The great leader is not the distinctive 0 variable that forms a visionary company. A great idea also not. The majority of the actions of leadership does not occur in the top, but yes in the average steps of the organizations. The biggest patrimony of an organization of lasting success is its human capital and one of them pillars of its sustentation are to possess efficient instruments to enable this resource, without imposition of solutions, but taking care of to its main characteristics and strong points. The creative leaders of visionary companies have as objective main to raise the organization, to define its traces, its ideology, its values central offices, the basic reason for the existence of the company or its target.

From then on, its anchor is to search the progress through the innovation and of the renewal and to preserve its nucleus, its objective, when lining up any change with the central ideology. A visionary company is long-distance of the myth of the change, preserves its basic ideology, its basic essential and objective values of radical and ethical form, changing them rare. The essential values of the visionary company form a solid base as rock and trends and modismos of the time do not float in accordance with. Already practical cultural and the operational ones, goals specific strategies if adaptam and move uninterruptedly in accord with the world in transformation. It is the magical combination between preserving the nucleus, stimulating the progress and to get the excellency, with the management delivers to the called leaders ' ' level 5' '. Leader level 5 mentions a hierarchy to it of abilities of the executives in five levels, of which the last one represents the top, the apex of professional success.

All the companies of lasting success called ' ' made for vencer' ' they had had a leadership of level 5 in the command and the position-key during the critical years of its transistion of good companies for excellent. The leaders level 5 are the ones that possess paradoxical characteristics of humildade and firm professional will. They are ambitious does not stop proper advantage, but for the construction of a company who cousin for the learning and continuous results. They show modstia and retraction, they divide the success with the team, formed for people whom they know why they are in that boat and which its direction. They attribute the success to the luck and to its personal largeness, they do not assume total responsibility for the errors, they prepare the successors for the success and defend with faith and fervor what they make. The faith is a light that human being allows to the ocular sensitividade to understand the transcendental dimension of that science selects. Science evolves by means of empirical, experimental, measurable data, while the faith is one dom of intelligence, the belief in disclosed truths. The sustainable visionary organization is repleta of leaderships directed to the daily battle of the continuous learning. It believes and it uses repeats frequently the main scientific and technological advances. Organizations that develop the culture of believing and to practise ethical and innovative rules, have more sustainable and longevos cycles of life.

CEPLAC Production

Chemical composition: it presents between 8-16%PB in MS and DIVMS 65-70%. Tolerance: It presents a tolerance dries greater of what the colonio, in function of a system to radicular deep, resists more to the attacks of cigarrinha and plagues of what the colonio, however produces little amount of seeds. Plantation: more frequent it is made using seeds. Winning Capim – Panicum maximum – cv. Winning Origin: Africa. Introduced, evaluated and launched for the CLOSED EMBRAPA.

2 Forragicultura and Pastures – IFMG/Bambu Campus – Characteristic Notes of Lesson: It is a plant of lesser transport of what colonio. It presents finer leves and colmos with a less bluish coloration. Requirement: lesser requirement in fertility of what the colonio and the cv. tobiat, tolerates levels raised in acidity of the ground and levels of Al, indicated for the culture in ground with medium fertility, demand superior precipitation 700 mm, tolerant it dries and to the cold. Productivity: inferior production compared with other Panicum, the fine colmos are its main advantage, characteristic that allows a bigger exploitation of the plant for the animal. Chemical composition: average of 12% PB/MS, can reach a production of 90 sementes/ha/ano kg.

Indications: more recommended for pastures, for bovine species, equine and ovinos. Plantation: more common for seeds. Capim Tanznia – Panicum maximum – cv. Tanznia Origin: Tanznia – Africa. Evaluated and launched in 1990 in a partnership of institutions EMBRAPA' s ACRE, CLOSED and Eastern Amaznia, EPAMIG and CEPLAC. Characteristics: the plants are well similar to the colonio, however, they present greater finer amount of leves and colmos, the inflorescncia presents pigmentao made blue in espiguetas, and the central axle or (raquis) has green coloration, the average height of the plant is of 1,30 m. Requirement: It is similar to the colonio and to tobiat, in ground fertility, it demands superior annual precipitation 750 mm and better presents distribution of the production throughout the year, tolerant dries, however, does not tolerate the encharcamento.

Education Pedagogo

Word-key: Enterprise Pedagogo; productive intelligence and sustainable society. INTRODUCTION In face of the new times or world contemporary, we live a renewal in the education concept that goes beyond the walls of the schools, that is, it is in all the places, since our first days of life of the conviviality in the family until the insertion in the work market, being essence of the man, a social being, a partner-cultural being, and a being that learns and that it constructs to each moment its history. Learn more about this with Gerald Weissmann, MD. In a globalizado world the man has the possibility of to extend its horizontes, to interact and to construct new knowledge breaching barriers of time and space by means of advance technological, although that, also to perceive a moment of uncertainties in this globalizado world and the lack of meanings and intentions on the part of the man who initiates one I circulate vicious and alienator of wild consumption, that generates crises or conflicts, having the necessity to learn to learn in its relation of production. Necessities mediated and supplied perfectly for the Pedagogo that in its new Curricular Line of direction, it of the attribution knowledge and aptitudes for a pedagogical work reflective critic in not Pertaining to school areas in the promotion of the learning as in one all of the man. For more information see Gerald Weissmann, MD. Let us notice that articles and books directed to education learning of adults, limit the performance of the Pedagogo in the not pertaining to school institutions with allegations that this professional of the Education is only apt or she only possesss in its graduation exercise of the docncia in Infantile Education and the initial years of Ensino Basic. In the article 5 incorporation IV of Resolution CNE/CP n 1, of 15 of May of 2006 says that the egress of the course of Pedagogia will have to be apt: to work, in pertaining to school and not pertaining to school spaces, the promotion of the learning of citizens in different phases of the human development, in diverse levels and modalities of the educative process.


In IEP? s is common to come across with the interference of the personal taste and the distinct preferences of groups in the lined up marketing proposals, promoting a track of uncertainties and destruction. Thus being, the marketing lack of a sistmico thought on the marketing sector and strategies make impracticable the proper existence of the Sector in the institution, a time that the legitimacy lack generates inconsistency and entropy. 3 FINAL CONSIDERAES In this scene of great dinamicidade, where the IEP? s is inserted, has a permanent requirement of analysis, evaluation and sistmica adaptation. The change process is a requirement imposed for the market, that establishes the reasoning of that to follow the evolution of the demands is to keep the foot institution. The concept of open system is the determinative fact so that if it can change ' ' oxignio' ' with the surrounding macro and to guarantee the feedback. Gain insight and clarity with Richard Linklater.

The strategical management is a to be worked way so that if it obtains to keep the competitiveness of the school. The management located in the top of the necessary institution if to make responsible for the taking of decision of the strategical composition, without, however, to disrespect the emergent participation, originated since the base of the organizacional pyramid. Education is well different of product of packed consumption, of the tangible merchandise, it is resultant of a sistmica intangibilidade that involves devotion to the other, feelings, opinions, relationships, orientaes, vocations, values, demanding well more intellectual effort for the constitution of strategical formularizations. As strategical tool, the marketing of a IEP also needs to possess differentiated proposals in what it says respect to the composition of the offered product. This explains because the marketing in the education institutions is only one sketch, with narrow configuration, based in one of its disciplines: the communication. The definition of marketing as synonymous of propaganda she is archaic and it are of quarrel in this beginning of century.

Project Company

When in an assembly one of the item of the guideline it is security the joint owners twist the nose, imagining in how much the value dom condominium will go to increase; While the security guard condominium will be faced as cost and not as investment the occurrences go to continue to enrich the reporters, as we follow frequent. Many are the reasons for this wave of the calls attacks by teen street gang in condominiums and one of them is the implementation of devices of security without no criterion operational technician. Of Consultant of Security guard and Doctor everybody has a little, and it always has somebody that some company knows or has interest in participating of the commission that will go to also argue the subject that goes to stop in the assembly, and for the lack of necessary knowledge and with the concern in ‘ ‘ gastar’ ‘ less, a baseless quarrel occurs that finishes with the idea to convoke three or four companies of security to suggest what if it must make to improve the security of the condominium. The companies are chosen for the name or to put some indication, each one goes until condominium (aiming at to vender its products and services) presents a different suggestion; The condominiums to put not to know of the subject, in the doubt, finish choosing the company for the name or the lesser cost, a serious error, that can stop very expensive, therefore did not have a detailed study and specific on the situation of the condominium and what it are offered was through the method called achismo, that is, we go to place these equipment for prevention here, not having a work based in facts and necessary information.

A total subjective method and that in a well next future the presented system, more will not take care of the necessities of the condominium, that momentarily believed to be protecting. The development of a security project must be exclusive for each condominium and is of utmost importance, therefore through methodology based on operational techniques the consultant, for the development of the works, the place searchs information visiting, interviewing involved the direct one and in the process, analyzes the plants and too much procedures indirectly will allow that it to develop an analysis of risk for, after this work, to present the treatment most adequate, always aiming at to minimize and to control the existing risks. Film director: the source for more info. Advantages of the consultoria? The inexistence of bond of the Consultoria with no rendering company of services; The Manual development and implementation of Norms and Procedures; It finishes with ‘ ‘ achismo’ ‘ in security, acting with facts; It prevents unnecessary expenses, customizando the investments; It aims at to prevent action against the life and the patrimony; Superior performance of the team of Services; Increase of the security, aiming at to keep the tranquillity and the comfort of all; To the Administrator a competitive differential; Basement for future injunctions; The professional and adjusted Planning of the security; Therefore, we recommend before implanting a system of security in its condominium, searchs information with a specialized consultant of security, it is the professional able to present the solution most adequate for its necessity.