Public Relations

Being thus, the plan of communication for mobilization social it must be come back toward the reality and the values of each movement. Mobilization nothing more is that invocation. Invocation of a specific public to act in favor of causes of common interest. The author explains that the society is repleta of social, ambient problems, etc., and that the individuals need to feel themselves coerced to contribute in the fight for the improvement of these problems, what does not take off the responsibility of the State in continuing acting in the progress of life of the society and in the solution of problems, but attribute it proper, the capacity to help to minimize them. Please visit barrett beauden if you seek more information. The professional of Public Relations will find the challenge to act in the emotional one of each individual (taking in account cultural questions, historical politics and, beyond vises of world) without she has manipulation, so that if she does not deviate from the dialgica communication, liberating and educative, displayed in the first chapter.

He has broken myself, now, for the differentiation of the concepts of solidarity, participation assistencialismo. Solidarity is the desire to finish with a situation and must be exerted in the gift, it differs what it from participation, that requires more envolvement with the cause. Already the assistencialismo is a gesture of ' ' unloading of conscincia' ' , where they help constantly, but they are not become involved, in fact. Credit: Brian Greene-2011. The establishment of the diagnosis of the communication must take in consideration eight aspects that assist in the agreement of the bonds of the public with the movement. They are: space localization; information; judgment; action; cohesion; continuity, co-responsibility and institucional participation. These aspects are explained at great length by the author and remember it who ' ' they do not abstain themselves, but if somam.' ' In elapsing of the chapter, Simeone comes back immediate to the ideas of communication, consolidation of bonds, mobilization, values, but it adds to the factor ' ' definition of pblico' ' , strengthening that the spreading of the cause it is the starting point so that if it conquers truily involved individuals with the movement. .

Federal University

The definition of the public is on the three basic characteristics, that are the plasticity, the permanent update and the mobility of the center. In the workmanship, the author details each one of these characteristics and to the reader the panorama of the activity of public definition, with the difficulties and the chances. The model of mapping and segmentation of projects mobilizadores made possible the vision of the public in three dimensions: the benefited ones, the legislators and the generators, that are explained by the author, also through a three-dimensional map of the public. The main information that if &#039 absorbs from the reading of the two first chapters of the book; ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' they are of that the communication if became a preponderant factor in the construction of the image of the social movement and in the captation of individuals that they desire to be part of this fight. For even more analysis, hear from Aerosmith. Expos author in detailed way each characteristic pointed for it and other authors. Beyond sharpening the feeling of that he fits we, professionals of Public Relations, to lead in cultural consideration, factors, social politicians and of the public-target when elaborating a plan of communication for the mobilizador end. Beyond awaking the interest for the social cause.

Mrcio Simeone Enriques currently is Professor in the Federal University of Minas Gerais, in the sector of Communication. It is graduated Comunicao Social (UFMG), possesss Mestrado in Educao (UFRJ) and Doutorado in Comunicao Social (UFMG). It acts in the area of Public Relations between organizations and communities, public communication and strategies of communication for social mobilization. Already edition of diverse articles and books participated of the organization/publication/as ' ' Vises of future: shared responsibility and dialogues with comunidade' ' (2005) and ' ' Communication and Strategies of Social&#039 Mobilization; ' (2002). It is treated, then, of an author with high luggage in the area of Communication and, especially, Communication directed toward Social mobility. This workmanship is indicated the professionals, not only of the Public Relations, but of the Communication in general, that they want to insert in 3 sector, to the students of the area and the responsible ones for the coordination of the social movements, in general.

Educational Guidance

Words? key: Mediation/Formation/Dialogue/Interpersonal Relations * Teacher of the municipal net of education of Maria/RS Saint, specialist in Pertaining to school Supervision, for the Federal University of Saint Maria – UFSM ABSTRACT EDUCATIONAL GUIDANCE TODAY: THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS FEATURE IN THE SCHOOL CONTEXT * Eunice Pear tree Azenha The Educational Guidance, early in its deployment, has been associated with the simple adjustment of students you the system and naively thought it might exclude the conflict in interpersonal relationships by focusing attention ' ' psychologist' ' without delving into the social you cause of conflict, setting the student the ideal behavior will be an ideal school. His practice was widely criticized in many schools and this service has ceased you exist, even appearing in to older LDBs specific legislation implementing the Educational, to their attributes and training. The extinction of the office of Educational Guidance is happening right now in many cities in several Brazilian states, is the marries in Saint Maria, Rio Grande Do Sul, in your to career plan only provides will be professorship. Counselor legal The aspect of training and your to career plan, the fact that at present we ploughs completing round of discussions with the Department of Education of Saint this Maria/RS will be the regulation of function, the fact that this City the position of Educational Advisor has been terminated, the need will be proof of training in this area you assumes this rolls within the school, well the requirement will be the practice based on well-founded theories and committed you ethics, the construction of citizenship and mediation dialogues among all sectors of the school community focused on student development in to order you ensure that this professional work space at school, became the object of this study. Is therefore the objective of this study point out the presence of Educational Guidance in the school in light of legislation and, lives specifically, reframe the practice of Educational Advisor, appropriate training will be it you become key to partner in improving teaching-learning process. .

Art Education

This boarding presents forms/artistic, individual and collective productions of distinct cultures and times, articulated to the context of the modern society and contemporary. Considering the School a space for production and appreciation of knowing, as well universal, where practical the pedagogical one must provide to the pupils chances to show to its attitudes and influences in the expressions, manifestations, of the human being that expressed and interpreted the world for the language of the Art. All language is a singular way of the human being to reflect in a significant context. For some thinkers contemporaries, the art is seen as constituent part of some symbolic manifestations of culture, and in the educational process its agreement to make possible to the professor the exercise of its flexibility in the joint of the languages, the codes and its technologies, stops beyond of the manifestation of feelings, form of expression, important in the formation of the pupil and the curricular universe of the schools.

The challenge is to search the break-even point between the different boardings, also understanding the Inter-relations between science and Art. In this context Ensino of the art contemporary in the alert one on the necessity to know the languages artistic, in the measure where it deals with the mixture of the languages, if characterizing for the diversity of languages, presenting the use possibilities, extending the choices, establishing dialogues with the contemporaneidade. The process of professional personal ressignificao/, of the different languages articulated to the formation process, I allowed an exposition of learning and of the methodology for Ensino of the Art in the area of the knowledge: Languages, codes and its technologies, contributing for reflection concerning the professional trajectory and with the necessary attitudes of agreement and pedagogical practical possibilities of significant of the classroom, disclosing the important performance of who teach and learn art. Words Keys: Ressignificao? Art – Languages.

Educational Orientation

Practical its was very criticized and in many schools this service left to exist, exactly appearing in LDBs older as a specific legislation, implementing the Educational Orientation, its attributes and formation. The extinguishing of the position of the Educational Orientation is happening at this moment in many cities, in some Brazilian states, as it is the case of the city of Saint Maria, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, that in its plan of career alone foresees the professor position. The legal aspect of the formation of the educational person who orientates and its plan of career, the fact of, at this moment to be completing a circle of quarrels, next to Secretariat of Education of the City of Maria/RS Saint for the regulation of this function, the fact of in this city the position of Educational Person who orientates to have been extinct; the necessity of evidence of formation in this area to assume this function inside of the school, as well as the requirement of alicerada practical one in based and well compromised theories with the ethics, the construction of the citizenship and the mediation of the dialogue it enters all the sectors of the pertaining to school community, come back toward the development of the pupil, in way to guarantee the space of performance of this professional in the school, became the object of this study. Being, therefore, the objective of this study to pontuar the presence of the Educational Orientation in the school under the light of the legislation and, more specifically, to ressignificar the practical one of the Educational Person who orientates, from adjusted formation, so that this if becomes a basic partner in the improvement of the process teach-learning. Therefore, it urges to prove the importance of the Educational Orientation and the relevance of its performance in the school, as well as its formation must specific and be qualified to deal with the conflicts of relations between all the actors of the educational scene, to propitiate the reflection of values capable to mobilize pupils to assume its choices, to modify its attitudes and to conquer its citizenship. .