Restoring National Treasure

The Iowa Ecotype Project is a highly specialized endeavor whose mandate is to develop seed of the highest possible quality with the greatest genetic diversity with the intention of restoring the great, vast prairie land of Iowa.  This project is the collaborative effort of several organizations and entities, including the University of Northern Iowa, IA DOT Living Roadway Trust Fund, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation, the Iowa Crop Improvement Association and the Iowa Native Seed Growers Association.

This joining together of forces from federal, state, private and commercial sectors hopes to increase, certify and market the derived from what still remains of the native populations of prairie species. The seed is sold as Source Identified see so that the seed’s identity is preserved through the Iowa Crop Improvement Associations’ AOSCA-approved certification program.

The program produces quantities available for commercial use, and they are marketed under the trade name of “Natural Selections TM.”

The goals of the project are to increase the amount of seed form 50 different species contained within 3,000 separate populations originating from three provenance zones in Iowa. There are 81 ‘ecotypes’ from 33 species which have been release for commercial production


Using the functionality of opportunities is recommended as best practices within the life cycle of the lead to customer. Anyway NetSuite recognizes that not all organizations implement management opportunities. But don’t worry that if you don’t use the functionality of opportunity in your account you can change the status of the lead to prospect manually. Advanced searches advanced searches creating allows you the user with filters of information queries of expediting its work since the information has on hand according to your needs. For the specific case of leads, it is convenient to have the information of which are lead-qualified. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Richard Linklater. To do this you create an advanced search.

It is entered by the card of leads-relationship-leads-search, where the screen shown below is displayed. Standard card shows the filters, in this example are filtered by the Status field and the criterion are lead-qualified. By saving this search will only show us the lead that meet this criterion. After after creating the query, can we rescue in the home or the user control panel, i.e. that upon entering this NetSuite information will be seen to your income. The user can personalize the information that you want to see in the home or in the control panel, this is done by using the option to Customize this page. Queries can be changed at any time, it depends on the work done by this every day.

Creation of the search filter example of home with lead types qualified with the Quick Add functionality can add leads quickly and efficiently, only requested key information in order to create the lead. Later you can supplement the information. The best practice is to do it from home or control board. Quick Add change information without going to the registry can be information such as telephone number, email and other fields directly from the control panel, without having to enter each record.

The Instructor

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m Mexican and in no way malinchista, just want to vouch for my remarks. At the end the first day I noticed some of the themes that were planned were not covered in the training and thought that probably they would cover the second day, however, it was not so, directors resorted to a clipping of the scope of your project and to sacrifice the quality of some deliverables to meet the constraint of time that they themselves caused. Not has something like spent them in their projects? The second day of training, near the end of the day I went to the instructor from England who seemed concerned and asked that it happened and desperate told me that the previous month they gave that same course in Jamaica and that he could not understand why in Mexico things took much longer. More than concentrate on the effectiveness of the speakers or in criticizing their practices I want to concentrate on the theme of time. Many times I have attended conferences which speaks of time management, we ourselves have used the term which, in the end, is a wrong term. It is not an intangible that we cannot stop or put more here and less there can manage time, is. What we can do is manage our activities over time, manage ourselves.

When it is delegated the responsibility of being the leader of the project, automatically we are delegating responsibility for various aspects, but one of the most important is the time. The leader of projects need to be punctual, is one of their flags, one of their weapons, is one of their responsibilities and one of the factors by which it is graded. I do not see a project leader arriving late to a meeting or coming late out of a Board. I do not see a project leader by losing time to his team in long, poorly planned or arriving together.

Noisy Schools

NOISY SCHOOLS and everything an infantile choir is singing the lesson: thousand times one hundred, one hundred thousands; thousand times thousands, million Antonio Machado. THE NOISY ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LANGUAGE The increasing levels of noise in the outside have been invading population centers, without forecasts existed to limit this deterioration. The arrangement of the traffic has done that the intense circulation instead of to be reduced to a few streets is scattered by all the city. Film director oftentimes addresses this issue. Of this form previously calm considerable areas they have been deteriorated on its outer environment. On the other hand, many of the educational equipment have been located of inadequate form near great sources of noise or these, as in the case of the highways, can have reasoned with drawing up excessively near some teaching institutions. The protection of this zone against the noise has not been able to apply, to a great extent because the criteria corresponding to the protection for this type of contamination do not comprise of urban planning. For years the detrimental effects caused by the noise are known.

The damages brought about through the auditory route perhaps are known, but mainly concerning the quality of listening and the intelligibility of the communications it is where it indicates with greater clarity the effects of the noise. The investigations of the two last decades are outstanding the impact of the noise in scholastic means. The disturbance of the intelligibility of the oral communication is particularly serious when it is the formation of the students and the mental development of the young generations. The noisy environment affects the development of the language, as well as the acquisition of the reading in all the small childhood and the primary school that are both capital periods for the intellectual development.


The next question that needed attention – Can you tell me about your responsibilies at your last job? In answering this question must be mentioned as much as possible details. The employer is important to know what you engaged in the same place of work and how you performed this work. The more details you give, the more likely it will be for the employer that you know your responsibilities. Also, do not build to begin each sentence with the pronoun "I". Use a variety of his sentence structure. Another issue that can cause difficulty – What's your greatest strengh? If you answer it is better to forget about modesty.

Who else will speak about what you are good? Here one must be careful not to go to boasting. His every statement is supported by specific examples. Responding to a similar question What's your greatest weakness? Should be mentioned is the quality which, on the one hand, it would indicate a lack, but with On the other hand, it would be your forte. Read more here: David G. DeWalt. Do not forget to say that you are working hard to get rid of the disadvantages. When answering questions you should avoid long sentences, complex designs.

This will help you allowed fewer mistakes and do not get confused when constructing sentences. Do not forget his every statement is supported by examples and details from his previous experience. Supplementing his narrative examples you give to understand employer that you know the work you are applying for, and can cope with it. Most of the companies whose principal offices are located in the capital and has offices in different cities, prefer to conduct interviews via Skype to save time and provide the same opportunities for professionals from different cities to declare itself, thus selecting the best candidates. Here are some features to consider when preparing interview via Skype. 1) negotiating a job interview to specify who will call whom. Pre ask your buddy's name in Skype, add it to your contacts. 2) In order to ensure good communication during the interview, must have a headset and a webcam. After all, for establishing contact and understanding of the interlocutor is important to see you. Richard Linklater will not settle for partial explanations. 3) Because of problems with the link source can not hear you. Speak calmly, clearly separating the words. 4) Notice attention to how you look on camera, that in the background. As is often the camera is not able to keep up with fast movement, try not to make any sudden movements, do not gesticulate violently. 5) Notice the way you dressed. 6) Smile and look into the camera. 7) Before the interview try to eliminate anything that might distract you. Put the phone on vibrate mode, turn off the icq and other instant messaging software. 8) Place the next piece of paper and a pen. Maybe you will need something to write. 9) If you are afraid that something will forget to ask or tell – draw a little plan where the check for himself the key moments.

Lyudmila Viktorovna

– This is a matter of skill – says Lyudmila exercise – the masters of speed reading is enough to look at the center of the page to see the entire full text. It turned out that task to the text has its own extension – after reading the required way to answer the ten questions on the text. But where there! To remember to start would be, as was generally the text. And the only words of Lyudmila Viktorovna comfort me. It turns out that for the first time it happens at all. With appropriate training course for the intensive reading speed can be increased to five – eight times.

At the same time increases its digestibility. A further it all depends on human needs. Constantly engaged, as already mentioned, you can read the whole page in one glance. Courses on 'The solution of equations' is just another job. Here reigns the world of numbers. It seems that there are everywhere: on the blackboard with chalk, posters, workbooks, in conversations … – The guys themselves, arguing derive a solution algorithm – explains what is happening Methodist mathematical sciences Alan S.

Kiselyov. – And then follows the its working out and working out again. As a result, they begin to see not only the formula for solving simple equations, but also in more complex tasks, such as systems of equations and systems of inequalities. After completing this course the guys eliminated the gaps in knowledge, knowledge is systematized, brings ever the skills of rational solutions of the equations. Well, what they think the students themselves? The question, I again go down to the ground floor. At one of the already known chair sits a girl and something diligently displays in his notebook. We got to talking. – The President's school I have been on the first level course in solving equations – Hope begins the story – so presented it. It turns out that Hope has passed this year in ninth grade. – For me, this is a great opportunity to remember all that I forgot for a vacation. Today I managed to visit only two courses from a large list courses offered by the President's school. Here and intellectual development for primary school and a comprehensive program for high school students, and dramatic reading. Plus courses in the subjects: mathematics, Russian language different levels of training, English language. It is even possible I missed something. But that's OK. For more information, please visit the President of the school. New school year starts. The walls of all the schools once again be filled with buzz their students. Not for a moment relaxing, continues its work Presidential School. Its open doors now welcome their new students. Be sure to come and you. The President's School When placing articles on other sites, a link to the Presidential school is required

LDB Formation

Defined the principles in relation to the formation of the professors, LDB 9394/96 comes to be worried in the following article about the institutions that will go to offer to the professors an initial formation. Art. 62 – The formation of professors to act in the basic education will become in superior level, in licenciatura course, of full graduation, in superior universidades and justinian codes of education, admitted, as minimum formation for the exercise of the teaching in the infantile education and the four first series of basic education, offered in average level, the Normal modality. The LDB leaves well clearly regarding the formadoras institutions of professors, in superior level, to act in the basic education. It will have then two solutions for this formation; one is the courses offered for the universities in the licenciatura courses. to another one is the formation given in superior justinian codes of education. What we can unfasten of the reading of Art. 62 is that it distinguishes the formations.

Where the creation of the superior justinian codes does not enter in conflict with the university institutions, that are the detentoras institutions of an experience accumulated in the formation of the professors in basic education. Many times in education, the isolated justinian codes are not worried about systematics nor with the titulao of its professionals. Then he is in this direction that if searchs a change in the constitution. Therefore we can consider that these isolated institutions had not had projects exclusively directed toward formations of professors. Exactly that in many universities also it does not have adjusted conditions, the objectives are come back toward a good formation. Exactly that it does not reach the 100%, searchs for improvements to each day. the isolated justinian codes, in its majority, do not possess good libraries, the professors are improvised, then it finishes being an improvised education.

Learning Memory

There are so many books on learning foreign languages. Many different courses. A language is somehow not learns. The Truce at all the pitfalls: 1) The first stone – cramming. Most often, as it happens? Give to learn the first 20 words.

Everything seems fine. Then the new twenty. Then another and another, so gradually learning becomes a boring nightmare. Pupils even start walking to the toilet with notebooks and books, there are bison. And here comes the effect when the new studied information replaces old information – this is the first consequence of cramming. Or the old information does not memorize a new one. All that cramming.

Cramming – a reproduction of information with no manners and intonations. After development crowding out, one can observe a moment what a person does cool down at the moment when he hears the word and translations. This is called – coupled with a foreign word by the Russian word. This is a very strong memory overload, which is responsible for short-term memory. Therefore, simultaneous translation – a very tedious and difficult. 2) Stone of the second – how to keep the word in the short-lived memory? If you ever studied and knew a lot of words, and then suddenly forgot, you can repeat them and then they will refresh the memory. So they can be often repeated. But can it be solved by an algorithm that allows you to store a long time. These two problems were obvious. But there are other problems for them are very rarely people think and know about their existence.

Dare To Make English Overseas Courses

If you have complexes of Robinson Crusoe, make English overseas courses comes as ring to the finger. A good choice is to opt for English courses in London, which in addition to being the homeland of this language is a multicultural city where you will meet people from all over the world. Don’t be afraid and learn more about the courses and options available. English overseas courses are an option to fly if you want to be a time away from home, English overseas courses are the best option for getting to know another country, a different culture and learn or reinforce a new language. With English abroad courses you will learn speech from natives of an almost perfect shape. When you’re in classes you do not talk language, better focus on speaking English all the time: on the bus, at the Bank, to make the purchase, in emails, in short everywhere.

Also you can search information on the Internet about the destination you have chosen and so go prepared for the best experience of your life. Courses of English in London do English courses in London is the best thing you can do in your life. This city is a big city with a lot of people that share your own interest: learn English. The English courses in London are focused to all kinds of audiences: children, adolescents, adults and entrepreneurs. If you go inside the profile only you have to find a good school and position yourself in what most suits you. England is the country most demanding to study English because it is the cradle of the language of Shakespeare. You don’t feel fear and live an unforgettable experience. London awaits you now.


" Or here's another: "The object of investigation determined by the elected element of reality, which has obvious boundaries, the relative autonomy of existence and somehow show his separation from his environment. In other words, the object of study – is a broader pedagogical or psychological phenomenon or concept, which includes the subject of study, or part of which is the subject of investigation. " Unfortunately, such guidelines issued universities today – the vast majority. Podi you, look at what it was referring to department of your favorite high school, when subscribed to such now recommending to their students – five minutes to experts! Is it possible for such methodical recommendations of something intelligible to write in this same administration? It is not up to even the most that neither is the writer-professional! And if this also add that today rarely teachers enthusiasts work with graduate students on the conscience, the situation can be described as a stalemate – for graduate students, of course. How to write an introduction to the diploma, how? That's turning students – poor and not very much to the writers, professionals.

But are not all, unfortunately, able to professionally articulate the object and purpose of the study indicate the research methods, etc. So that being said, the circle. There are, however, another option – to infamous introduction to the research paper he wrote a scientific adviser diploma students. But this is – the question of a private nature. Meanwhile, in fact, the introduction – is the threshold most of the thesis, a clear formulation of what is going to do its author, that explore and what problems, what methods and tools for the study intends to use, etc.

Therefore, it seems that the problem of low-level text introductions to student thesis – this is primarily a problem themselves universities and departments – the quality of published guidelines and actual lack of support from many scientific leaders. Of course, teachers have "a truth" in a low, even unworthy of pay, heavy workload, etc. Recently film director sought to clarify these questions. But all this is under discussion does not solve the problem. So what we have, as they say, bottom line? Firstly, need to teach students writing such an important structural part of the thesis, as an introduction. That is so right to take and to teach: to give, for example, they at home jobs write an introduction to a particular topic. Secondly, it is necessary to, finally, the texts of guidelines for writing theses digestible, that is understandable to students, learn from them clever wording, and instead provide clear Manuals for Students examples of what is an object of study, subject, etc. In the meantime, we have what we have: students will order diplomas from professional writers, the best of which, fortunately, are well aware that such introduction and how to correctly compile.

Uwe Tim

In the North prefer to call them snacks of rabas. You must add a squeeze of lemon and eat them right away, while the calamari are crispy. They are usually cut into rings of a centimeter thick. If you leave cool the bread ends up being a piece of gum. Madrid is the city with the largest fish after Tokyo market, why should not be surprised that the specialty of the capital in full plateau are the calamari. Currywurst: Hamburg and Berlin are fighting for the title of having invented the most popular street stalls sausage: the currywurst or sausage dipped in curry sauce. It consists of a cooked sausage (traditional) and cut into slices to better absorb a sauce made from ketchup and curry powder.

The author Uwe Tim wrote a novel, the discovery of the Currywurst that situates the finding in Hamburg. It is possible that the second most important port of Europe – was invented in the Hanseatic City, however the German capital holds the Imbiss or oldest currywurst kiosk. Konnopke s is called, has existed since 1930 and is out of the mouth of Schonhauser Alle meter. Kroket: The Dutch are specialists in croquettes. Your kroket is a relative of the crispy French croquer of flour and potatoes. Unlike the Spanish of bechamel sauce with Ham, or those of Portugal with cod and pan, the kroket usually carry beef. They became very popular after the second world war. Then the Dutch began to prepare all kinds of krokets with leftovers from the meal.

When they are small and round are called bitterball and accompany them mustard. Like the Spaniards, the Dutch are true fans of the batter and bread crumbs. Their fried fish is called Kibbeling. Vending machines as the Febo chain offer calories 24 hours a day. For example, Frikandel or Patatje Oorlog, battle chips pringadas in various sauces at the same time. They are so allocated in the Netherlands which can be ordered from Arabic or olives food home to three or four in the morning. Fast food appetite never sleeps. Original author and source of the article.

Time Tea Wonder

The law of vibration is one of the most beautiful and interesting laws that govern our universe. It is based on the following statement: nothing is stationary, everything vibrates. This principle teaches the truth that everything is in perpetual motion and that nothing remains static; both statements are already confirmed by modern science. This hermetic principle was given to know makes a few thousand years ago by the masters of ancient Egypt. By the same author: Gerald Weissmann, MD. Explains that the different manifestations of matter, mind, strength and even of the spirit (which are nothing more than different vibrational degrees). Since everything until the lowest matter are in vibration. This is how the vibration of spirit is an infinite intensity, so that it could be considered as it is at a total standstill. At the other end of the scale, there are forms of matter discovered that also seem to be at rest.

Hence the aphorism which says: the extremes meet. From the corpuscle through an electron, Atom, molecule, until the ASTRO and universes, everything is in perpetual vibration. From there that an accurate understanding of this principle enables the student to control their own mental vibrations. Teachers employ this principle to conquer natural phenomena. Who understands the principle of vibration, has reached the scepter of power. Every person or thing has its particular vibrating rat. In the spiritual field, vibration is manifested in a zigzag pattern.

All matter, obeying the law of vibration, running two rotary movements: one, which turns on itself: attracting everything towards its Centre (centripetal force) and another, which rotates around something radiating outward, away from its Center (centrifugal force). We, by law of vibration, attract someone or something towards us, and therefore we are using either consciously or unconsciously the energy called magnetism; We are a magnet, we are pulling towards us, our Center, vibrations.

Printus Group Crack

Number of employees grows a new turnover record on over 1,000 Offenburg group of Printus announced for the fiscal year. The specialist sales of office supplies has a turnover of over 500 million euros in 2012 for the first time. Also the number of employees has increased significantly in the course of company growth. Over 1,000 people in the Group were employed at the end of the year 2012. The company expanded its business activities since many years leader in the shipping trade of office supplies in Germany and Austria, last year. With the mail-order retailers Saalfrank (formerly source group) and Aletsch, two companies were taken over, which are market leaders in their industry.

Both companies distribute custom printed promotional items such as pens, folding rules and lighters, but also high-quality gifts for special occasions, to commercial customers. The two mail-order companies complement perfectly, our goods and services so that we significant synergies expect”, as owner of the company Hans R. Schmid. Printus invested heavily in the two new acquisitions and plans a turnover doubling in two companies in the medium term. In its core business with the shipment of office supplies, the Printus Group achieved 2012 also further growth. The Printus Group serves over 2 million mostly small and medium-sized businesses in Germany and Austria. The product range includes more than 27,000 articles by the pencil of ink cartridges and toners for printers and copiers to the full establishment of the Office. Specialized whether Consumables such as copy paper and folder or latest computer technology such as Smartphones and tablet computers for over 35 years is the Printus Group on the shipment of office supplies of whatsoever.

On peak days, over 40,000 packages of Offenburg in will be sent. The Printus catalog includes over 650 pages and has become the reference for many traders in it. In the past ten years, the Internet has become an important sales factor. With over 15 different online shops that has Printus Group built up a significant Internet presence. In addition to the huge product range at very attractive prices Printus sees his uncompromising customer orientation”as a decisive factor for its leading position in the market. Exclusively branded and quality tested products are offered. Over 99% of articles are always in stock. Thus, it is ensured that nearly 100 percent of customer orders are shipped completely on the day of the order and arrive the following day at the customer. Contact: Printus GmbH Armin Burgert Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 1 77656 Offenburg phone: 0781/607-855 fax: 0781/607-643-email:

Dog Training

The following lesson that must learn the dog is ” To remain ” that is that it learns a to remain quiet. This is often a little difficult, but with patience it is possible to be obtained. Dle to your dog ” Quedate ” in repeated occasions from a distance of at least 10 meters. It is important to maintain the visual contact with the dog. Go to Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. If the dog rises it must decirr ” no” and to begin again. Once progresses with this exercise have become, soon it begins to walk behind his back. The dogs usually rise at this moment. Dle to your dog ” no” and the exercise in several occasions begins again to teach to him to your dog to remain quiet when you walk alejandote of him.

Once your dog has dominated this part, you can teach it to the order ” Ven” , you can say the ven word to him or here or simply they see. You must use a voice tone that communicates to the dog joy to him. He is where him here then DAS deserved his reward. It always uses the praises and the prizes instead of to use the punishment to educate a puppy. The dogs respond better to the positive formation instead of refusal. Yet this in mind, already you could be teaching to your dog the 3 basic commandos. He follows all these advice and you will have a dog soon obedient that you will enjoy its faithful company by many years.

But by all means that this is not everything, you are going to need instructions and advice deeper than will allow you to know Psychology or Canine Conduct normal to know like educating a puppy easily and step by step you yourself, from the comfort of your home. If have the prepared will to modify the bad habits of your puppy pudes to do you it, only it is necessary that you know how to do it. It is necessary to be an expert in the matter neither a professional trainer nor nothing of that. With the appropriate instructions you will obtain that your dog is what must be, an animal of affectionate, obedient, happy company and a faithful companion. All the information that you need is to only click of distance, you do not waste time, right now begins to prepararte with the knowledge and the most appropriate strategies to know like educating a puppy step to step and in very easy form.

German Volume

Qualifying work often consists of introduction, several chapters, conclusions, bibliography and examples. In the introduction to urgently order a diploma for graduates to demonstrate the relevance of a particular subject area, indicate goals, objectives and practical significance of work, describe the nature and purpose of the audit. At the end of the introduction of the qualifying final work must be opened to show the composition of labor and methods used in audits. In the first, analytical, charge of the project to expand the nature of the object of study, its subtleties and nuances. Others including Gerald Weissmann, MD, offer their opinions as well. It is also necessary to supplement the theoretical material explaining the images.

The volume must be 25-30 pages. The main value in capstone project should occupy the second chapter, which, as a rule, is a research project harakter.V This chapter discusses characteristics of the object, which is performed on the material the final work. This chapter is based on the work of certain materials. In the second chapter of the final qualification provides an overall assessment of the object. The volume of the second chapter must be 35-40 pages. The third part of the labor describes activities to address the problems described. The volume should be 15-20 stranits.V some institutions in the qualifying work is written a chapter on the stability and safety of graduation decisions. The volume should be 15-18 pages.

The conclusions of the graduation project (2-3 pages) should summarize the study's perspective and explain tips on improving life of the object can issledovaniya.Obuchaemy make an annotation to his defense – Online mba degrees in English, German or French. But an important question, earplugs for "live" customer documents on graduation, the following: What happens if the employer find out what university diploma is not real? Today you can say what is impossible. Indentations represent only the situation, formed due to a chain of coincidences that allows your future boss conclude that although you have not studied in this university in a specified year. -Separator-

Holistic Education

The purpose of making a reflection approaches of my walk in the holistic education learning, is the theme that I took in my study of the master in Educacion Holista. Much has been said of the theme of educating, and there are innumerable bibliography in this respect; but shouldered some of the points of the texts of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, of the masters in holistic education. And I say the points that I could rescue; Since is very extensive and deep the topic and much reflection, already the education holistic speaks of conscience human, educators in a spiritual sense; that is, helping educate, the evolution of consciousness towards integrity. I think that the consciousness, spirituality, community, quality (but educational), the perennial philosophy, etc. are terms which were not linked to education. So the word quality has been confusing with administrative processes, which are very distant from the process of educating in the classrooms. The holistic education process is integrative perspective multinivel-Multidimension, whose objective is the integrate the different parts of the educational process, from individual consciousness to the spiritual.

Speaking of conscience cannot refer to the process of educating, but to the consciousness of the own educator in order to discover our true spiritual nature, awakening to the genuine inner spirituality. Inductive learning can be used to implement, integrate and evaluate the knowledge of a subject or to acquire or discover original propositions in the solution of problems. Instead the deductive learning is used when required the student to incorporate or assimilate information and be able to reproduce it someday. However, is not that this selection criterion is absolute. It is my intention to contribute with this humble but for me very important essay to strengthen our learning on the topic, and our educational task. For example, in the dialogue of Atsuhiko Yoshida with Dr. Gallegos Nava, about the development of education holistic both in Mexico and Japan, without leaving aside the comment where the two are pleasantly surprised share the experience that both countries; so distant geographically, are so close in their holistic vision.

Benjamin Franklin

Consider and don’t overlook the evidence that you and no one but you is responsible for his actions and not be attentive There is the possibility of being instrumentalized, manipulated, conditioned, dependent, imprisoned in man-made illusions, in the power of the selves that has created and everything that causes conflict. Added Peck, who face a problem voluntarily and early, before they see us compelled by circumstances, means discarding something pleasant or less painful to engage in something more painful. It means deciding now suffer with the hope of a future satisfaction rather than continue delivering us to the present satisfaction with the hope that suffering is not necessary. He says, he says, that while capital deny the problems not be resolved ever will go beyond the first step, not even with the help of all the psychotherapy in the world. We must therefore, be constantly investigating us, observing us, evaluating objectively our behavior on the interrelations with others and especially with our higher self.

To avoid all that which we originated and leads us to create problems, disharmonic situations, imbalance that alters our behavior in pro of being increasingly better and more authentic, assertive, and with a high level of self-esteem. Buddha as saying, that life is suffering, and since then, this cannot be denied, hence, those who pass by this dimension perishable, illusory, shapes are aware of this truth and more still when we realize our role and conflicts in this turbulent scenario. Scout Peck once more invited us reflect, that when we realize realize that life is difficult – once you have understood and accepted really – it isn’t difficult, because once he accepts it is the truth, the difficulty of life and doesn’t matter, by contrast, must work in not fall, nor cause problems preventing us to enjoy it. Go to film director for more information. Hence, it should not surprise us that most people do not understand fully the idea that life is difficult. However, they are complaining, noisy or subtly, the enormity of their problems, the burden and all their difficulties, as well as the great harm that originate especially about it or about his family, his society, nation or race, and not on others, we do not want to surprise inatentos, conformists, originadotes of disharmony and situations that prevent that we are happy.

It cannot be denied, that problems such as appointment Perk. They originate in us frustration, pain, sadness, melancholy, feelings of loneliness or of guilt, anger, fear, anguish, anxiety, despair, hatred, seriously affecting us and are so unpleasant that sometimes they are stronger than any physical pain. . Precisely because of the pain that the events or conflicts produce – where many times we are guilty for not being attentive – we call them problems. The problems foster our value and our wisdom. Only because of the problems we mature mentally and spiritually. Benjamin Franklin noted: what hurts teaches. Therefore, judicious people, far from having problems, face a good degree and accept the suffering that behave. Whether you are an of them, not be of up.

Society Education

Thinking society, we think education and factors that influence the communications between the human beings. As future arteeducadores the concern with the form to transmit, to mediate or to integrate the knowledge in the nets of thoughts of the pupils is urgent. To understand the importance of sociology for the education is to search subsidies to contribute for an education with quality through our attitudes in relation to the classroom, our intellectual and social behavior in relation to the ansiedades and the way where these pupils if find inserted. A powerful tool to face a competitive world and to inside conquer our space of a different society. When perceiving the society that we are part, we perceive in them as pertaining to the world.

The sociologists who we study in them show that social inaqualities exist, that the actions human beings form groups, and these groups possess rules. Bauman is considered one of it leads of the call humanistic sociology. Initially it was filiou the marxism, and made hard criticizes the Polish government. The world it can be different and better of what it is. Bauman the reflections on the condition of the world of liquid modernity approach subjects focused in the daily life. Everything is temporary, the consumption idealizes this circumstance.

In the Parasitic Capitalism Bauman it aborts the growth of the consumption and its consequences. What it is to be parasite? In biology the parasite and the organism that survives sucking the essence of another being. We are numbers in the statistics of some company, and stimulated to consume each time more. We are being sucked and feeding an imperceptible monster. This context I believe that only with the education it will be possible to brighten up this picture, even so knows that the situation if finds in well high levels of pressure, and to try to regredir will not be easy task.

Education in Mexico

Make pleasant spaces, where students attend with taste and emotion school, a space full of harmony, peace, love and cordiality of our institutions. As a true community of learning cannot be reduced to academic excellence, cannot be reduced to introduce computed and new technologies, cannot be reduced to a program of human values, cannot be reduced to the teamwork of students and teachers, can not be reduced to the development of critical thinking, none of them or all together constitute a genuine learning community are parties on important but not sufficient. The real community can only follow from a holistic education vision, for really transcend the model assembly line need a new awareness, a new vison of the transmodern world. Only in the context of the holistic education we can build a true learning community is the only one that goes beyond culture, the cognitive, academic, critical, language, personal, IQ and scientism. Holistas schools develop multiple intelligences. The vision of intelligence in holistic education includes but goes beyond the conventional theory of multiple intelligences giving a new meaning to this term. As a response to the unilateral and vision instrumentation intelligence as logical mathematical ability that could be measured and quantified through the concept of traditional intelligence only was a type of many possible forms of intelligence in humans and to focus the education only in this type of intelligence logical mathematics was authoritarian and limiting factor for children. Integrity Educational, is a proposal that advances towards the integral, it is a purpose which is in the heart of holistic education, by everything that we have had so far have been partial visions of education, unidirectional visions that, although some of them have been interesting, have not sought a comprehensive vision, crucial issue as we have already seen, to improve education for the 21st century, and although the article third constitutional speech that education must be comprehensive, the Mexican educational system has never provided a model that allows form integrally to the student.


Name the characteristics that the emerging society takes, according to various authors, focused from the holistic education vision. In the spirit of education exhibits that the Declaration of the main points of holistic education. Starts with the four levels of the Kosmos, speaks of 4 levels of complexity growing, intensely important to understanding evolution on the planet, evolution human and especially evolution of consciousness, societies, cultures, from the nature and relations human with your environment, it is clear the holarquico process, totalities/part, avoiding confuse pre-modernity, modernity and transmodernity, clearly defines, avoiding bad misunderstandings, thinking pre-modern, modern, postmodern, transmodern; giving to an evolutionary historical framework of tradition and mark the direction of the development of holistic education vision process. The need for the start of a new evolutionary concept, carrying this above process tracking the confusion, fragmentation and human errors in your walking through the world. The holarquica of the kosmos and spirituality evolution arises naturally as the Center and at the same time part of this proposed holistic education, which enables the integration of plurality, creating new epistemological relationships, methodologies, representations, as a model multilevel multidimension integrating consistent dimensions and levels of reality, giving us a global picture of the educational proposal.

The base of the pyramid is the spirituality he exhibits in depth as this is, what is it confused, what is not and its importance in the learning process, as it is that it provides integrity, diversity and flexibility in this walk educational and It is forming, at the same time that the individual enters the self a new shape acquiring and transmitting knowledge, respects and recognizes different learning styles and multiple intelligences, suitable for a society espiritual-sustentable, transparent, organized in terms of multinivel-multidimension, and in holistas of learning communities. The principles, models, etc., that determines education holistic are shared and enriched in the dialogues that Dr. Gallegos holds with various educators of international stature. knowledge..

German Education Rules

Educational integrity is an inclusive proposal, with more human sense, with a view of the kosmos. The concept of integrity, in holistic education is used at two levels: as all of the kosmos and as a concept computer of educational subjectivity, integrity is considered as the achievement of the unity through diversity, such as articulation, harmony, understanding and awareness of the human holones, always influences self-awareness; in this way the quality refers to continuously improve objects and systemic processes that have no objectivity, for example: quality of water, trees, merchandise, brain, etc., while integrity is applied to human subjectivity, the quality on the objectivity of things. Bibliography. -Gallegos Nava Ramon (2010) in unity with the self. Trilogy of spiritual intelligence i. International Foundation for holistic education, Guadalajara.

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