Advanced database structure so that all market participants can strengthen your online based business processes compared to the vehicle manufacturer’s o information systems in future, implement step-by-step essential elements of the so-called PHOENIX project TecDoc as of the coming year. Project initiated two years ago in the future among other things allows the daily deployment of data by the data suppliers. They drop their information into an online database, from the then Commerce and TecDoc daily can be updated catalogs. It is whether the data receiver, display the provided data ‘Just-in-Time’ in parts catalogs. There will be also the possibility to determine the parts needed detailed graphical representations.

For the acceptance of the catalog, but the quality of input data is crucial, says Zada. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD to learn more. We can make out only that, what the data suppliers give us”. To the requirements of the new PHOENIX structure to meet, the data format was changed. The entering via the newly developed product data management tool ‘PDM’ by the data suppliers in the future. In a live demonstration of Andreas Assmann, demonstrated the Director information management in TecDoc, the advantages of the new data maintenance tools.

Parallel to the roll-out of the PHOENIX project training for data suppliers held this January 2010 throughout Europe. Control the flood of data given of the enormous amount of data and complexity is an advanced database structure and a high level of user friendliness is necessary. With the new generation of TecDoc WEB CATALOGs 2.0, an important tool for the page is trading for. Learn more about this with NSW Department of Education. After all, the Cologne data professionals at 58 million article links and 1.2 million images must process today more than 400 gigabytes data – per quarter. Urgent appeal to Brussels, Cologne-based TecDoc informations System GmbH is regarded as one of the world’s leading providers of qualified product and catalog data for spare parts. The aim of the company is technical data of car spare parts in a single database to pool and wholesale of part of as well as workshops to provide.


Tonight, we are forced to express ourselves in a same language which we have agreed to call Spanish, IE that we use some form of talk and that we are referring to a certain opinion, i.e. to a true knowledge (in the wider sense of the term) the two are inseparably United (exactly as they are, in the case of the sign, the signifier and the meaning). I will begin by distinguishing these two terms for ease of analysis. In what concerns to speak, it is clear that there is no homogeneous but constitutes a heterogeneous set in three dimensions of our situation in the world, i.e. in the same moment in time, in space in half (in the sense of the term, well understood). At the time, it is evident that talk that we use today to express ourselves is not the same as the of Moliere, not even that of Montaigne, and even less that they used in the middle ages. And not even speaking of the Spanish in which tomorrow, express your sons. In space, on the other hand, one can note that our language is full of anglicisms, with have remarked previously, but also made loans to many languages such as English, Arabic, Italian for example, without even mentioning the latin and the Greek, baptized dead languages, but which, in us, remain alive: proof of this, the French no way derive without speaking Greek and latin (chevalEquestrian and hippique)! Socially, in the end, we see the difference between the French of an academic that is addressed to a lady’s world, greets her as well: my condolences, dear Madam, and the other ruffian who will greet her as well: old Hello!, or even between talking so he goes to the Barber and who says that he goes to the Barber, and so they would continue (examples not missing!).

Word Straight

When I told my companion and I spirituality she was presented as a total and direct experience of the universal love that establishes an internal order in our spirit and a sense of compassion, fraternity and peace toward all beings. Spirituality is the heart of education holistic that leads the educator to establish a love relationship with students. Sandara Park is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Was quite a challenge, providing the course of holistic education to COLEGIALAS 131, where teachers were eager to learn about the development of emotional intelligence. For example in this paragraph we kept a holistic dialogue, we apply a dynamics of integration, to learn about our academic training; at all times we seek to develop a compassionate attitude more than power; and knowing and recognizing through dialogue and the fundamental activity that it is attention the students agree that the human is the essential problem and from there can be spiritual beings through our dialogue with teachers assistants, remained a great interest when he is mentioned triple training that encompasses the wisdom that is straight opinion and straight purposeThe transformative effect on school and social groups we as educational leaders own and cause profound changes in the way irnos internalized, know which are our real needs, to begin to dilute the conflicts by changing our ideas and achieve true transformation. When touch the topic of ethics in the straight Word, straight behavior and the straight path.

We agree all the great importance that especially young people aware and practice universal values. Straight behavior by the respect for life, not to kill, not to do harm, be compassionate and charitable and develop the benevolence and love were the principal commented values. The triple training attention was another very important point. Explained as the straight effort straight attention and concentration straight are desirable in the educator; you live with the mind, with the mind he is dying.

Internet Archive

LurTech: LurTech provides production software and document and data conversion solutions accompanied by customized services and outstanding support. Service and other companies and organizations get the most out of all means of production with LurTech as a partner. LurTech’s solutions achieve the same level of automation and integration level in document processing, as other industries have done it successfully in their production. LurTech’s solutions are without tons of customizing and individual programming to implement and easy to manage. Frequently Gerald Weissmann, MD has said that publicly. DocYard is a production software for service that controls all work steps integration platform of production into configurable workflows, and centrally manageable. LurDocument PDF Compressor enterprise is a production-ready application to compression, conversion to multi-sector, character recognition (OCR), classification and form data extraction.

To LurTech’s reference customers include the service include (Bertelsmann) and Ratiodata, the German employees sickness fund (DAK), Hessische Landesbank Thuringen (Helaba), the Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg and more savings, the city of Stuttgart and numerous other cities and communities, Heinrich Bauer Verlag and the energy company Vattenfall, arvato RWE and E.ON. International reference customers are including Harvard University, the library of Congress, the Royal Library of the Netherlands, the Internet Archive, and the US air force. Richard Linklater takes a slightly different approach. Since its founding in 1995, LurTech is a leading provider of open and ISO standards-based document and image compression solutions. These include among others the successful PDF, PDF/A and JPEG2000 products. LurTech is actively working in different organisations, inter alia in the Working Group and standards”as well as the regional groups of the VOI Association organisational and information systems e. V.

In addition, LurTech is Initiator and a founding member of the PDF/A competence center of a globally active association with more than 110 members.


These indicators are in favor conditional of political and social factors. They measure the scientific productivity, that is the amount of publications produced by an author, country or institution during a period of certain time. The average production approximately stays constant around 2 publications by author. Also they measure the production index, that is the amount of authors responsible for 50% of the published works. This serves to classify to the authors in three levels according to its production. Also they measure the transitoriness index, that is the amount of authors responsible for a single work. Indicators of circulation They measure the presence of documents in the libraries and bibliographical data bases. They are in favor conditional of the specialization and the language of publications.

These indicators are used to see the distribution of the magazines and its cover in the data bases. The main indicators are: Number of circulating works: amount of works indizados in the data bases. Index of circulation: quotient of the number of circulating works and the totality of the works published by a magazine in a period of time. Index of circulating productivity: logarithm of the number of circulating works. Indicators of dispersion It is important to study the dispersion of the scientific information due to the great variability of these dispersions, since sometimes, the works are concentrated in a number very reduced of magazines, whereas in others, they disperse in a very high number. Some times the zone of maximum densidad agrees with specialized magazines, but frequently they agree with magazines of general character. Indicators of use of scientific Literature The information consumption is moderate through publication calculation and the analysis of references. The difference between the references and the appointments is that, in first, reference to published previously works is made and the appointments are received from later works.

Life Spiritual Without

Chegou the notice of a called village Mambukabe, that the Tuppin Ikins had attacked … Then Jeppipo Wasu (that it had to be able on me and maltreated very me) was for there, because they were its friends relatives and wanted to help them to make it new huts. Therefore he took all the friends of its village. (Staden, 1930 p 82) the relation of friendship above in distinguished situations appeared in complementary way establishing connection the different friends and relatives of malocas. In war cases, however, the organization prevailed of maloca where the son-in-laws had obedience to morubixaba. The importance ' ' econmica' ' of the habitation the production of nets for the women makes reference, the production of adornments and the most varied domestic tasks. The text of the related value of such activities measures on to the warlike character of tupinambs, at the same time where the women produce the essential for the practical subsistence and perpetuation of the religious ones, the men live in alert how much the warlike conflicts in the defense case, searching for the attacks the omens of the ancestral ones in the place of fetichism, transmitted for carabas. The Place of fetichism and the Life Spiritual Without a doubt the life spiritual of the local groups was on closely the warlike nature tupi, where the ritualstica of to the preparation for the war rescued mythical roots, of diverse variations being one of this exemplificada for Fujimoto (2007); come since the omens of carabas in way the cauinagens the example of the citation of Lry used for the author, who says respect to a dialogue between the French calvinista and ancio: It has much time, I do not know more how many moons, mair as you, and as you bearded dress and, came to this country and with the same words it looked for to persuade to obey us to it your God, however, as we hear of our ancestor, it had not believed.


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Both the reactions are exotrmicas, that is, a reaction where heat release occurs, this heat is set free, therefore it has fuel burning that provokes the Co2 formation, (carbon dioxide), this composition is one of the main contributors for the atmospheric pollution, but it will be that the gasoline and the alcohol are pollutant in same ratio? To answer this questioning she is necessary to know the Law of Lavoisier. Lavoisier affirmed that the mass before and after any reaction is always the same one. For having verified that this fact if invariably repeated in the nature, it concluded then that one was about a law, the Law of the Conservation of the Masses. For more information see this site: Stan Laurel. This statement if applies to all the chemical reactions and can be summarized by the phrase: In the nature nothing nothing is created is lost; everything is changedded, that is, the mass of the products is equal, the mass of the reagents Observes the burning of the alcohol and of the gasoline, it will be that the demonstrated equation above follows the law of Lavoisier? In the reagents we have the mass of the alcohol of 46 g reacting with 32g of oxygen what g of carbon dioxide and 18 totalize 78 g of mass of reagent already in the 44 products have water g what in them takes the 62 formation of product g.

So that an equation takes care of the law of Lavoisier first we cannot leave to always verify if the atom number of each element is the same on both sides of equation, that is, if it is balanced. To carry through the balancing, we have that to place a called number stoichiometric coefficient before the symbols. When the coefficient of an equation will be equal the 1 (one), is not necessary to write.


Our cultivated plants if had originated mainly for three general methods. First some had been selected directly of wild species, but, under the care of the Man, they had evolved ' tipos' that they differed completely from its ancestral Sylvesters; as example of this group the tomatoe, the barley and the rice can be cited. See Sandara Park for more details and insights. Second, others had originated for hibridao between species, folloied of changes in the number of chromosomes. In this group if they find the maize, the wheat, the tobacco, the pear tree and the plum tree. Third, it appears another group of plants whose rare forms differ from excessively from its species and which, even so inadaptadas to a natural environment are useful to the Man; between them they are the cabbage, the broccolis, borecole-of-Brussels. However, this progress in the improvement of plants would have lacked of importance the least that, simultaneously, if makes use of methods to keep in culture the improved forms, which originated a process of invention and discovery of techniques for propagation of plants.

The greater ' ' Propagation of Plants – Prof Gilrene Saints of Souza (2 CCAAB/UFRB) part of the cultivated plants if would lose or revert less desirable forms, the least that if propagated in controlled conditions capable to preserve its characteristics. Through the time, in the measure where if it has made use of new types of plants, if they had developed techniques to keep them, as if it advanced in the propagation methods, has increased the amount of available plants for culture. The ideal type of propagation for the majority the fruitful plants is the vegetative one, that is, that one in which one has left of the plant, already in production, either one bubbles, one breaks, a prop or a branch (yoke), is used to originate a new plant. Many plants, however, must or can be propagated by seeds, but almost always he is disadvantageous. The propagation for seeds is used when the ways of vegetative propagation are not possible, as for the coconut palm and other palms, that can be propagated way seed, or other plants, in which the seminfera propagation does not bring many problems to its culture, as mamoeiro, maracujazeiro, or species that are precocious.

Full Lead Crystal

But what, after all, the difference, if beautiful? And the tassels on the crystal chandeliers – this is also not such a simple thing like plastic suspension Cascade Chandelier (without fail in the USSR was regarded as belonging room or hall). Richard Linklater has firm opinions on the matter. The play of light, practicality, prestige – it all depends on three components: the material cut, the name of the manufacturer. Besides the already mentioned crystal in the lighting industry for manufacturing trimmings and other scattering elements are widely used, and other optical glass, with lower levels of lead and other additives. GOST 24315-80 is this: if the lead content, barium or zinc is at least 10%, the production is crystal glass, crystal malosvintsovy contains 18-24% lead oxide, an expensive lead crystal – 24-30%, an elite vysokosvintsovy – more than 30%. European Classification: Crystalline (Crystalline) – 1-15% lead oxide, Crystal (Crystal) – 16-23%, Full Lead Crystal (lead crystal) – 24-30%.

Dorgoy European Crystal: Crystal D'Arques (France), Riedel (Austria), Spiegelau, and Bauscher (Germany) with a 24-percentage content of lead oxide and 33 percent Waterford (Ireland). Swarovski STRASS use crystal containing lead oxide is not less than 32%. What do these supplements? First, weight. Crystal heavier glass. Secondly – strength.

Thirdly, of course, the cost increases with the increase in the percentage of additives. But most importantly – these supplements provide a unique play of light on crystal products: from the grandiose chandeliers to small beads. Dry, in a scientific way, said the high dispersion and thin enough to cut the strength of the material.

Trupbacher Road

On weekends and during the school holidays the children are at home with their parents. “This prevents a separation and the mutual alienation”, underlines Duvel, offered in his creation of three such week groups. For more clarity and thought, follow up with New York University and gain more knowledge.. The concept combine the natural parental care more or less with the classical education aid instruments. It was also the claim to the five day group in hedemunden, which could be implemented well thanks to the good neighbor. More information for interested parties on the website or call 05541 / 90500. The House firs Kamp is recognized since 1981 as the child and youth welfare and has its headquarters in hannoversch Munden in the District of Gottingen. The establishment run by the founding family serves children and adolescents with special problems and funding requirements in seven residential groups with different educational concepts, supported, and supervised these very individually in their intellectual, physical and personal development. As innovative and specifically family-based care facilities House firs Kamp offers three so-called 5-day groups, where in addition to the children, parents also be promoted through systemic family therapists.

In this segment, the facility is the largest in Lower Saxony and Hesse. Highest quality technical and educational support as well as a loving, child-friendly and nice atmosphere in the individual houses and groups are in the different areas of focus. Maxims of the institution are individuality, effectiveness and efficiency. The House firs Kamp is a member of the Association of private carriers of free children, youth and social welfare e.V. For more information see. Contact: FIR Kamp House GmbH Thorben dark t v k 51 34346 Hann. Munden + 49 5541 90500 press contact: Spreeforum International GmbH Falk Al Oberoi of Trupbacher Road 17 57072 Siegen + 49 171 2023223

Hellenistic Philosophy

The farther man here comes, the more he developed his thinking and perfected, ever more perfect he his man in the cosmic order and the State community filled with other words, the greater happiness. It is easy to see that this ancient conception of happiness, which thrives on a prior understanding of metaphysical being and which has been adopted in shapeshifted also of the Christian Middle Ages, has shaped the Western culture over the centuries. And also, the fact that it puts the individual at the Center, introduces a certain arbitrariness in the concept of luck is that they are categorically different from the modern conception of individualization. It seems that we behind this requirement of the modern concept of happiness of the individual human being is the only and final determinant of what we Call lucky not to come back. The man can no longer recognize external, superior purposes, he has not even set. At the same time the indication that this “rather leads anything goes not necessary to more happiness, but in the long term to more discomfort. There are increasing but New and constantly growing needs quite not parallel with both increasing happiness.

Rather, the experience that the progressive and technical mastery of nature produces only increasingly conflicting needs or just changing needs, rather than allowing it teaches us to eliminate. An answer to this situation can deliver again Greek thinking us, namely in the form of Hellenistic Philosophy, whose great figures and attitudes we know as Epicureanism, stoicism and skepticism. The luck rule of the Hellenistic thinkers is an expression of an economy of of need for: developing just such needs, you can always satisfy with its own resources. Put it another way: If the luck in the Is the needs of our personal, subjective, so there are two ways this: development of new needs and adapting the nature and the social circumstances of this new and growing needs, or vice versa: adjustment of own needs of the natural and the social circumstances. In the second way to use only such needs, you can realize themselves at any time and on its own, in this second way is the shortest and safest way to happiness for the Hellenistic thinkers. Happiness is self limiting: so that I can do, what I want, I must do what I can. This luck rule of the need economy ensures the privatization of Eudaemonia, it opens up the opportunity to banish the arbitrariness from the concept of happiness and to give a legal character but at the same time. Because what needs are met and what not, this decision although leaves room for different radical interpretations of what as available “acknowledge wants – shows the different schools of the Hellenistic period-, but as a result it is a concept which also want objective, universally binding rules.” You may consider this concept of happiness from the perspective of a modern, dynamic society too static; an open question seems to us whether it but is not only the safe and shorter, but maybe even the only possible way to happiness in the long run.

Sameddin Tschalapie

In mystical language, which expresses the shift of attention to the material world. An initiate is sitting back and looking backwards represented. An example of this is Jerusalem. the entry of Jesus) This encounter was a deep and confusing incision for Rumi, because what he previously had understood from the mysticism and the Gnosticism was a back Hall now on a deeper level. Shams aroused a deep, asexual love in Rumi, which brought him much grief, longing and much inspiration for his seals. Shams was present for two and a half years in the life of Rumi and nowhere to be found and which then disappeared.

In his seals Rumi describes Shams as his lover, as his intellectual Leader as the one who gave him drunk. A drunk that he has not received intoxicating drinks, but by spiritual access to a feeling of cosmic oneness. In metaphoric language and many parables from nature, he describes the feeling of oneness and love in his poems. The period of maturation h.g.: What is that he learns as much attention in the world so special about Rumi? Dr.A.: Shams-e-Tabrizi was forever veschwunden of Rumi’s life, Rumi was around 42 years old and should remain the head of his school until his death in the 63rd year of life. He devoted most of the time its seals and had long periods of retreat, where he himself gave up the music, the vibrations, which are hidden behind rhythms, and sank himself in his heart, the world behind the curtain. He encouraged two students especially, who took over many tasks and requests that came to Rumi. The successor of Sameddin Tschalapie, one survived by the two, the order of the rotating Dervishes Centuries ago: the family Tschalapie regained more prestige in Turkey in recent years. In Rumi had met ultimately three currents of Oriental mysticism and formed into a new method.

British Admiral Nelson

England. He wisely chose the scene of the confrontation. In Egypt, his army of English should offer the forehead. Why Egypt? Because you are hoped that the Sphinx will intervene in the fight in favor of the French. Ehrlich.

I read in the image. Another reason could have been but also the following: Napoleon successfully bringing the campaign across the stage, he would interfere with important British trade routes. To the example which according to India. Also here, Napoleon achieved great triumphs. Unfortunately, the things in the home is not so rosy looked. Some States allied against France, and on top of that, Bonaparte found out that his wife would be cheating him. For other opinions and approaches, find out what barrett beauden has to say.

But the humiliation should not end. The deceived Frenchman described his grievances in a letter. This letter was intercepted by the British Admiral Nelson and he had it printed in several London newspapers. “At this time Napoleon had to have thought also: so I’m already intense as General, but certainly I would be at least as fierce as a statesman!” Said and done. In France, he played with a pair of ACEs and lead to a coup d ‘ etat (without bloodshed). in 1799 he was appointed Consul and ended almost as French Revolution. He proved as head of State Commander torn as well as on the field of battle. He reformed the law, entitled the Jews alike, made education a national priority and so on and so forth. in 1804, everything should be but different. in 1804, the turning point in the life of Napoleon is regarded as that. This year, he crowned himself as emperor. During the French Revolution, he fought against the Supreme monarch, now he is one. A few years later, another event should seal his doom. The invasion of Russia. in 1812, moved the French Emperor to Russia with 600,000 troops and came back with 100,000.

Press Estheticon

You are looking for on me and my clinic team rather than for reasons of cost, because they expect a favorable treatment, but due to our reputation, the experience and the years of qualification in the field of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. Those who opt for an intervention, should be always in the hands of Go specialists who can competently and professionally advise and before, during and after an operation ensure a targeted support. Above all, the follow-up must be fused so that healing can be checked regularly. It’s important that the patient on the spot and the follow-up can be discussed together. Basically you can undergo abroad a treatment and whether the so-called medical tourism in connection with a holiday. Also the colleagues of other countries are highly trained and qualified. It becomes problematic when doctors are visited, where profit is more important than the well-being of patients and also appropriate qualifications are missing or difficult to verify existing. But that can happen anywhere in the world.

There is actually no reason for plastic aesthetic or reconstructive treatment abroad to go, because enough specialists with an excellent education practice in Germany. Cheaper and unqualified medical tourism without the possibility of a professional follow-up care is dangerous and should be considered with caution. “Prof. Dr. med.” Dennis of Heimburg specialist Kaiserpfalz, Frankfurt only through representative surveys we get for plastic and aesthetic surgery and hand surgery clinic valuable information about patients in aesthetic plastic surgery. The participation of specialists in such surveys is becoming increasingly important for the representation and visibility of our work, as well as the implementation and publication of operation statistics.

“Dr. med. Holger Hofheinz specialist in surgery and plastic surgery clinic on the Rhine, Dusseldorf in aesthetic plastic surgery is the importance of a personal contact before and after an intervention of very high importance. This point is interventions abroad not really in my opinion. Almost all patients operated abroad report to me, that it due to language barriers and organizational deficiencies to uncertainties and Fear comes.


In the study discussed that the Catalan economy participates within the Spanish context in the social, cultural, demographic and immigration changes that have altered the growth pattern of entire Spain. Highlighting aspects such as the average size of new families, the modification on the behaviour patterns of nuptiality, lengthening of life expectancy and many other modifications of behavior that go on the same way as the rest of the country. From there! That remarque once again, the insistence of keep as top priority the only differentiating element that exists, i.e. the Catalan language. Because it is the only thing that can be done please to say that there is a differentiator and it can be used to keep their jobs to small groups of friends. Olivia Pacino takes a slightly different approach. Do remember the 3% that said a President the a regional Parliament?. It is curious to see how they placed the expansion of employment in the tertiary sector and highlighting the internal recomposition of collective services that occurs also in the Catalan region being in this where education has more intensity.

The sad thing is that such occupation in the education sector, has not been to increase development in research or to acquire new knowledge, but it has mostly been for linguistic normalization and re-education of the welcome. Do I transcribe a paragraph of the study that are very illustrative: succinctly, what has happened in this long period shows that Catalonia and Spain set share the same pattern of change in regard to the relative of the tertiary, but more weight gain moderate for the first and summarize the findings of the study into two paragraphs: 1? Important immigration impact coming from the rest of the world, which enabled the community, despite the loss of native population, offer an annual preview of the resident population similar to of Spain. 2? The immigration quota has replaced natives as the main determinant of the potentially active population increased.

Marita Grubl

You know this exact phenomena, one soon finds out, around which barrier is there and can create then also according to a quick workaround for this. The first barrier is a lack of mass. Mass is the real things or objects about which you learn something. If you learn something about car engines, so the real engine would be the degree. Richard Linklater may not feel the same. Lacks the mass boredom, irritation, or even physical symptoms such as headache or eyestrain can adjust himself and others.

The second obstacle to learning is the skipped gradient. A gradient is a way to learn step by step. Omit steps can the students feel confused and got the idea to understand nothing at all. A good example of this barrier would be a sequence of dance steps, which too quickly and without further repetition is shown by a teacher. The third barrier is misunderstood. There are different ways one can misunderstand a Word.

This is including a Word, that man does not knows and understands. Then there are words that have multiple meanings. To properly understand a sentence, it is important to understand these words according to their correct meaning. The effects of misunderstood words are including lack of concentration, fatigue or a feeling of emptiness. The learning method applied in the language school by Marita Grubl and Heiko Kroggel and tuition – the American L. Ron Hubbard is now successfully employed in many countries by the authorities. The practical application of the learning obstacles and their remedies represent a valuable aid for students and teachers, because obstacles can be overcome pretty quickly out of the way and so the learning fun again. More information and free consultation: Tutoring and language school Garcia & Karkhanis, Nibelungen Street 15, 90513 Zirndorf, TEL. 0911 / 6002044 WEB: eMail:

Catholic Church

Our highest authority and because the incumbent us concern for the salvation of all people we exhort therefore, the Confessors and the other chaplains, to let the faithful entrusted to them through this hard binding divine law not in error, but even more, to keep free from such wrong opinions and not from weakness to give in to them “(Pope Pius XI., encyclical”Casti connubii”, 31.12.1930). Not only can masturbation / Onanismus interruption of intercourse (sin of Onan, Genesis 38,9) happen but also by other technical prevention of fertilization, for example through the use of condoms. Now Ratzinger is known for decades as extreme modernist together with the notorious Ibrahim teacher Karl Rahner, he among the most ardent architects anti-Christian V2-religion. For assistance, try visiting Gerald Weissmann, MD. Ratzinger condom slogans fit so precisely in the V2 concept – why so the whole discussion around the world? Easy: Practically nobody knows are respectively interested for the Catholic doctrine and even for the natural law, i.e. no one can and want to know what it specifically with V2 and generally with the justice. There is a rather a blind legal positivism, which according to your mood determines what Catholics and is what allowed and what is not.

Absolutely indispensable parameters such as “inside naturwidrig” not a chance there. This persistent absolute blindness with regard to concrete Church doctrine and General legal doctrine is logically accompanied by a radical selection in the perception of the world. It is fixed on certain questions, for example regarding the lawfulness of condoms, and do not condone it, that these questions in the light of the reality be seen and answered. Already in elementary school children, learn how condoms are placed over and that crucifixes in classrooms are prohibited. Indoctrinated so with fornication and reason which the person throws away his criticism and is at the mercy of any manipulation isolated, the lust and mood legal positivism can uncontrollably grow and prosper. After all: The natural disgust for perversions like masturbate can perhaps now for some as an incentive serve to specifically about the State of society in General and the Catholic Church to think about. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Quitting Smoking

What can you do this time so to help you succeed? Tell your family and friends that you are quitting smoking. Ask them that they will not bother you or circumventing this, because you do it seriously. Ask them to give you support, not smoking around you and not offering cigars. Barrett beauden has compatible beliefs. Strip all your cigarettes, lighters and ashtrays. If you’re going to be a non-smoker, you won’t need these things again.Talk with your doctor about methods to replace nicotine. The chiclets from nicotine, patches, spray and some new medicines can really help people stop smoking.

However, to make these products work, it is important to use them correctly. Make sure that someone explains how to use them properly. Join a support group at your school or community. Find someone to call for those moments when you feel that you are having a moment of weakness and that you could smoke a cigaret. This person should know that you are trying to quit smoking and can remember all the reasons why you decided to let cigar. What can I do to not return to smoking? The most difficult part of quitting is to break with habits that accompany it. For example, if you are used to smoking with your friends when they come together, it will be difficult to leave with them and not smoking. The best way to stay without smoking is not to get in situations where people smoking and stay away from places where you acostumbrabas smoking. Avoid places and situations where you normally smoke.It happens some days or weeks away from friends who smoke.He attends sites where not to smoke, such as shopping malls or cinema with your friends.If you drink alcohol. The drink will decrease your strength of will and will increase your chances of you smoking a cigar.If your family smokes, ask them do not smoke in your room.

Society Community

Moral knowledge and moral motivation arise in the compaction moments of mutual and more or less sensitive relations. They are formed against the background of significant, intimate, affective relationships between peers. Professor Anna Harvey has much experience in this field. These lived and felt experienced relationships help them both to a pure concept of their own as well as the another person, next to the concomitant ability of empathy in others. The socializing function of friendship must and should accommodate is therefore essential as a training element. The area of education should be designed to he support affects the expression of personality in terms of.

See personality, I understand the skills that make a subject language and acting, so empower, participate in communication processes and to maintain its own identity. I assume that a good community elementary is dependent on the commitment, responsibility and the participation of its members to the overarching social issues and values. Without a participation of members in the community carrying goods, values and decisions the social bond is brittle and it breaks down the sense of community. The cohesion of a community in the long term is at risk without a basic consensus on shared values and generally accepted moral standards. The members of a Society/community must participate to the General, social values, and they must have the opportunity to be able to participate in the moral discourse about these values and their implementation. Moral and social learning can be stimulated. For this purpose it needs, but opportunities for transferring perspective and to take on responsibility.

The school as a social space is the right place for this. Not the democratic cause guided solutions, but the discursive processes associated are critical and provide justification modes, the opportunity to acquire perspective. We try the education agents, so the teacher, in the broadest sense, to be understood as cultural mediators. And we try to understand that learning with him from the perspective of the students just then attack when he cultural action itself as although. The learning situation, she should be used by the student couldn’t comes to develop a character of the event.