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d.velop with practical tips to optimize which June 22, 2010 – according to a recent survey of d.velop AG today is part of the document and enterprise content management success prospects Gescher, for two-thirds of German companies on the five most important IT topics. According to dynamically, the companies currently behave when their investments in initial or new DMS/ECM solutions. Derived from practical experience in advising d.velop has developed guidelines, on the basis of those typical mistakes in the planning process can be avoided: 1 no ECM project without clear strategic objective: it requires a clear and pragmatic-based benefit analysis that defines specific added value for the company. Also possible risks and design hurdles are to consider it objectively. Is also needed for the strategic target projection of a precise total cost calculation, taking into account of the entire planning, product and training costs, as well as the subsequent expenses for the operation of the ECM solution. 2.

projects not in minimalist technical concepts squeeze: who does not sufficiently differentiated describes the actual technical requirements at the beginning and neglected in particular also the users with their specific requirements, embarks for the ECM project in an unclear realization process. Because ever more generally and unpraziser it is the harder the intentions, precisely to achieve the goal. Therefore must be exercise great care in the professional design. Because the concept of subjects describes as the framework for the expenditure and resource planning. 3. a focus on the aspect of continuous simplicity as a parent solution idea: A too much complexity of a technical concept and the corresponding solution is usually to the detriment of productivity and acceptance of the user. Also is often an avoidable overhead in the implementation of the project. As a result, the conceptual planning and selection processes by the idea of the universal simplicity should be taken, without this however to functional or other constraints leads.

Technical University

Until August 31, towns and villages in the competition can ‘ communities for climate protection ‘ apply Berlin, August 16, 2011. Final spurt in the nationwide community competition of the Association of heat pumps (BWP) e.V. municipalities can submit their innovative heat pump projects until the end of August. From 2012, public buildings must assume a role model for the expansion of renewable energies in the heating market. But already many good reasons move more and more local authorities to do so, to choose heat pumps-heating in their construction projects: no harmful emissions locally, a contribution to environmental protection, independence from oil and gas, reducing ongoing costs and support the domestic economy. In addition, many communities benefit from the State programmes for the refurbishment of municipal buildings.

Local authorities, which want to make public their commitment to environmental and climate protection, are invited to participate in the competition of the BWP. As projects various municipal facilities in question, about schools, sports facilities or town halls, museums, courts or public clinics. Each municipality can apply with a photo of the renovated or newly constructed building and the heat pump, as well as specific information on the project. The terms and conditions and more information see kommune competition interested parties. The winning municipality on September 27th at the 9th Forum will heat pump in Nuremberg with a green sign as excellent place of the heat pump”awards.

The competition to set new impulses for the ecological and climate-friendly orientation of municipal construction projects. The use of heat pump systems in public buildings stands for modernity and progress. In competitions such as communities for climate protection”communities show their innovativeness and future orientation”, Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, Managing Director of the BWP. The environmental friendliness of heat pumps is also scientifically proven. According to a study by the Technical University of Munich can save a climate-damaging CO2 emissions expertly built systems compared to conventional heating systems, about 50 percent. The energy consumption is significantly reduced, because heat pumps use free ambient heat from the soil, groundwater or air. Of obtaining 100 percent you need heat only about 25 percent electricity, 75 percent come directly from the environment. “For more information on zeichen.setzen.

Facilitates Project Analysis

Can do offers also a tabular work surface next to the Gantt representation of projects for head of Department and project manager – can do offers also a tabular work surface next to the Gantt representation of projects for department heads and project managers – project analysis and reports easily with a mouse click to create Munich, 25th September project analyses and reports simply by mouse click Create 2012, this is even easier with the latest version of the project management software can do. The new feature TableView provides a tabular representation of a project (visibility of the project manager) or all activities of a Department (view of the line managers) with various analysis options both project managers and department managers with a mouse click. The TableView is available from can do intelligence 4.4 project. With the TableView, the head of Department with just a click looks all projects, phases or work packages, in which its employees are active. In addition, the expenditure of his Department and the individual is in the tabular representation Employees for a certain period of time, which can be changed as desired, listed.

The line manager can integrate in the table further elements for analysis e.g. plan – and actual costs, risks, project progress, skill requirements or plan and actual work – – and can put together with just a few clicks an inpiduelle view of his Department to. While the head of Department with the TableView will receive an overview of the activities of his Department, leads the project leader with the new function to a tabular representation of his project. He sees which resources are assigned to which project elements with what effort, he can freely determine the timeframe of his view and in the view integrated numerous elements for the analysis of his project as well as the head of the Department.

IT Service Department

Networked management system creates efficiency and achievements in international and networked teams. Hamburg, December 30 – virtual power team is one of Peter Ivanov ( developed management system, networked teams give a basis for an efficient and successful cooperation. Ivanov is Senior Manager of British American tobacco, a global trade-defining company in the consumer goods industry, and has worked for years in and with international teams. From this collaboration, which is characterized by very low present times of team members, he has developed his own management system virtual power teams in recent years, which makes virtually networked teams successful working units. Mr Ivanov, teams, the Member of which was scattered all over the globe have done successfully in the past 20 years. How did you come to this task? PI: In the last 20 years I worked for international companies in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Germany, where I was on the road most of the time in the world. Starting point first projects with a European focus, which were then expanded into large virtual departments.

I practically grew into this task. From 2011-13 I headed then the IT Service Department for Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa of British American tobacco. Such a globally networked team imagine what particular challenge? PI: Well, the first challenge is the absence of opportunities for informal, personal exchange the so-called tea-kitchen conversation. When people who have never previously met and could thus build personal relations work, the employment base is far less productive than in teams that have these opportunities. Working across continents and time zones much more difficult than building personal relations and ties. Get to know the team members in real life someday? Or is this totally unnecessary? PI: definitely. In my opinion this is extremely important. I’d do it in the first week, when I use the line a such teams would charge.

Optimal Communication

liatos – project intranet platform – fast, easy, versatile Hamburg with liatos organize team communication project leader successfully manage the project knowledge, control the progress of the project, centralize documentation and lead to their projects to success. For project managers, managers and employees, the new software represents a unique win. The KISS principle (keep it simple and smart) was the guiding principle in the development of this new project intranet platform. Simplicity in the sense of: quickly usable, easy to handle and can be optimally used for communication in project management. “It was important that liatos quickly integrated into the organisational processes of our customers – after the motto: Watch and go.” so Dr. Iver Jackewitz, Managing Director of effective WEBWORK GmbH.

While traditional project management software focuses on planning and management of projects, supports liatos project staff in their communication and cooperation. Employees work in projects nowadays often in different places. They come from different companies and are located in different cities or countries. liatos satisfies this fact by it meaningful, timely and communicative networking project knowledge. The combination of know how transfer, document management, knowledge management and organisation is the basis for optimal project results.

liatos provides for a continuous progress and successful completion of the project with its different functions. “Especially in distributed projects it is important transparent, flexible and timely respond to can.” explains Dr. Iver jacket joke. The most important factor in the development of liatos was and is the ease of use, also for less tech-savvy people.” Especially in the environment of knowledge, information and quality management, the coordination teams and collaborations is a high priority. The project rooms form the heart of the system. Their functionality supports the transparent communication and coordination of closed teams and groups. In the project are the project participants always on the same level of knowledge and actively participate in its further development involved. This includes various functions like: task management schedule employee profiles discussion forum project reports of wikis liatos can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each project. Many enterprise networks consist of individual companies, subsidiaries or working groups that bring their own infrastructures and communication cultures. Here E.g. an own subdomain guarantees neutrality in the project, because this address represents the network or project and not one of the participating organizations. Whether as a single project or as an information system with 25,000 users, liatos depicts each organization accurately. Company profile: The – effective WEBWORK GmbH – is a consultant, Planner, partner and specialist for Internet communications and Web-based collaboration systems. It offers a complete package of services related to Web 2.0. This includes consulting, support, as well as the moderation in projects in addition to the development and deployment of the systems. The effective WEBWORK GmbH creates a concept for the use of the Internet tailored to the needs of the customers and translates this in close cooperation with the customer. With Web 2.0, she linked the employee communication and content. By incorporating appropriate platforms it supports joint working in the Internet / intranet. It advises on the selection of the correct software and adapting it to the needs. She takes over the process consulting, i.e. planning of IT projects, as well as the strategic integration and process accompanied by the respective software projects or organizations.

Welfare Association

Start of the Federal competition for more quality in the care professions Berlin 25.03.2013 – the national competition of best student in old people’s and nursing is started mid-January 2013. Now for the third time, the competition is organised by the quality consulting company Averosa ( headquartered in Delitzsch near Leipzig. For the competition more than 18,000 students and pupils of old and have registered this year nursing schools. Organizers and participants make clear that involves them with the Federal competition first and foremost the strengthening of the image of the nursing profession in the society. The high-quality work in the care and supervision of assistance – and dependent people should be highlighted.

On the pure assessment of technical skills in the nursing profession, the views within the framework of the Federal competition also on the needs and problems of assistance – and domiciliary care for elderly people and their families can be directed. For this purpose, the Federal competition of best student supports in the carers and Nursing”the participating old people’s and nursing schools also in internal quality assurance. The growing social and political relevance of the theme of quality in care”also it can be read as broadly and the supporters of the competition is how versatile. So, for example, dignitaries from politics and society get involved spiritually and materially in the Federal competition. Also the broad support of all factions of the German Bundestag and several public institutions and social organisations, such as the German Red Cross and the joint Welfare Association indicate that the importance of the nursing profession. Besides Siegfried Huhn (expert of nursing sciences) and Burkhard Jung (Lord Mayor of the city of Leipzig), also Jens Spahn, patron of the Federal competition of best student in old and nursing”is member of the Bundestag and health policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU group in the Bundestag.

Munich Even

In addition then the wish of all parents: your children will receive a good job anyway. This always depends on the school performance. The notes in the application are always the decisive factor. The consequences are known: without relaxation, it is very likely that the services deteriorate.

Especially if they are not exactly the Favorites of the student. The experience of online nachhilfe.0.html online tutoring but shows that long-term tuition allows to resolve any shortcomings, even strengths to convert. Here, a more intense and particularly individual guidance from the teacher would be desirable. Only: This is often not possible. The curriculum is teaching staff as at the neck, such as the children.

NoteEins personal service creates online tutoring but just that NoteEins online tutoring is located after the students tuition should be always the student, or the student guide. In a free, no-obligation trial class get to know not only your tutor selected personally for you, you can discuss the problems and needs of all alone. NoteEins online tutoring uses an online program that is absolutely easy to use. Not even an installation is necessary. Webcam and microphone, online tutoring, personal contact is guaranteed also in the NoteEins. In this modern form of tutoring you sacrificing nothing. Your child can easily create even notes, math problems and chemical formulas. The heart of the online tool, the Whiteboard can be described easily with keyboard and mouse. Everything that is written in this large white box can be easily saved as a PDF file and printed out. So nothing is lost guaranteed and helps the follow-up. NoteEins online tutoring transparent and qualified we students and graduates provide first and foremost for the online tutoring. There are also NoteEins -students, so hot our tutor, who work as lecturers at the University. Just in the languages we are fortunate that we even native speakers for the NoteEins online tutoring can offer. Regularly, we invite our tutor training. They then learn which new research findings can make even better private lesson. By the way: When NoteEins online tutoring you need to create an online profile, nor recharge credits. Not join us so basically in advance. NoteEins online tutoring helps anywhere no matter in whatever subject you need support, or what city you live: we would like to assist you. The team of NoteEins has always an open ear for you online tutoring. The free hotline: 08000 12 10 12 is the hot wire to your personal NoteEins student. All important advance information can be found on our best marks website online-nachhilfe.0.html the NoteEins tutoring Munich team looks forward to your call!

Education Work Stress

Stress at work what you can do against unpleasant fellow who does not know this tiresome contemporaries, that is simply no getting out,. People who are misbehaving, treat others poorly or at their cost advantages. Yes, it’s true, nobody is perfect, so an intolerable behavior but if becomes normal, you must not accept this. But what can you do if you must professionally work together with such a person? Cancel, accept or just do it for him? Three areas are to distinguish this: you’re the boss and have an employee who does not fit into the team. You have a choice: you can detach themselves from him or give him the chance to change.

If you opt for the latter, this is evidence of your social skills, you should be aware of but, a man not so quickly changed. It will cost you time, money and nerves and success is not guaranteed! One way to bring about a change in your employees, is an individual NLP training. Her colleague bullies you and whatever you do, somehow you’re always stupid. You should accept such a situation never long. Go to the boss and come clean.” Contact, if any, to the Works Council. Ask your colleagues to the speech and him making it clear, that you will tolerate his behavior never longer. This requires courage and psychological skill, but even if you to not feel able, there is help.

Visit a NLP training for communication, quick wit and self-confidence. The most difficult situation, the problem is your boss. Fact is: you are not going to change the. You can find out so his behavior or you are looking for a new job. Most will probably opt for the first option. It is just easy to do nothing. A thing is certain: that is not a solution in the long term – it will break you. Not for nothing is the number of sickness in companies due to psychological causes rising sharply. The alternative: Learn the Dealing with difficult people. Treat to a coaching, to meet new prospects and perspectives. Since 2004, the MINDMARKETING Training Institute corporate and private customers in the area of personal development. The company offers individual training around the communication. The measures tailored to each customer find in-house or at the MINDMARKETING Institute. Expert knowledge and the methods of hypnosis, NLP, TZI and management as well as professional trainers with many years of experience are the basis of high quality standards.