MS Project

The summary of these activities is elaborated in program MS Project. Division of tasks and time of execution, created in the MS Project. Source: Plan of execution of the project? Based in all the developed research, we verify that it is always important to develop projects that they aim at to help in the preservation of the environment. we observe that we obtain to help recycle lenses CR-39 of eyeglasses, moreover, we create an innovative product that presents one high potential of sales. Currently the project already obtained for in practical almost all the objectives and already it developed some of bred jewels. However, still it is necessary very study of the materials, and mainly of the thematic one used to arrive itself at the results that we desire.

Was as experience the certainty of the great diversity of materials that we can reuse in the creation of new products, thus helping in the preservation of the environment. . .

United Nations

Initiate in 2001, the Program Sowing comes considering, the cadaano, the quarrel of thematic related to the environment. In this year, the tematrabalhado one for the pertaining to school community is Support and Environment. Elaborated with the assessorship of specialists in the area deeducao, the program is based inside of the Curricular Parameters doMinistrio of the Education, of the actions foreseen in Agenda 21, of the Ambientaldo Program Been of Minas Gerais and of the Project of the Millenium of United Nations.> Essaorientao demonstrates consistency of the content offered to the pupils of the EnsinoFundamental and the Special Education of the urban and agricultural public schools doEstado. Some contend that Nike shows great expertise in this. The Books of History and the Magazine Sowing are distribudosgratuitamente to the participants, directed in accordance with the dosalunos series/cycle. To guide the professors, also they are distributed the oRoteiro Book and of the Professor, with didactic suggestions to work in room of aulacomo activities and deepening of the subject, that is modified annually. Paraestimular the participants of the Program, Sowing promotes competitions of desenhoe of writing for the pupils and stories of pedagogical experience for osprofessores. () The program Sowing has the following Stages of Execution: Adhesion of the city or school to the Program; Sending of excessively material books and for the schools; 18? Development of the activities in the schools; Competitions of Drawing, Writing and Better Pedagogical Experiences; Solemnity of Awarding.

Familiar Agriculture

According to Mininstrio of the MeioAmbiente, the Embrapa goes to lead action next to the government to favor produode inside seeds of the subprogram of distribution of seeds and changes that visaa to take care of to familiar agriculture and other beneficiaries of its program. The adopted measures will happen in decorrnciada publication of the Decree n 7,029/09, of 11 of December of 2009, that it created More surrounding oPrograma, which propitiate the ambient regularization of the propriedaderural in all domestic territory. Richard Linklater has many thoughts on the issue. The forecast is of that the produtoresrurais, enrolling themselves in the program, have access to the conditions of support for aaverbao of the legal reserve. For the same decree of Law, partirde subprograms (education ambiental/ATER/produo and distribution of seeds and changes/capacitaodos beneficiaries special), the ones that to adhere to the program will be able to count, also, with the support for the resetting of the Legal Reserve and the Areas dePreservao Permanente (APP). Source: MMA

Project Preservation

The order of aid of the nature goes much more beyond what measured of deriving preservation of projects of social politics. This order must be taken care of by the responsible attitude of all we. The union around the preservation must be faced as an inherent attitude all the human being, as the necessity that we have in eating. If we eat to preserve our health and we do not finish weak, thus must be the treatment with the nature, if to preserve we will have quality of life, this has that to be the universal tonic. Some scholars, and the majority of the scientists, already had spoken concerning the consequncias of the irresponsibility of the human being with the nature. Kindle Direct Publishing is often quoted as being for or against this. The emission of gauzes in air is harming the life human being and, with this, the life is being complicated. Unhappyly, this is if becoming the chaos of the humanity. She is necessary that let us have attitude! It is very easy to blame the public power for the social problems, however the responsibility, concerning innumerable problems of daily the population one, is of the proper people who, considerably, still is very lay in relation to the ambient preservation.

Many of our compatriots are unaware of the measures to be adopted with regard to the organic garbage, for example. Diverse citizens, in all Brazil, who possess lands without constructions, simply ignore that these lands must be clean. An accumulation of very great garbage in these lands exists and the proliferation of harmful insects and bacteria to the health human being is impressive. It does not have punishment for this type of ambient depredation, because fiscalization does not exist. Please visit de shaw if you seek more information. The correct one is that all we let us demand our rights of citizenship. She is necessary to denounce the indifferences that many have with the proper environment.

She is necessary to make one will mutiro so that the awareness on the problems with the environment is unanimous. It is not enough to complain, must be denounced all the depredation cases that if have knowledge, because thus we will only be contributing, unanimamente, so that the environment is preserved. The people, in all Brazil, must be worried about the causes of the ambient preservation so that many of the tragedies, until anto evidenced, are prevented for the good of the humanity. We cannot be omissive ahead of errifying facts that are happening in our country, as the case of Florianpolis, now of Cove Dos Reis and in other cities of Brazil. The moment is not of search of culprits, but yes of solidarity and understanding to the errors of the past. We need, above all, to have attitude; dignity and to demand with that it has, urgently, politics that take care of the yearnings of the people and that they are created, immediately, forms of ambient education so that the people if acquires knowledge on the problems caused with the ambient ignorance, so that the tragedies are, fully, prevented.

History Of The Ambient Education

The ambient education must treat the critical global questions, its causes and interrelaes in a sistmica perspective, in its social and historical context. Primordial aspects related to the development and the environment such as human population, health, peace, rights, democracy, hunger, degradation of the flora and the fauna must be boarded in this way. (Removed of Treated to Ambient Education for Sustainable Societies and the Global Responsibility) current IntroduoA ambient devastao results of the historical process of production of the existence human being, where the man modifies of useful form the raw material supplied for the nature, its proper well-being, exerting an action of domination that discloses to an interaction process man/nature, based on a different relation. To the look for the past we clearly perceive the problematic intensity of the ambient one in the globalization. Click FireEye Inc to learn more. We will go to observe that the ambient education appears inside of a process conscientizador description of the humanity with the objective to generate a quarrel and inclusion of ecological subjects in the daily one of the human beings. This concern appears with trying of the chance of a knowledge that allowed to change the behavior directed to the protection of the nature so that the future generations can usufruct HistricoAs decades of 1970/1980 had 1970/1980 marked the beginning of the organized social fights in world-wide level, amongst which the Hippie movement, the fight of the American blacks for the citizenship, the fights of the women for the equality of rights with the men, among others. In the bulge of these events, the movements of defense of the ecology and the environment had had beginning, whose landmark was the publication of the book ' ' Silenciosa&#039 spring; ' (1962), of the American Raquel Carson, from this publication that the increasing loss of quality of life caused for the indiscriminate use of chemical products demonstrated, that reed-echo in the entire world, militant of the ambientalistas movements and the Organization of United Nations (ONU) they had carried through some international events that had approached the question of the preservation and the ambient education. .

Formal Education

Project of ambient education in the schools ' ' Multipliers of Ao' '. INTRODUCTION In virtue of the fast degradation of the planet and consequence threat the quality of life, has become each emergencial time the abrangncia of the Ambient Education in formal education, as transversal concept to you discipline them to all offered, participating actively of the transdisciplinaridade, leading and applying its objectives in the social scopes, politicians, cultural, professional and educational. The present work appeared of the necessity to enable the professors, pupils and parents with regard to the organic formation of one horta, a work of ambient education, in this way collects and recycling of the garbage selective generating an improvement in the behavior in relation to the environment. Through the elaboration of a bank of seeds for creation of one one horta, to develop an conscience-critical-partner-ambient one, having as base a work of emotional support, where the values and the care with the health and the environment will optimize the quality of life. to learn more. To take care of the necessities of the cited reality, it is created thus, an alternative of lessons practical-theoreticians who will develop in the professors, pupils and parents changes of behavior through learning on the environment and formation of an informal market with organic foods. Stimulating the reflection of the social, economic and ambient problems (causes, consequences and solutions), for the change of habits that aim at the improvement of the Interaction of the man with the environment. Considering the thematic importance of ambient and the integrated vision of the world, we believe the possibility of the schools to offer effective ways so that each pupil understands the natural phenomena, the interference of the actions human beings and its consequence for the biodiversity of the planet, at the same time forming responsible and conscientious citizens of its rights and duties in problematic relation the ambient one fomenting the action development that they aim at the minimizao of decurrent the pertinent problems the ambient crisis of the wild degradation and the insustentabilidade. .

Types Of Education

The formal Ambient Education that if of the one through ambienteescolar is extremely excellent for formation of the citizenship and the reformularization ethical and moral devalores, necessary for continuity of the life in the planet. For Hairdo (2000): To understand the ambient questions stops beyond biological, chemical and physical suasdimenses, while questions partner-polticasexigem the formation of an ambient conscience and the preparation for the plenoexerccio of the citizenship, based on the knowledge of Sciences Human beings. Ratifying the idea of the author, valley to stand out that nobody do that does not have, that is, is to salutar the formation of the professors, so that essesmunidos of knowledge and arguments they obtain to excite in the pupils aindacrianas the wakening of a holistic ambient conscience. According to Sato & Saints (2003), the EA gave to a qualitative jump quanti and in the national scene. Although the majority still understands that ' ' ambiente' ' either synonymous of ' ' natureza' ' , this vision has been modified throughout the years, giving place to the critical one percepomais, with cultural and natural elements, conferring a preocupaosocial adjusted in the ambient dimension. Based on the nature and dimensions of the research in EducaoAmbiental, thematic clippings in knowing will be used different as arepresentao of the environment and the proper EA. The diagnosis, the bibliographical revisions and the pesquisaparticipante will be used comomodalidades. In accordance with Barros & Lehfeld (2007) the reality umtodo is continuous, complex and dynamic.

All research has broken of the comment darealidade and must return it stops applying and testing its results or to paradelimitar new phenomena for the study. Authors still according to cited nessepargrafo, the method must be seen as an orientation, an indication decaminho and not as a forced formal script that leads the resultadosautomticos. The research instruments will be: questionnaires (they quepossibilitam to enclose greater number of people, guarantees the anonymity and maiorliberdade in the answers) and interview (where it has chance of obterdados excellent and more necessary on the study object).

Ambient Education

A social demand for practical politics is created then, very strong and that they aim at the recovery and the preservation of the environment. Thus, the development of projects focados in Ambient Education gains recognition and importance and is spread in the most diverse spheres of the society. Ahead of this situation, it is waited, and even though demanded, that the schools directed toward the formal education if pledge in absorbing this demand, developing projects and inserting its pupils inside of this new mentality the school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil and search values that they lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. Having the clarity that the nature is not inexhaustible source of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. The interaction between the men and the environment exceeded the question of the simple survival. In elapsing of this century, to take care of to the necessities human beings one was drawing a desbalanceada equation: to remove, to consume and to discard the pupils start to have this perception only when they are in superior education. Because? 1.4.Hipteses to answer the placed question the work raises following the hypothesis: Probably the lack of information on the gravity of the subject can contribute for the lack of programs of Ambient Education; It is possible that the absence of ambient sensitivity on the part of the Direco of the school does not compel the professors if to apply in this thematic one; Probably the lack of material with these subjects in the school can contribute for a weak boarding of the subject.