The problems of Ensino de Literatura are not in the contents worked in classroom, but in the way as they are boarded, referring the absence of a metodolgica quarrel capable to assist practical the pedagogical one. Thus, the literary reading would have to be understood, in the school in view of the dialgico character, restored between author? text? reader. The phenomenon literary it must be understood as a way to know the universe transfigurado, reinventado, allowing in the text. FINAL CONSIDERAES: Everything what was boarded in the present project of research in them leads to understand that Education of present Literature in the schools still is a escolarizao process, that is, our professors do not only use to teach it as humanizadora process. They also use it for the accomplishment of other activities. Literature is not total independent, it is excuse for the application of other questions. The questionnaire elaborated for the professors was important because in it showed the concrete reality to them of Ensino de Literatura in the schools, which its function.

its function, observes through the answers of the professors, was that Literature serves of metodolgicos subsidies for the understanding of disciplines, co the grammar and as incentivadora for the literary reading, in relation to the classic workmanships. Ahead of this project what we can wait it is that the schools they despertem for the true function of Literature, ‘ ‘ as something that the man states and later it acts in the proper formation of homem’ ‘ that it also can awake in the professors so that they are the facilitadores of the teach-learning, leading to its pupils the universal understanding that Literature offers.