Education of the future and future of the education the subject education of the future is a subject that leaves in them confused, yes all Brazilian we; I have 21 years and incomplete average education, for personal reasons I did not finish my studies, but the years that I studied aprend part of that I am today and my knowledge on the world I am thankful the professors, some is clearly, because it has professor that pupil does not respect and wants the respect, there is difficult n? My thought on the education of the future is an education of better quality, of improvement in such a way of the pupil how much of the professor, I intend to finish my studies and to know more on our future. The future of the education depends on each one of us that we like to study, of each one of the parents who if worry about its children, leave who them in the school and need to go work pro; The future of the education is in the heart of each Brazilian and brasileirinhos, waits of truth that the brasileirinhos have an education of quality, of future life melhorno and that the future is not this shame that our Brazil is hojeno, that the future does not have children that in the place of it is in the school, they are in tobacco mouths and in bars fulling the face of cachaa and using drugs because for more frightful than either it is as soon as is Brazil today and it does not advance to hide Brazil in pretty postal cards not thus porue; Still nso I defined if it is irresponsibility of the parents or of the government, what I only know is that the education of the future cannot be as it is today, with small classrooms few chairs for much pupil. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David G. DeWalt and gain more knowledge.. Places in the interior exist mainly that seem to be forgotten, the population are illiterate, none does not have education and no type of attendance; It is this that we want for the education of the future? My reply it is not. I made this text to mainly show a little of my thoughts on the education in my Pernambuco that I love in such a way and I wait that the government, the parents deeply and professors, Brazilian us and brasileirinhos let us be joined to improve the future of ours so loved Brazil, that God in first place illuminates in them and protects so that let us can have an education future literally; Because comemos our life in the school and we finish in a market of work future to take care of of our lives until the end..