Higher Educational Institutions

Tests for Higher Mathematics Teaching The main purpose of higher mathematics at the university – to acquaint students with the fundamentals of mathematical tools (the tool of the future of the profession). Solution control work on higher mathematics needed to solve both theoretical and practical objectives: to inculcate the ability to independently find, explore educational, methodical literature on higher mathematics and its practical applications: to develop logical thinking, as well as raise the level of mathematical culture, develop skills in the mathematical description of research and applied issues, which will result in the ability to translate the problem on mathematical yazyk.Kontrolnye work for part-time students at the beginning metodichek contain guidance and control tasks by category: analytical geometry linear algebra Mathematical Analysis functions of complex variable theory field of numerical and functional series differential equations and mathematical physics probability theory and mathematical statistics before performing control work in higher mathematics the student must learn to see and control sections of the course work for tutorials (literature list of higher mathematics is at the end Manuals). It is also given to minimum initial conceptual information (it is enough to solve the problems at the grassroots level), are typical examples of decision-making problems in higher mathematics. If a student has difficulty in mastering theoretical or practical applications, it can get advice on the support site examinations. Control work in higher mathematics ("Tower", "Mata," TVIMS) should be put in separate notebooks. On cover notebooks student should write his name, initials and address, the cipher room control work, the name of discipline and an effective date of the university. Solving problems in higher mathematics should be presented in the same sequence, and in terms of (condition of the problem should be completely rewritten before its decision). After reviewing the control of the student must correct the errors noted and taken into account the recommendations Reviewer and advice. If the work is not credited, it is performed again and sent for review again. Applied examinations in higher mathematics are presented to student test or examination. References to prepare the solutions of the control of higher mathematics depends on the subject test (see website)

Education In Britain: Winchester College

One of the oldest schools that offer training in the UK, is a Winchester (Winchester College). This is a school with rich traditions and interesting history, which combines all the advantages of classical British education that the school made famous by Albion in the world. Today, Winchester offers training in the UK nearly 700 boys. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. Joint program of education here – saves school traditions established over centuries of its existence. Age of children enrolled here ranged from 13 to 18 years, and most of them resident on campus. Meanwhile, Winchester – the only one of the oldest schools in England (Founded in 1382), which has never changed its location. And now the boys are going here in the UK study, live and engage in buildings constructed in XIV, XVII, XX centuries.

Like any other prestigious British School, Winchester is proud of the academic achievements of its graduates and high quality education. But there are significant differences, principal among which is that Winchester has always sought to make training in the UK available to all gifted children. It is particularly well-developed system of scholarships and grants, and the selection committee arranges special tests to identify the most suitable candidates for their receipt. Despite the fact that training in the UK is largely standardized, and students in all schools pass the same exams at Winchester adopted its own test of knowledge of admission. It is more free and is designed to comprehensively assess the child's ability to make the right decision about his admission, and possibly even the granting of scholarships.

Preliminary lists are compiled based on interviews that applicants for a place in school are in the age of eleven. And while, in addition to interviews, and they take a written test, there is no "pass mark" here – the decisive factor is the overall impression, which produces the next schoolboy, his ability and potential. But that's not all. Before you begin training in the UK will need to confirm their place in a formal entrance examination. It can not all, but on the other hand, those children who are on the interview results were only in the waiting list can expect to occur if a brilliant stand this test.

Education System

Otherwise, agree 100% – if the country forever, and not to time, the best way to adapt the child than the local school, do not come up with. And not only in matters of language. Here are selected from local schools – is another matter, but there’s no one size fits all and can not – decide where the best to give, much better than do not, by the parents depending on whether what they want for their child. School system and other education, of course, each country has its own, and not one that would suit all clear – at Everyone has their own pros and cons, and that one plus, for others less, and vice versa (as well as with schools in any particular system of education, actually). Under most conditions Gerald Weissmann, MD would agree. Montreal is already scientifically proven that children who know more than one language, ahead of peers in development and have improved associative thinking. In Canada, I was able to meet and children, and grandchildren of people who came from Ukraine.

Most of those who knew several languages, have more than their peers, Language of recall that only the Polish ‘pierogi’ and ‘Bud’mo!’ I know a couple of my peers (Russian) who have two children, and families are forbidden to speak not in Russian. As a result, both children are perfectly aware of the French (High School), English (Environment in the western part of Montreal – 40% Anglophone and 40% immigrants and 20% of Francophones) and Russian (home environment). Senior to all the same athlete and has directly focused on one of the best universities. And I am confident that his knowledge of the 3 languages he will help to achieve much more than another example of a comic my friend, who convinces himself that she was the child learns English. As a result, the Russian kid is not to say, my mother says on the ‘child’ in English, and child may still be confusing for her pin up her sentences in foreign people. So choose for yourself what you’re driving your kids … Source:

Scientific Work

Each year, students of universities and colleges do accounting teaching and research work, the curriculum, ranging from the abstract and ending with final certification (diploma). An introduction to scientific knowledge, commitment and ability of students to conduct independent investigations is no less an objective precondition of successful solutions of learning tasks. Implementation of the students in the process of teaching and research activities of the various written work is an important way to improve their theoretical and practical training, as this: – contributes to the deepening and consolidation of existing theoretical knowledge of subjects, disciplines, sectors science – developing practical skills in conducting research, analyzing findings and making recommendations to improve this or that kind of activity – improving the methodological skills independent work with information sources and the relevant software and hardware tools – offers great opportunities for the development of additional theoretical material and practical lessons experience on interesting area of activity – promotes training to perform their duties in the future – helping to master research methodology. When the training of scientific work along with clear cost of effort on her part a lot of content, and sometimes an inordinate amount of time and effort students spend on her appearance. Course work – developing in a particular subject to study discipline with elements of scientific analysis that reflects the student acquired the theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ability to work with the literature, analyze sources, to make detailed and informed conclusions. Final qualifying work – completed theoretical and practical work of the academic student on a specific issue, organize, fixing and expanding theoretical knowledge and practical skills academic student in solving a specific task, demonstrating the ability to independently solve professional problems and characterizes the overall level of qualification, which confirms its willingness to professional activities. Summary – (from Lat.

Refero – I report to report) a brief statement in writing or in the form of public speech on the book, research, results of a study of scientific problems, report on specific topic, including a review of relevant literature and other sources. Scientific paper – Scientific nonfiction work a small amount on a certain topic. Essay – writing prose and a small amount of free composition, which emphasized the individual's position is combined with the laid-back, often paradoxical statement, focused on speaking. Essays may be philosophical, Historical and biographical, journalistic, literary criticism, belletri-acoustic and the other character. Report on R & D – Scientific and technical document, which contains regular data on research paper describes the state of scientific and technical problems and / or results of scientific research (GOST 7.32-2001). The skills acquired in the preparation of creative works, helps students plan to perform teaching and research work at a higher level of quality. Methodical approach to solving specific problems in the preparation of various educational and research and creative work is different, but the methodological foundations, such as systematic, logic, analysis, synthesis, structuring are common to all the scientific orientation, as well as the rules of registration papers.