows in to affirm them that this unfamiliarity, not only ambient, but in the too much areas that compose the pertaining to school resume, he is one of the great existing problems in the education, mainly in the public schools. Gain insight and clarity with Andrew Bond. We present now, the data gotten in the questionnaires applied to the learning: Graph 8? Agreement of the learning concerning what Ambient Education Analyzing graph 8, perceives that the learning not yet has clarity in the conceptualization of Ambient Education. This result evidences what it is come close discoursing throughout this article: the necessity of if working a formation adjusted in relation to the Ambient Education so that the professional if also becomes an ambient educator.

Graph 9? The Ambient Education in the school study object As he is described in the graph above, 68% of the pupils demonstrate that the school does not develop Ambient Education in the pertaining to school resume. By means of answers of the searched professors not if could wait another result of the pupils. Fine Arts understands that this is vital information. Graph 10? knowledge of the alunado one concerning the Laws of the Ambient Education Through graph 10, we can perceive that the questioned pupils are unaware of the legislation, although 10% to affirm that yes. Exactly the ones that say to know the legislation, are perceived that they had not constructed this knowledge in the classroom and yes, in participation of events or ambient projects are of the pertaining to school scope. Graph 11? Participation of the learning in events related to the environment. .


Busca of support an activity of ambient matrix, if does not carry through alone, therefore it had the necessity to search support of some agencies, as: City department of Agriculture with supply of technician for the theoretical and practical development; Secretary of Workmanships and Urbanism acting in the practical part; Local commerce with the sponsorship of some tools for the construction and maintenance of horta. 3.2.3.Reunies As the ambient activities need to be clarified, had the necessity of some meetings between the interested parties in order to approach related subjects the solidary economy, organic agriculture etc. These meetings had been important also to mark the beginning of the implantation of the project and to program the development and the application of the work. Lectures of training with the technician of the agriculture secretary and the community for the learning of the theoretical and practical part had been carried through. 3.3.4.Implantao of horta For the implantation of horta had been used the following instruments: ) Research of field and collects of data: The instrument used for collection of the data was a composed questionnaire for closed questions, constituted of three blocks: (a) the first one block, mentioned the profile to it of the respondents; (b) as the block the degree of knowledge of the respondents was mentioned to it how much to the question of organic products e; (c) the third block, had as objective to raise which the influence that the respondent atribua to each one of the aspects presented for its decision to consume organic products. b) Planning of the implantation of horta: Through the planning the spaces to be used and the type of intended production had been defined. This I finish item contemplates the choice of the interest products, verifying itself adjusted time of plantation, varieties, to be produced amount, cultural cycle of the cultures, requirements and treatments necessary. ..

Roman Empire

It has an ambient cost for this, imensurvel for the future. It must also be remembered that after constructed, all the infrastructure, will continue to generate costs. In the one after – Pantry of World, the Coreia of the south and Japan demoliram stadiums for having economically exactly become impracticable, and already recently, in the South Africa are cogitated to appeal to the same initiative, a time that did not meet financial or club made use to pay the 4,6 million esteem annual euros for the maintenance of the enclosure for bullfighting. in this point must be inhabited a reflection. The accomplishment of such event does not return to the environment and the society what it takes off of it. In this point we are speaking of the maintenance of the same life style that elapses since the Roman Empire. To aplacar more urgent vital necessities the governing institutions launch hand the megalomanacos projects that cause fuss and ephemeral influence in the population and confuse its desires and necessities. The arguments that say that this cause makes possible workmanships of infrastructure for a country, seem to ignore the fact of that with or without event these workmanships they would have to be made and not with this intention.

It does not have more as to think about support without recognizing that way as still we live becomes incontornveis the ways fieriest-tempered desired by the ambientalistas. Our time meets leaned over so comfortably on its proper ego that nobody, not to be emudecidas voices of an irrelevant minority, atreve to ask it for the real reason to carry through an event of this transport. The Pantry of the World of soccer is the perfect consequence of a society that survives and if it keeps under the same old ideals that do not allow that the world if becomes just and igualitrio.

MS Project

The summary of these activities is elaborated in program MS Project. Division of tasks and time of execution, created in the MS Project. Source: Plan of execution of the project? Based in all the developed research, we verify that it is always important to develop projects that they aim at to help in the preservation of the environment. we observe that we obtain to help recycle lenses CR-39 of eyeglasses, moreover, we create an innovative product that presents one high potential of sales. Currently the project already obtained for in practical almost all the objectives and already it developed some of bred jewels. However, still it is necessary very study of the materials, and mainly of the thematic one used to arrive itself at the results that we desire.

Was as experience the certainty of the great diversity of materials that we can reuse in the creation of new products, thus helping in the preservation of the environment. . .

Formal Education

Project of ambient education in the schools ' ' Multipliers of Ao' '. INTRODUCTION In virtue of the fast degradation of the planet and consequence threat the quality of life, has become each emergencial time the abrangncia of the Ambient Education in formal education, as transversal concept to you discipline them to all offered, participating actively of the transdisciplinaridade, leading and applying its objectives in the social scopes, politicians, cultural, professional and educational. The present work appeared of the necessity to enable the professors, pupils and parents with regard to the organic formation of one horta, a work of ambient education, in this way collects and recycling of the garbage selective generating an improvement in the behavior in relation to the environment. Through the elaboration of a bank of seeds for creation of one one horta, to develop an conscience-critical-partner-ambient one, having as base a work of emotional support, where the values and the care with the health and the environment will optimize the quality of life. to learn more. To take care of the necessities of the cited reality, it is created thus, an alternative of lessons practical-theoreticians who will develop in the professors, pupils and parents changes of behavior through learning on the environment and formation of an informal market with organic foods. Stimulating the reflection of the social, economic and ambient problems (causes, consequences and solutions), for the change of habits that aim at the improvement of the Interaction of the man with the environment. Considering the thematic importance of ambient and the integrated vision of the world, we believe the possibility of the schools to offer effective ways so that each pupil understands the natural phenomena, the interference of the actions human beings and its consequence for the biodiversity of the planet, at the same time forming responsible and conscientious citizens of its rights and duties in problematic relation the ambient one fomenting the action development that they aim at the minimizao of decurrent the pertinent problems the ambient crisis of the wild degradation and the insustentabilidade. .

Types Of Education

The formal Ambient Education that if of the one through ambienteescolar is extremely excellent for formation of the citizenship and the reformularization ethical and moral devalores, necessary for continuity of the life in the planet. For Hairdo (2000): To understand the ambient questions stops beyond biological, chemical and physical suasdimenses, while questions partner-polticasexigem the formation of an ambient conscience and the preparation for the plenoexerccio of the citizenship, based on the knowledge of Sciences Human beings. Ratifying the idea of the author, valley to stand out that nobody do that does not have, that is, is to salutar the formation of the professors, so that essesmunidos of knowledge and arguments they obtain to excite in the pupils aindacrianas the wakening of a holistic ambient conscience. According to Sato & Saints (2003), the EA gave to a qualitative jump quanti and in the national scene. Although the majority still understands that ' ' ambiente' ' either synonymous of ' ' natureza' ' , this vision has been modified throughout the years, giving place to the critical one percepomais, with cultural and natural elements, conferring a preocupaosocial adjusted in the ambient dimension. Based on the nature and dimensions of the research in EducaoAmbiental, thematic clippings in knowing will be used different as arepresentao of the environment and the proper EA. The diagnosis, the bibliographical revisions and the pesquisaparticipante will be used comomodalidades. In accordance with Barros & Lehfeld (2007) the reality umtodo is continuous, complex and dynamic.

All research has broken of the comment darealidade and must return it stops applying and testing its results or to paradelimitar new phenomena for the study. Authors still according to cited nessepargrafo, the method must be seen as an orientation, an indication decaminho and not as a forced formal script that leads the resultadosautomticos. The research instruments will be: questionnaires (they quepossibilitam to enclose greater number of people, guarantees the anonymity and maiorliberdade in the answers) and interview (where it has chance of obterdados excellent and more necessary on the study object).

Ambient Education

A social demand for practical politics is created then, very strong and that they aim at the recovery and the preservation of the environment. Thus, the development of projects focados in Ambient Education gains recognition and importance and is spread in the most diverse spheres of the society. Ahead of this situation, it is waited, and even though demanded, that the schools directed toward the formal education if pledge in absorbing this demand, developing projects and inserting its pupils inside of this new mentality the school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil and search values that they lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. Having the clarity that the nature is not inexhaustible source of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. The interaction between the men and the environment exceeded the question of the simple survival. In elapsing of this century, to take care of to the necessities human beings one was drawing a desbalanceada equation: to remove, to consume and to discard the pupils start to have this perception only when they are in superior education. Because? 1.4.Hipteses to answer the placed question the work raises following the hypothesis: Probably the lack of information on the gravity of the subject can contribute for the lack of programs of Ambient Education; It is possible that the absence of ambient sensitivity on the part of the Direco of the school does not compel the professors if to apply in this thematic one; Probably the lack of material with these subjects in the school can contribute for a weak boarding of the subject.