The problems of Ensino de Literatura are not in the contents worked in classroom, but in the way as they are boarded, referring the absence of a metodolgica quarrel capable to assist practical the pedagogical one. Thus, the literary reading would have to be understood, in the school in view of the dialgico character, restored between author? text? reader. The phenomenon literary it must be understood as a way to know the universe transfigurado, reinventado, allowing in the text. FINAL CONSIDERAES: Everything what was boarded in the present project of research in them leads to understand that Education of present Literature in the schools still is a escolarizao process, that is, our professors do not only use to teach it as humanizadora process. They also use it for the accomplishment of other activities. Literature is not total independent, it is excuse for the application of other questions. The questionnaire elaborated for the professors was important because in it showed the concrete reality to them of Ensino de Literatura in the schools, which its function.

its function, observes through the answers of the professors, was that Literature serves of metodolgicos subsidies for the understanding of disciplines, co the grammar and as incentivadora for the literary reading, in relation to the classic workmanships. Ahead of this project what we can wait it is that the schools they despertem for the true function of Literature, ‘ ‘ as something that the man states and later it acts in the proper formation of homem’ ‘ that it also can awake in the professors so that they are the facilitadores of the teach-learning, leading to its pupils the universal understanding that Literature offers.


To surpass this seminaries are organized, symposiums; books are written and become research But the same center of the question is only in the periphery of the quarrel. The call exclusion, in the reality is the terrible face of the discrimination and the preconception. Discrimination and preconception occur not why the other is another one, but because is different, in general, poor person. From there many mistakes elapse, as of the quarrel of the quotas for ingression in the university. To say that it is necessary to reserve vacant because the blacks are or had been excluded throughout history imply to say that also if it must make a vacant reserve for the women, another one for the men, another one for the indians; the same for homosexuals, for heterosexuals he has yourself that to make reserve for all the minorities.

E each one of us is a minority. In reality would have to be argued? to decide the problem? in relation to the reason of the blacks, as well as of other poor persons, not to have easiness of access to the university. The chances are on not to the color of the skin, to the sexual option, to the physical condition, but to the economic power. The black child, son of rich parents, has chance that no white son of poor parents will have. Therefore problem the social, but economic exclusion-inclusion not and.

In ' ' Military dictatorship, left and sociedade' ' , Daniel. the Kings (2000), even so commented the period of the dictatorship, makes the most current affirmation: all the ones that were ' ' calls equivocadamente of excluded, were legitimate product of the system and, as such, was in it incluidssimos, even so each time more appeared as descartveis' '. This is our quandary, to surpass the fact not of the exclusion? still that we are different and our differences help in them well complementing in them? but the causes of the discriminations. Neri of Paula Sheep? Master in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historian. He reads more: ; ; ; ;

The School

If today, the notice of that a son killed the proper hatching mother very, imagines has sixty years as the society would react! Not that my attitudes were equal of the college student who assassinated in company of the boyfriend the parents with baseball baton, but to kill of disgust also are to kill. Despite, that in the current days to be coup-minded, thief or dealer is status, symbol of esperteza. In those times a mother would prefer that its son was born without the two arms inhabits to have it to steal, to take third party properties, to deceive, or to tapear its next one. This age thing of the endiabrados ones, possessed for the demon who only came to avenge, to make dirty, to envergonhar all the family, extending this spot, many times, for some generations. They did not see as a pathology that it needed aid, as the users of craque, in the current days.

The discrimination and the dishonour were so great that the members of the family changed of city or state, not to be recognized as relatives or abetters. responsible for the negligence and me the creation of the boy. It seemed that until it felt well in just calling attention or being punished for reason. It took the lesser snacks, rubbers, pencils of colequinhas, stole fruits in the orchards of the neighbors, until was leader of other quatros juvenile delinquents who helped me in the taken over on a contract basis ones. But what it liked exactly was to run away from the school and to go to swim in the lake of biquinha, or ' ' to raise urubu' ' , it was enough to arrange guts of chickens and a coil of strengthened line of mason who the party was ready. With aid of a wire piece it on the inside passed the lace of the guts, was alone there to play it close to the lixo, immediately a hungry one already caught and engolia later was alone to frighten it and to give line to reach the desired height, later was enough to force to vomit it and to be twisting so that others urubus caught in air.

The Solution

They are really wonderful because they give vision to the extent the information in its fullness, and options galore. I give her classification, which I is easy to remember and practice. So … How "A View from the helicopter," Good to see the situation is wider and bigger. As part of the system.

As a fragment of time and space. Within the general framework we have, but there are other people with their desires, aspirations and lessons. There are a series of events, cause-effect relationships. And in this "cinema" We – and members, and students, and textbooks and even teachers for each other. As in the Eastern proverb: "No you may friend, no enemy or you and everyone you teacher. " Wise men say that every event is inherently neutral, but we are quickly paint it black or white. But to assess the true significance of events for us, we Perhaps we can only much later, when we join all the dots. And then be presented much differently … – Why I (consciously or unconsciously) has created this situation? If I had created a challenge for myself, with some positive intent? Why is it me? – What positive can happen in my life because of this complexity? And in the lives of others? – What can I learn how to make conclusions? – To whom have reflected this situation? To whom influenced my decision? What I do would like for them? How does this compare with what I want for myself? If the solution offered to them, what results they would like? That they would take? If I were in their place, I would suggest? – And if the situation did not develop in such a way I wish they would say? – Who will win, if I decide the situation as I would like? Way "through the eyes of knowledgeable people" Great way – look at the situation through the eyes of those whom we recognize competence in dealing with such situations, experienced, and this ability.

15 Minutes Training Per Week

Many entrepreneurs and self-employed persons not educate themselves, because they have no time for this as they believe. Seen only rarely in a seminar or while reading a book. Who takes to a few fruits and salads, withholds his body vital and damages by him, which is noticeable perhaps only years later. You can transfer this knowledge on the health of companies. If the entrepreneur is no longer training, his company suffer sooner or later a lack new ideas, impulses and strategies. For seminar visits, many entrepreneurs lack the time or at least believe that books are indeed purchased, but usually lifted for the holiday and return then mostly it unread again. Only audiobooks can be consumed easily, because it famously on the road can listen to them in the car during your holiday or but on the way in the company or the customer.

After 15 years of practical experience with audio books, the Publisher know Alex p. Rusch however, lacking for many audiobook users to implement. Therefore, he recommends his audio book customers occasionally to attend seminars and buy success packages. You can in particular not convinced but not everyone, those who chronically overloaded “. How is solve the problem? Last year Alex p.

Rusch sparked the idea came: weekly lessons that you can consume with a PC or laptop anywhere in the world, limited to 15 minutes per week, with roughly two “action steps”per week. So: easily consumable (and yet nutritious ) appetizers for the depressed many cringe, if they the Word E-learning listen, because it sounds too complicated, too boring, or simply unattractive. Therefore, it was clear that he had to find entirely new ways to Alex S. Rusch. He decided that this week lessons for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons “should consist of three weekly items, namely with a short post on video a playing time of two to three minutes, an audio contribution of around five minutes and one HotSheet in form of a PDF document by one or two pages size. So all the senses are addressed, there is variety and action. Alex S. Rusch also laid emphasis on a high quality and wanted to keep on the home video level of comparable offers from America. For the shooting of the video elements of the week lessons Alex S. Rusch, a professional cameraman, as well as an Assistant flew specially to Majorca, to film at various locations. That is not just a positive impact on the intensity of the knowledge transfer from is an externality that is livelier imagery. All according to the motto briefly, concisely and without superfluous ballast “designed. The overloaded, suffering from lack of time entrepreneur or self-employed should get really to see exactly the things with a time of only 15 minutes a week and listen, he must know to make his company step by step successful and profitable.

Good Appearance

You can learn also occur in public. How does one, unpleasant public situations, just better to cope with interviews and lectures and to remain relaxed? The bar is situated high in the professional field in each case and the own claims often just cause that the nerves are blank. Stress and pressure, as well as lack of preparation not just make it easier to present themselves positively publicly. While trainers such as Kathrin Lehmann can help to cope with such situations and to meet their own demands. Everyone can benefit from it to test individual situations in a pleasant atmosphere, to try out yourself and get professional feedback before an emergency.

The advantage is, that really just the upcoming situation can be simulated and tested – for the Chief Executive, it is perhaps the presentation stage in front of investors, that he would like to coach, the spokesman wants to prepare perhaps better on the regular interviews with newspapers, one has to conduct a major corporate Conference and an unusual radio interview or even a television facing the other. In all these situations it helps to benefit from tips and tricks of the trainer and immediately implement the feedback. Individually to problems and concerns addressed and brought out the best for the particular situation of a. You can complete alone or in a small group, in any case well looked after by the trainer, a media training, presentation training, or also a moderation training. Optimum preparation pays off with a secure feeling and necessary tranquility in the presence and in the long run also has a calming effect as regards public appearances at all. Andreas Mettler