David Hume Philosophy

This does not want to say that Scrates did not have contact with knowing of its time, or had never read treated some to philosophy; the error of the reasoning in I appraise, shared for many, is to reduce filosofar to a training in an educational institution any. It is necessary to create a philosophy system, and to possess a canonic recognition given by the time so that somebody can be considered philosopher? Perhaps certainly not, it functions in such a way between the saints catholics, who for a clerical convention, had been classified as such. In philosophy it is not thus. The philosopher does not need a endorsement of the time or an institution, or the recognition of a community to be philosopher. Let us make another silogism: To be religious I am not philosopher, I am professor of philosophy, philosopher pra me I am the David Hume! At least them it has the courage to confess that they are not philosophers, but sees the side good, if they do not know to think by themselves and if they become attached the canonic form of to make philosophy, as the theologian if becomes attached to the text of Toms Saint as an unquestioned authority, at least they are not hypocritical; dull sincere it is that they are! After all of accounts, what it is to be philosopher, if it is not necessary to possess a formal knowledge in philosophy, nor to construct a system, nor to have the endorsement of philosophical church that the canonic heading confers it of philosopher? Let us come back to our symbol occidental person of the wisdom human being, Aristotle, for who the philosophy is born of a feeling, not of an academic formation, or of a heading conferred for men, conquanto, of which feeling says Aristotle?> why? , as why everything this is there ahead of me? Or as Heidegger later will say: why exists the being on the contrary of the nothing? ; or why I must base me on an authority of the history of the philosophy when making a commentary in a philosophy lesson, if I possess rationality? To the professors of our academies, trained in Kant, or Discardings, (even though until the monkeys can be trained), recommends the new birth, not it new birth considered for Mr., to master of the law Nicodemos in chapters 3 of the room evangelho, which he is not very different, when he said: nobody can see the kingdom of God if not be born of the water and the spirit ; I would say to such dull sincere : nobody can become philosopher if not be born ahead of the astonishment of the reality, and proper thinking!

National Education

Analyzing the Didactic Structure of the Brazilian Basic Education, in files of legal documents of the Law n 9,394/96 of 20 of December of 1996, published in Federal official gazette in 23 of December of 1996, that it establishes the Lines of direction and Bases of the National Education, says in its article 35: Average education, final stage of the basic education, with minimum duration of three years, will have as purposes: I.a consolidation and the deepening of the knowledge acquired in basic education, making possible the continuation of the studies; II.a basic preparation for the work and the citizenship of educating to continue learning, in order to be capable of if adapting with flexibility the new conditions of occupation or posterior perfectionings; III.o improvement of educating as the person human being, including the ethical formation and the development of the intellectual autonomy and the thought I criticize. (SOUZA, 1997, p.52). In an analogy between the lived deeply institucional iderio and the practical one in Brazil, we take how example a school of average education in the city of Tucum where more than 80% of the pupils who had concluded average education, had not gotten approval in the vestibular contests in the period of (2008? 2009) picture of the educational deficiencies brought of its schools of origin, without the minimum conditions to continue the studies. A related site: Gerald Weissmann, MD mentions similar findings. This if must to the problems mentioned above, allies, the lack of partner-economic structure, a time who proceed from the farmings in the interior of the city, where inexists schools of average education. Arriving at the city, the majority, minor, is obliged to work of day to provide its sustenance and to study the night. Many give up, therefore they are obliged to work a hours of working, on average, 10 hours/day and, the masters not to liberate them them in order to arrive the school until the schedule of beginning of the lessons.

Educational ABC

The proposal mentioned in another part of this work had as main objective to inside promote a program of training and development in the reorganization of the RH of the Institution for all the collaborators. The intervention proposal was initiated to raise the necessities of training through collection of data by means of applicatory questionnaires next to the collaborators as starting point to initiate the analysis of intervention in the company. The analysis next to the managers of its respective areas was made, on training deficiencies and was elaborated an action plan to plan and to develop a training that took care of the necessities of the collaborators and the organization. The organizations have lived daily conflicts in relation to the satisfaction and accomplishment of its professionals. One knows that the changes are occurring quickly and the information all change the time in a market each more competitive time.

They are necessary to prepare themselves for, after all she is recommended if to structuralize of form to apply and consequently to reach the longed for results. Many times the differential to conquer a place of prominence in the market is in the people whom the organization composes. One notices that the organization has deficiencies in the training process and development of teams. However the Educational ABC in order to improve and to guarantee the good performance of its employees considers necessary to train them adequately in order to prepare them to create one better environment and also to take care of its customers in way to enchant them. The Educational ABC presents deficiency when it is about qualification and training in the execution of the activities. To provide a training can mean it organization to prepare its employees to develop abilities, knowledge, standardization of the tasks and even though to change the behavior. It has as objective to increase the professional and motivacional performance of the human being, improving the results and generating a good organizacional climate.

Special Education

The child with serious the mental retardation (QI of 20 the 35) cannot the same receive degree from learning that a child with a retardation moderate metal, already the child with deep mental retardation (19 QI of or less) generally does not obtain to learn, to speak or to understand in an appreciable degree. She advises yourself to make amniocentese or the collection of vilo corinico, that she is advisable for all the pregnant women with more than 35 years of age, therefore these present greater risk to generate a child with Syndrome of Down. A diagnosis of mental retardation before the birth allows the parents to opt to the abortion. A child with retardation in the development must participate of a program of precocious intervention as soon as the diagnosis is established. Perhaps check out Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. The support emotional of the family it is important in the program.

Generally a child with mental retardation can live better in house or in a communitarian residence e, when possible, she must frequent a day-care center for normal children or a normal daily pay-school. The school must develop attitudes of attention with the arrival of any children its institution, are normal children or special, the treatment to the shelter must the same be. 0RN3%2f%2fqTO67NdbNDpysYoepdrXqwsQ6bifOEvDsC&TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExt%2ehtml’>Primerica jobs. Although, the school for having knowledge of the LDBEN of 1996? Chapter V of the Special Education, giving to emphasis the inclusion of the pupils in the Regular Net of Education, has conditions through of this law to receive all child said special to be enclosed in this school, since that this school can be holding the enough number for the attendance, therefore, all children it has the right for the education and social insertion. The school must have in these cases a look not prejudiced, and yes, to enxergar special pupil same with its limits, but, living processes that a normal child lives.


Education of the future and future of the education the subject education of the future is a subject that leaves in them confused, yes all Brazilian we; I have 21 years and incomplete average education, for personal reasons I did not finish my studies, but the years that I studied aprend part of that I am today and my knowledge on the world I am thankful the professors, some is clearly, because it has professor that pupil does not respect and wants the respect, there is difficult n? My thought on the education of the future is an education of better quality, of improvement in such a way of the pupil how much of the professor, I intend to finish my studies and to know more on our future. The future of the education depends on each one of us that we like to study, of each one of the parents who if worry about its children, leave who them in the school and need to go work pro; The future of the education is in the heart of each Brazilian and brasileirinhos, waits of truth that the brasileirinhos have an education of quality, of future life melhorno and that the future is not this shame that our Brazil is hojeno, that the future does not have children that in the place of it is in the school, they are in tobacco mouths and in bars fulling the face of cachaa and using drugs because for more frightful than either it is as soon as is Brazil today and it does not advance to hide Brazil in pretty postal cards not thus porue; Still nso I defined if it is irresponsibility of the parents or of the government, what I only know is that the education of the future cannot be as it is today, with small classrooms few chairs for much pupil. For more clarity and thought, follow up with David G. DeWalt and gain more knowledge.. Places in the interior exist mainly that seem to be forgotten, the population are illiterate, none does not have education and no type of attendance; It is this that we want for the education of the future? My reply it is not. I made this text to mainly show a little of my thoughts on the education in my Pernambuco that I love in such a way and I wait that the government, the parents deeply and professors, Brazilian us and brasileirinhos let us be joined to improve the future of ours so loved Brazil, that God in first place illuminates in them and protects so that let us can have an education future literally; Because comemos our life in the school and we finish in a market of work future to take care of of our lives until the end..

Social Inequalities

It would like to live in a world where the social inaqualities were lesser, well small, almost inexistent. where instead of searching ' ' ascender' ' we could have all a common minimum to live itself with dignity. those that had ascended could descend finding in this act not yet recognized glories. E, I am not here to make vindications for a planned economy. What to exist is this? Where the people are not valid for what they are, but for what they can come to have! Because nobody made one ' ' formatura' ' when a girl mnstrua for the first time? Because nobody made one ' ' formatura' ' when they have a first loving relation, when loses a loved being? Already I know, this is good to answer: ' ' It pulls life! You had not perceived that she had entered in the world of the adults? or He will be that you if imagined entering in? world of the adults? for the door of the front, with extended red carpet and starting superficially! I feel very, but you were deceived during all these anos' '. My thoughts became vacant for all the sides, and the discomfort was generalized.

Then I decided to silence me, not to excessively seem inconvenient, false, hypocritical, sincere, excessively excessively excessively excessively old. I answered, dry, with one – ' ' Obrigada' '. This must be a drama lived for some. To be fidiciary office itself exactly or to live the mesmice of if following social rules meaningless. When the values do not correspond more with the practical one are change time.

I was thinking about the feelings had invaded that me when I finished the college, relief, fear, force. Yes, we do not have as to deny that it is a concluded stage. Thus, as as much others in the life.