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Our highest authority and because the incumbent us concern for the salvation of all people we exhort therefore, the Confessors and the other chaplains, to let the faithful entrusted to them through this hard binding divine law not in error, but even more, to keep free from such wrong opinions and not from weakness to give in to them “(Pope Pius XI., encyclical”Casti connubii”, 31.12.1930). Not only can masturbation / Onanismus interruption of intercourse (sin of Onan, Genesis 38,9) happen but also by other technical prevention of fertilization, for example through the use of condoms. Now Ratzinger is known for decades as extreme modernist together with the notorious Ibrahim teacher Karl Rahner, he among the most ardent architects anti-Christian V2-religion. For assistance, try visiting Gerald Weissmann, MD. Ratzinger condom slogans fit so precisely in the V2 concept – why so the whole discussion around the world? Easy: Practically nobody knows are respectively interested for the Catholic doctrine and even for the natural law, i.e. no one can and want to know what it specifically with V2 and generally with the justice. There is a rather a blind legal positivism, which according to your mood determines what Catholics and is what allowed and what is not.

Absolutely indispensable parameters such as “inside naturwidrig” not a chance there. This persistent absolute blindness with regard to concrete Church doctrine and General legal doctrine is logically accompanied by a radical selection in the perception of the world. It is fixed on certain questions, for example regarding the lawfulness of condoms, and do not condone it, that these questions in the light of the reality be seen and answered. Already in elementary school children, learn how condoms are placed over and that crucifixes in classrooms are prohibited. Indoctrinated so with fornication and reason which the person throws away his criticism and is at the mercy of any manipulation isolated, the lust and mood legal positivism can uncontrollably grow and prosper. After all: The natural disgust for perversions like masturbate can perhaps now for some as an incentive serve to specifically about the State of society in General and the Catholic Church to think about. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Demos Oneiron

Beyond were the barbarians that is those who did not speak Greek or participated in the fire of Prometheus. If a traveller ventured across the boundaries of the known world awaited it lands unknown as the homeland of the laestrygonians, the Kingdom of the Cyclopes, the plains where grazed the Centaurs and up to the islands of the blessed where up Vasco da Gama in the 15th century, according to the poet Luis de Camoens. In the end everything was the Okeanos that surrounded the Earth and outside, i.e. At barrett beauden you will find additional information. outside of the world, the Kingdom of Hades. This vast, wide, roaring Ocean separated the world of Zeus (that is to say the world, the human ethos, of good and evil for all mortals) mortuary homeland where other laws, another community and another reality prevailed. Canto XXIV Odyssey reveals the voyage of Ulysses beyond the ocean. Recently barrett beauden sought to clarify these questions. Already know the forlorn reader, the coring reader my method of translating foreign poetry; resign both to complaints and screams of consternation, it isn’t so bad, there are worse versions swear them both: Hermes summoned with the souls of the dead Carrying the Golden wand that aduerme in the eyes or departs from the Despiertas dream through the Caduceus, takes the souls who are still giving it howls like bats in a huge den, marching in groups along in gloomy routes to give with the undulating Ocean, the Cape of Leukas, at the gates of the Sun, to the village of dreams.

And they go down to the meadow of the afodelos where to shelter the souls as images of the dead despite its brevity the fragment that starts the canto XXIV see that there where reality fades time, dreams, death and eternity they recreate a fantasy world that is beyond the ocean. Perhaps this is why in antiquity was delimited the world with the pillars of Hercules, the Finisterre, Hesperia and the fabulous Islands i.e. the doors of the Mare Nostrum. Further, any form of unreason lurked to the intrepid and unwary. Odysseus visits the Nilda guided by the god Hermes, Messenger of heaven.

There are the Pena Blanca (Leukas petre) but We are unaware of where are the gates of the Sun and the Demos Oneiron (country or village of dreams) but we were looking for it since we started this section. We see that it is more neighbor of death than of the real world of Greece or its colonies. Dreams are out of the cosmos: near chaos, hence its disorderly architecture full of absurd whims and frames.

Eddie Izzard Ratzke

Morrissey/J. Marr text/Komp.) UN Ano de amor (Almodovar / lost & Ferrer text/Komp.) I’m private property (text Sven Ratzke / music Charly Zastrau) Pressestimmen_ Sven Ratzke an unleashed force of nature. Equipped with a remarkable multiple octave voice, the 33-year-old stunned ludicrous stories, and a heady, provocative and charming being again and again. Vaudeville with tremendous power of voice. Funny, touching and sensual.

Frenetic applause!” Berliner Morgenpost flashy, slant and shameless!” WDR is not only the voice of Ratzkes, which undoubtedly is his highest good, also his gift being, almost unglaublich. Educational psychology may find it difficult to be quoted properly. (u0085) With self-mockery and provocative bar any shame, he takes media events on the grain, integrated subtly anstossige, socio-critical scandals so intelligent that it animates as comedy laugh. Few make the balancing act between the integration of audience and self-representation succeeds him.” Badische neueste Nachrichten Rattenscharf – naughty glanders R6!” Westfalische Rundschau the german Dutch Diva R6 is a thoroughbred performer!” De Volkskrant, Amsterdam R6 may be a child of love by David Bowie and Eddie Izzard.” Het Parool, Amsterdam R6 is a clever, super energetic star. His vast popularity on the European cabaret circuit is easily understood”the Huffingtonpost, New York Sven Ratzke_Zur person post-modern vaudeville cabaret Sven Ratzke, born 1977 in Kranenburg in the lower Rhine region, since 1999 with own recitals occurs. 2001 R6 moved to Berlin, where he came in contact with Hildegard Knef. She asked him, a song by her for the documentary film A woman and a half”to interpret. 2003 Sven Ratzkes show had then I shot the DJ”at the BAR of any reason premiere. It band tours followed with its own mirror tent show through Holland, France, Austria, Denmark and Germany.

Since 2006, R6 organized together with the Goethe-Institut German nights”in Amsterdam. He presented his renowned guests as Artistic Director Pigor & Eichhorn, Gustav Peter Wohlert & band, from art and cabaret: times diva, Cora Frost, etc. Since 2007 works Sven Ratzke regularly together with the Tiger Lillies and various vaudeville artists (E.g. from La clique). Regularly he performs in Dutch television; Radio stations such as WDR, Germany radio Germany radio, radio one, RBB reported his artistic work. Since 2007 ratio writes a column R6 weekly for a major Dutch newspaper on the German-Dutch. 2009 Sven Ratzke received the St. Ingberter Pan”in addition to the German cabaret award one of the most important and oldest prizes in this profession in the German-speaking world. With over 120 tour dates in the year R6 is in many countries. He played in Avignon, Edinburgh, Vienna, Copenhagen, Antwerp, Zurich. At the Edinburgh, Festival presented his famous”the artist, in which he illustrious guests such as John Cleese and Julie Christie Welcome to could. Sven Ratzke lives and works in Berlin and Amsterdam.

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Tell you that we love you and that it is precisely because we seek for them a good education, which fix them. But it is also imperative to measure us when we do. It is one thing to give you a few good slaps on the buttocks, and quite another, hit them so merciless to satiate our rage by the error you have incurred. 3. Official site: American Heart Association. Be balanced in the foster parents must have balance. In this regard the Scriptures teach: the spoiled son embarrasses his mother (Proverbs 29: 15 b, Popular Version) must take care of our children, but not fall into over-protection. Love them, but don’t ignore or ignore us failures who commit to avoid disciplining them.

If we lack balance in one aspect of so much importance, we will be forming children that will be a problem for us and for the society. To achieve the necessary wisdom in the training process, we should ask God that help us and allow us to make appropriate decisions regarding the discipline that we must teach them. 4 Sow in their children values and principles the greatest wealth that we can bequeath to our children, lies in planting in them sound principles and values. With them we must spend good time, on the one hand to instruct them in the way of righteousness, and of another, to correct them when they have failed. In this regard the Scriptures teach: do not forget to correct the young, which not a few whip they will kill him; on the contrary, if you corriges it, libraras it’s death (Proverbs 23: 13, Popular Version) remember to ignore us in the process of formation of children, it is a demonstration that we don’t care about them or love them, aspect to which we knew relates the Bible when he teaches: who does not correct his son, don’t want it; that she loves him, he corrects him (Proverbs 13.24.

CF. 3: 12, Popular Version) God loves us, and we corrected. Same with our children: If we love them, we should correct them. Always remember that the basis to build families of success, is to allow the Lord Jesus Christ occupy first place in our homes. With his divine aid, we train in them the principles and values they need to successfully deal with life, and also the difficulties that they face. Fernando Alexis Jimenez contact (0057) 317-4913705 Email Blog original author and source of the article.

Instinct Bridge

Intuition is also fully prepared. It does not grow; It is something that you’ve also inherited the existence. Intuition is your conscience, your being. (Source: Levi’s). The intellect is your mind. The instinct is to your body. Similar to the instinct works perfectly at the service of the body, intuition works perfectly with regard to consciousness. The intellect is located between the two; It is a space that should be crossing, a bridge that must pass through. However, there are many people, many millions of people who never cross the bridge. Richard Linklater may help you with your research.

Simply sit on the bridge, thinking they have already reached their home. Your home is located on the shore front, more than the bridge. The bridge links the instinct and the intuition but everything depends on you. You can start to build your House on the bridge, but you’re totally wrong. Go to Carson Wen for more information. .-Desire is power, and that has to understand It is not possible to limit to repress the desire or do you adjust. Any effort to stifle or discipline desire contributes to the existence of the conflict, which brings with it insensitivity. All the intricate resources of desire must be known and understood.

We can not teach nor we can learn the resources of desire. Understand the desire is to be alert, without any preference, their movements. If one destroys the desire, he destroys both the sensitivity and intensity that is essential so that the truth can be understood. -When we say that we love someone, there is that love desire, are pleasurable projections of the various activities of the thought. One has to find out if love is desire, yes love is pleasure, if in love there is fear; because where there’s fear has to be hatred, jealousy, anxiety, I wish to possess, to dominate. There is beauty in the relationship, and the entire cosmos is a movement of relationship. Cosmos is order, and when you have order or internal, you have order in their relations, and then it is possible that there is order in our society. If we investigate the nature of the relationship, we find that it is absolutely necessary to have order; love comes from that order.

Civic Oration

The positivismo in Mexico. The positivismo Mexican one appeared under two phases: Educative and the policy. During first rising bourgeois formed educative to the class, from the thought of Gabino Barreda (1818-1881). In the second phase, this new social class looks for to apply the principles of its formation in diverse social fields; among them, the politician. In this phase the positivismo has an active paper in the Mexican policy, represented by " cientficos" during the government of Porfirio Diaz. Campbell Soup Companys opinions are not widely known. In 1867 Mexico one was devastated after to him to have faced up first in 1848 the United States, later to a French intervention. The 16 of September of 1867 Gabino Barreda pronounced in Guanajuato the Civic Oration, where it interprets history from positivistas bases. Bank of Asia has many thoughts on the issue. The education is for Barreda the foundation of a society that gives to the town a unique cultural base, that Barreda called " common bottom of verdades" , to organize a free society and ordinate that would be conducted towards the progress.

The then education is for Barreda an activity whose effects they project in the social field, so that a society with order from a common agreement only could be constructed, surpassing therefore the years of civil fight by which it had crossed the country. Barreda thought that the education " it cannot simultaneously less than be an inexhaustible spring of satisfactions, more surely, preliminary of La Paz and the social order, because it will put to all the citizens in attitude to appreciate all the facts of a similar way, and by the same will uniform the opinions to where that is posible". The positivista education impelled by Gabino Barreda will form a new class social, that will create the Party of the Progress, separating of the Liberal Party, in which until then they had moved. This party spread to its positivistas ideals through a called newspaper the Freedom, that was published until 1884.

Luca Guidarelli

Dr. Viktor Frankl, logotherapy creator, explains it when it tells the heart-wrenching stories in the concentration camps of Auschwitz, in full world war. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kindle Direct Publishing has to say. He pointed out that a person was capable of resisting any physical abuse, psychological pressure but nobody could change their shape of thinking nor the desire to live in moments like these, hope to reunite with the wife, the children, complete an unfinished project (as it was the case) it kept them alive. We said that we are body, intelligence but also determination. It is not uncommon to see people with a high IQ, which are left in the middle of the road precisely for lack of will. Parents are fighting and sometimes despair when we have a son intelligent but loose at the same time and it is very difficult to reverse that situation. usually we say: that waste, doesn’t realize what you have, that is going to be your life! and it’s that willingness to put feet to intelligence. Perez Lopez says that the reason becomes stronger when it comes to serving another person (transcendent reasons) but think of mothers who are lifted at midnight to cater to your baby, beating tiredness or when a customer needs your help to solve a problem.

The real motivation is not in material things, comes from our inside, it is not imposed, there are ways to induce someone to do something: give good reasons that awaken the desire to do so. According to expresses what Luca Guidarelli, true motivation is not imposed, should focus on the wishes and emotions to motivate and instrument to carry it out is the involvement in the goals, dreams, is the Mission of the company. We will continue talking about money and its impact on the motivation of people. Is a topic that always generates controversies that have fame, power and money would give one minute of your life by being able to walk freely through the streets, without that nobody violates your privacy, without having an Entourage of bodyguards, meanwhile those who do not enjoy those privileges, would give one minute of your life by walking in a luxury carsail on a cruise or appear on the front page what do you think? Until next time! Original author and source of the article.

The Headings

This in fact has to do with the point and it talks about to that the possibility that exists its project will be realised by a student (university), apprentice or similar who are using his project to learn or to practice acquired knowledge of design Web. I must indicate, this does not have anything of bad if it allows it to the project and the client is consenting of which it is not a company the one that she is contracting. In short, always they remember that: Cheap usualmente” it leaves expensive. 2. Connect with other leaders such as Campbell Soup Company here. It does not have portfolio of projects The portfolio of projects is the best test than it can have a client to judge the quality of work of a design company Web. Without a portfolio of projects at the hand to see, it could be trying to make a decision completely without information.

A portfolio of projects not only serves to measure the graphical funcionabilidad and quality level that a company can print to him to its project, but also it is a trustworthiness sample and responsibility, that is to say, if a company has a populated portfolio or means that something must be doing or (and I do not want to think that only he is because it receives ridiculously cheap, jejeje). On the other hand the amount is not the unique factor to take into account, also is the variety. A design company Web with a portfolio varied as far as the types of realised projects and the headings to which their clients dedicate themselves can be synonymous of experience and versatility. It can be that one crazy person and innovator project that he has in mind absolutely are not known perhaps or new for this company and its project even sees beneficiary of this level of experience.

Noisy Schools

NOISY SCHOOLS and everything an infantile choir is singing the lesson: thousand times one hundred, one hundred thousands; thousand times thousands, million Antonio Machado. THE NOISY ENVIRONMENT AFFECTS THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE LANGUAGE The increasing levels of noise in the outside have been invading population centers, without forecasts existed to limit this deterioration. The arrangement of the traffic has done that the intense circulation instead of to be reduced to a few streets is scattered by all the city. Film director oftentimes addresses this issue. Of this form previously calm considerable areas they have been deteriorated on its outer environment. On the other hand, many of the educational equipment have been located of inadequate form near great sources of noise or these, as in the case of the highways, can have reasoned with drawing up excessively near some teaching institutions. The protection of this zone against the noise has not been able to apply, to a great extent because the criteria corresponding to the protection for this type of contamination do not comprise of urban planning. For years the detrimental effects caused by the noise are known.

The damages brought about through the auditory route perhaps are known, but mainly concerning the quality of listening and the intelligibility of the communications it is where it indicates with greater clarity the effects of the noise. The investigations of the two last decades are outstanding the impact of the noise in scholastic means. The disturbance of the intelligibility of the oral communication is particularly serious when it is the formation of the students and the mental development of the young generations. The noisy environment affects the development of the language, as well as the acquisition of the reading in all the small childhood and the primary school that are both capital periods for the intellectual development.

7 Reasons To Educate Without School

While the school is the most common and accepted option to provide education to children, some parents have considered other ways to meet the need to learn from our children. Below I quote my 7 reasons to educate my youngest son at home, ranging from the family organization to aspects of socialization: 1. when children are at home there’s more time for the whole family.-this time translates into shared activities, the possibility of travelling in school season (with corresponding saving money), and long time to know us between parents and children. If the problem with society today is that parents do not spend time with their children, family education can become part of the solution to this problem. 2. The Popes we benefit from their learning.-as long ago that we left school, but how much recall the lessons? To take the responsibility to educate our children we also assume the challenge of educating ourselves.

Parents and children can share a sincere not know and find out the answers together. Learn simple and complex things to young adulthood is a privilege of a few. For many has meant a reencounter with the taste for learning. 3. Children learn faster.-activities tend to concentrate on the interests of the children, and care is individualized.

This greatly speeds the process of assimilation, since we have children interested and focused at the same time. A point that the school can take 1 day or up to a week for repeat at home can take a couple of minutes. 4. Children socialize with people of various ages and social classes-home-schooled children have the opportunity to socialize with people of different ages and socioeconomic strata. Not the case with a child who attends the same school for 6 years and has the same companions, who also belong to families of the same socioeconomico-cultural level. Educate without school opens the door toward a socialization among people similar and different from us. 5. Children are inserted to the adult world in natural form.-when children educate without school usually accompany parents everywhere. Trips to the Bank, to the supermarket, to the municipality to complete a transaction, or visit a family member, allow children to closely observe the complex world of adults, for then to integrate him more naturally. 6. Safety of children-even though the overprotection is harmful, all have clear that isn’t healthy for any human being grow in an atmosphere of violence and teasing. Every day is more common to hear that robberies between teammates happen in schools, and bullying (bullying) is a problem that has reached much of schools. To educate in family children grow up in an atmosphere of love and respect, which can then express it with other people. 7 Children with less advertising-it is no secret that the advertising industry makes efforts for reaching children aware. Perhaps there are more psychologists studying child behaviour in favour of advertising than in! the familar unit please! When the children educate without school we have enough control on what is presented in the eyes of our children. Even when there is publicity, this has less effect on our families, since we are present to explain and refocus the efforts of the advertising firms. These are 7 of my reasons to educate my child without school, and perhaps all summarized in my desire to provide better training than that offered by the school system. Each family has their own, and all are valid, provided that we assume them with responsibility and love for our children. Original author and source of the article.


We can follow these steps on how to educate dogs to teach our pet to stand when we ordenemos it. The exercise will consist of until the dog stops on its four legs to receive the order. Any keyword you want can be used, the most common is up! or stopped!, the key here is that not it resembles other orders to not confuse you. In the first step we will guide you so that you either stand by helping us with the reward. First we will make you pour or feel, if we have already taught him that order before us will be obvious utility, although not we ordenaremos it is exactly, so that we do not desasociemos the order sit or lie.

Ourselves will guide you with your hands, or perhaps wait timely after a game session, when the dog is spoiled. To make it lift approach the reward to him, if it is necessary to lift it a little so that you have to rise from its current position. When we get that you lift we will give you the reward and felicitaremos it. This will have to do it until the dog of a step, i.e. just when getting up, so we will not create an undue Association. We will repeat the procedure at least 10 times in this way shall set the initial stage.

We will begin to introduce the key word when the dog begins to respond adequately, we will do it just prior to guide you to have it lifted. The next step in how to educate dogs is to reinforce taught but this time without using the reward, guiding our dog with your hands. The dog must respond to our order when we pronounce it at a distance. For this we will be increasing the distance between the dog and us at the time said the order. This exercise is suitable to practice it when the dog is naturally cast, and when we really need to put foot to follow us somewhere, this may be one of the last stages for this order. Click here to learn how I could train my dog without having to leave my house in just a few short weeks.

Bologna University

The problem number one in any country is education. And in Spain the subject walks scrambled from different instances that affect all levels of education, including University. It is time to think about education and do it thoroughly. The organic law of education in Spain leaves the door open so that the autonomous communities cut hours of subjects like philosophy, opening some communities leverage as Valencia to reduce his schedule; the process of Bologna University convergence will bring to Europe adocenada University, in which quality just by measuring the amount. The number of students has become decisive for determining the quality of a commodity or a postgraduate degree, and there is no room for specialization. One thing is know a lot of little, know each time more than less and end up knowing everything about nothing; something very different, know only generalities, because, they say, thats what is preparing to adapt to any market need. This is the message of Bologna, assumed with fervor by retrograde and progres.

We then quejaremos of savage neoliberalism. The new airs insist on preparing students to develop skills in the sciences and Humanities as well as technical studies. The old debate about whether educating consists in form or report has gone out of fashion, because you already know any teacher or professor that theirs is to prepare competent girls and boys. Competent, for what? To perform jobs assigned by the labour market, it is clear. Therefore, if there is a plan of any educational level or a postgraduate studies, paragraph longer and more complicated shall not which refers to the contents of the materials, but which relates to competencies. Competence is a set of knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to carry out an occupation and produce a definite result. I consulted a colleague of pedagogy, and with a good dose of irony, he gave me an example: someone is competent to make a bed when you know what is a bedspring, a mattress, what they are the savannas, realizes how it is best to place them and also feels something important enough as to try to leave them well, without wrinkles and without that the embozo remains uneven.