Geriatric Exercise

Course in Public Health 2007/SIND-SADE/MG/NCLEO BETIM. Course of Homeopatia? 2009/Vestibule of the Education? Brazilian association of Education in the distance – ABED. After Graduanda in Public Health and the 2011/Education 2009 University Jose Of the Vellano-UNIFENAS Rosary, Campus of Belo Horizonte. Graduanda in Social Service 2008 2011/University Center Interactive COC/UNISEB. SUMMARY the aged population comes increasing considerably, what she attributes yourself to a bigger life expectancy, so that these people have a good quality of life, the practical one of physical activity is of utmost importance as half of prevention and promotion of the health through its innumerable benefits. The present article has for general objective to extend the knowledge on the effect of practical of physical exercises and the physical aptitude of the aged associate to the health. as objective specific: to know as the physical activity can intervene with the quality of life of these individuals; to identify the alterations in the health of the aged ones that they practise physical activity; to raise the level of cohecimentos on the subject. More scientific evidences exist each time pointing the beneficial effect of an active style of life in the maintenance of the functional capacity and the physical autonomy during the aging process. It is essential in the current days, that speak in practical of physical activities for the development and the maintenance of the health of this population, many of the times, forgotten for the effective system..

New York University

Two for the price of one! I believe that it is the exact phrase that could be described in a study that revealed that exercise improves both physical health also benefits in enormous proportions to the memory. Do you want to know what? Read this article to the end and find out for yourself: researchers from the University of Illinois found that exercise mainly cardiovascular practiced for a consistent period of time, significantly reduces the amount of brain tissue that is lost during the passage of time. In a test carried out to people between 40-55 years they showed that people who were physically active were much more active and less damaged brain that those who remained sedentary. Under most conditions NYU School of Medicine would agree. Steps could follow? According to these studies with only enhance exercise 30 minutes a day could serve to develop the memory! Thus it is memorization exercises not only perform certain techniques or formulas, but also the State physical is a very important pillar to the brain to extraordinary levels. That is not all recently at New York University, has discovered that losing weight could improve memory function. How so? Because the weight loss improvement way that regulates glucose and it has been shown that regulation of this substance optimal it relates directly to the improvement of memory.

People with a poor regulation of glucose have smaller hippocampus, which is the part of the brain that is related to memory.Now that you know this that could be done? The exercise for me was a bit boring so my personal way of doing implements it, you could do the same: this is my very personal recommendation, since you can perform any exercise you want. The important thing is to take action. Dance! to my I love dancing and according to experts the dance is practiced regularly helps to decrease the occurrence of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. By What? In a study published in the journal New England Journal mentions that in addition to a great physical activity dancing also needs a great mental effort among people studied for this study found that danced regularly showed a probability of developing dementia 76% lower than those who not practiced it. Amazing! So I invite you to take action, practice the exercise you want, have fun in the process.

CEPLAC Production

Chemical composition: it presents between 8-16%PB in MS and DIVMS 65-70%. Tolerance: It presents a tolerance dries greater of what the colonio, in function of a system to radicular deep, resists more to the attacks of cigarrinha and plagues of what the colonio, however produces little amount of seeds. Plantation: more frequent it is made using seeds. Winning Capim – Panicum maximum – cv. Winning Origin: Africa. Introduced, evaluated and launched for the CLOSED EMBRAPA.

2 Forragicultura and Pastures – IFMG/Bambu Campus – Characteristic Notes of Lesson: It is a plant of lesser transport of what colonio. It presents finer leves and colmos with a less bluish coloration. Requirement: lesser requirement in fertility of what the colonio and the cv. tobiat, tolerates levels raised in acidity of the ground and levels of Al, indicated for the culture in ground with medium fertility, demand superior precipitation 700 mm, tolerant it dries and to the cold. Productivity: inferior production compared with other Panicum, the fine colmos are its main advantage, characteristic that allows a bigger exploitation of the plant for the animal. Chemical composition: average of 12% PB/MS, can reach a production of 90 sementes/ha/ano kg.

Indications: more recommended for pastures, for bovine species, equine and ovinos. Plantation: more common for seeds. Capim Tanznia – Panicum maximum – cv. Tanznia Origin: Tanznia – Africa. Evaluated and launched in 1990 in a partnership of institutions EMBRAPA' s ACRE, CLOSED and Eastern Amaznia, EPAMIG and CEPLAC. Characteristics: the plants are well similar to the colonio, however, they present greater finer amount of leves and colmos, the inflorescncia presents pigmentao made blue in espiguetas, and the central axle or (raquis) has green coloration, the average height of the plant is of 1,30 m. Requirement: It is similar to the colonio and to tobiat, in ground fertility, it demands superior annual precipitation 750 mm and better presents distribution of the production throughout the year, tolerant dries, however, does not tolerate the encharcamento.

Worldwide Economy Arrived

In 2000 I read a called book ' ' BLUR – The Speed of the Change in Integrada&#039 Economy; ' , as to live and to win in this new reality of Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer, publishing company Campus. This book speaks in the premises of the new economy, speed, intangibilidade and conectividade, that is, the things in the integrated economy, the inexorable globalization, have as pillars the speed in the changes, the interconnection in net, for nets and Internet and the intangibilidade. The book counts tickets where the authors defend its thesis, I agreed fully as I find that of 2000 until here, these pillars alone if had fortified, vide the crisis who we live at the moment. Without saying that the book has deep academic basement, the teses are being confirmed for me during all this time. I am certain, researchers already must be working academically in these teses and will be confirmed.

With the same subject, I go to infer that the current crisis, seems cooled now the coordinate and competent of the European governments, American performance and of the emergent ones. The recovery, will be fast for return of the businesses and normality. The premise speed will act as a force of the modern and integrated economy. The economic hemorrhage, caused in part, as already said here, for the addition of the greed with the deregulation in excess and the creativity of the financial market, inside of the environment of world-wide prosperity is with the counted days. The credit (reason of the crisis for some) will be more selective and everything will come back to the normal one in few months, the new blood of the next American president will help, either who will be. Opposing critical of the market economy that they insist on revision of concepts of the pure capitalism, the interventions of governments had always been necessary, learned in the crisis of 29 and others. .