Tonight, we are forced to express ourselves in a same language which we have agreed to call Spanish, IE that we use some form of talk and that we are referring to a certain opinion, i.e. to a true knowledge (in the wider sense of the term) the two are inseparably United (exactly as they are, in the case of the sign, the signifier and the meaning). I will begin by distinguishing these two terms for ease of analysis. In what concerns to speak, it is clear that there is no homogeneous but constitutes a heterogeneous set in three dimensions of our situation in the world, i.e. in the same moment in time, in space in half (in the sense of the term, well understood). At the time, it is evident that talk that we use today to express ourselves is not the same as the of Moliere, not even that of Montaigne, and even less that they used in the middle ages. And not even speaking of the Spanish in which tomorrow, express your sons. In space, on the other hand, one can note that our language is full of anglicisms, with have remarked previously, but also made loans to many languages such as English, Arabic, Italian for example, without even mentioning the latin and the Greek, baptized dead languages, but which, in us, remain alive: proof of this, the French no way derive without speaking Greek and latin (chevalEquestrian and hippique)! Socially, in the end, we see the difference between the French of an academic that is addressed to a lady’s world, greets her as well: my condolences, dear Madam, and the other ruffian who will greet her as well: old Hello!, or even between talking so he goes to the Barber and who says that he goes to the Barber, and so they would continue (examples not missing!).