Education of the future and future of the education the subject education of the future is a subject that leaves in them confused, yes all Brazilian we; I have 21 years and incomplete average education, for personal reasons I did not finish my studies, but the years that I studied aprend part of that I am today and my knowledge on the world I am thankful the professors, some is clearly, because it has professor that pupil does not respect and wants the respect, there is difficult n? My thought on the education of the future is an education of better quality, of improvement in such a way of the pupil how much of the professor, I intend to finish my studies and to know more on our future. The future of the education depends on each one of us that we like to study, of each one of the parents who if worry about its children, leave who them in the school and need to go work pro; The future of the education is in the heart of each Brazilian and brasileirinhos, waits of truth that the brasileirinhos have an education of quality, of future life melhorno and that the future is not this shame that our Brazil is hojeno, that the future does not have children that in the place of it is in the school, they are in tobacco mouths and in bars fulling the face of cachaa and using drugs because for more frightful than either it is as soon as is Brazil today and it does not advance to hide Brazil in pretty postal cards not thus porue; Still nso I defined if it is irresponsibility of the parents or of the government, what I only know is that the education of the future cannot be as it is today, with small classrooms few chairs for much pupil. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David G. DeWalt and gain more knowledge.. Places in the interior exist mainly that seem to be forgotten, the population are illiterate, none does not have education and no type of attendance; It is this that we want for the education of the future? My reply it is not. I made this text to mainly show a little of my thoughts on the education in my Pernambuco that I love in such a way and I wait that the government, the parents deeply and professors, Brazilian us and brasileirinhos let us be joined to improve the future of ours so loved Brazil, that God in first place illuminates in them and protects so that let us can have an education future literally; Because comemos our life in the school and we finish in a market of work future to take care of of our lives until the end..

Higher Educational Institutions

Tests for Higher Mathematics Teaching The main purpose of higher mathematics at the university – to acquaint students with the fundamentals of mathematical tools (the tool of the future of the profession). Solution control work on higher mathematics needed to solve both theoretical and practical objectives: to inculcate the ability to independently find, explore educational, methodical literature on higher mathematics and its practical applications: to develop logical thinking, as well as raise the level of mathematical culture, develop skills in the mathematical description of research and applied issues, which will result in the ability to translate the problem on mathematical yazyk.Kontrolnye work for part-time students at the beginning metodichek contain guidance and control tasks by category: analytical geometry linear algebra Mathematical Analysis functions of complex variable theory field of numerical and functional series differential equations and mathematical physics probability theory and mathematical statistics before performing control work in higher mathematics the student must learn to see and control sections of the course work for tutorials (literature list of higher mathematics is at the end Manuals). It is also given to minimum initial conceptual information (it is enough to solve the problems at the grassroots level), are typical examples of decision-making problems in higher mathematics. If a student has difficulty in mastering theoretical or practical applications, it can get advice on the support site examinations. Control work in higher mathematics ("Tower", "Mata," TVIMS) should be put in separate notebooks. On cover notebooks student should write his name, initials and address, the cipher room control work, the name of discipline and an effective date of the university. Solving problems in higher mathematics should be presented in the same sequence, and in terms of (condition of the problem should be completely rewritten before its decision). After reviewing the control of the student must correct the errors noted and taken into account the recommendations Reviewer and advice. If the work is not credited, it is performed again and sent for review again. Applied examinations in higher mathematics are presented to student test or examination. References to prepare the solutions of the control of higher mathematics depends on the subject test (see website)

Education In Britain: Winchester College

One of the oldest schools that offer training in the UK, is a Winchester (Winchester College). This is a school with rich traditions and interesting history, which combines all the advantages of classical British education that the school made famous by Albion in the world. Today, Winchester offers training in the UK nearly 700 boys. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. Joint program of education here – saves school traditions established over centuries of its existence. Age of children enrolled here ranged from 13 to 18 years, and most of them resident on campus. Meanwhile, Winchester – the only one of the oldest schools in England (Founded in 1382), which has never changed its location. And now the boys are going here in the UK study, live and engage in buildings constructed in XIV, XVII, XX centuries.

Like any other prestigious British School, Winchester is proud of the academic achievements of its graduates and high quality education. But there are significant differences, principal among which is that Winchester has always sought to make training in the UK available to all gifted children. It is particularly well-developed system of scholarships and grants, and the selection committee arranges special tests to identify the most suitable candidates for their receipt. Despite the fact that training in the UK is largely standardized, and students in all schools pass the same exams at Winchester adopted its own test of knowledge of admission. It is more free and is designed to comprehensively assess the child's ability to make the right decision about his admission, and possibly even the granting of scholarships.

Preliminary lists are compiled based on interviews that applicants for a place in school are in the age of eleven. And while, in addition to interviews, and they take a written test, there is no "pass mark" here – the decisive factor is the overall impression, which produces the next schoolboy, his ability and potential. But that's not all. Before you begin training in the UK will need to confirm their place in a formal entrance examination. It can not all, but on the other hand, those children who are on the interview results were only in the waiting list can expect to occur if a brilliant stand this test.

Education Children

Cuckoo – a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. Often referred to colloquially as the women who left their children in the care of relatives, friends, or simply abandoned. The majority believes that there have been so just come from socially disadvantaged, marginalized groups, who themselves did not grow in normal conditions. But meanwhile, and in a quite affluent families appear cuckoo. For a long time in our society believe that life orphaned children in a public institution – it is normal that they get everything necessary for life. But is this true? In our time, material and technical base of children’s homes is poor. FASEB Journal: the source for more info. In addressing this global problems require effective measures We are able to do all that orphans have grown full-fledged members of society, and the tragedy – to remain without a family – would not impose any impact on their future life.

That they do not fall into prisons, and prostitution (and according to statistics, more than 50% of former orphans can not find a place in life and get it there) so they are not angry with the adult world and become at least for a little bit happier and more carefree. In 1990, Russia had 564 children’s homes, and in 2004 their number has nearly tripled and reached 1,4 thousand. 2 In early 2007, in Russia there were 748,000 orphans (2.8% of the total children population (26.5 million). From including: adoptions -153,000’s care – 384 000 Reception and foster families – 37,000 in child care – 174 000 1. The sum of the consolidated budget for the development of family forms in 2007 amounted to 21.4 billion rubles (856 million dollars), including: the federal budget – 6.2 billion rubles (248 million dollars) from the Russian Federation – 15,2 billion rubles (608 million U.S. dollars) 2 According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, only 10% of graduates of Russian state orphanages and boarding schools adapting to life, 40% commit crimes, more than 40% of graduates become alcoholics and drug addicts, 10% commit suicide. 3 4 Every year, from orphanages Russia produced 26,000 students. According to Ministry of Education, over the past 15 years, 90,000 of them were not provided with accommodation laid by law.

5 The best care for children from orphanages – their family unit. However, it is not always possible, especially for children over 10 years. In Krasogorskom orphanage (Kamensk-Ural Sverdlovsk region). 35 children. I met with them two years ago. Children have become less ill, better .Pomogaem make annual repairs. In 2008, two children went to the Great Ustyug to Santa Morozu.V our children’s lady is beautiful, clean, cozy, but children need parents! You’re defending the country, so that your children live!