Social Inequalities

It would like to live in a world where the social inaqualities were lesser, well small, almost inexistent. where instead of searching ' ' ascender' ' we could have all a common minimum to live itself with dignity. those that had ascended could descend finding in this act not yet recognized glories. E, I am not here to make vindications for a planned economy. What to exist is this? Where the people are not valid for what they are, but for what they can come to have! Because nobody made one ' ' formatura' ' when a girl mnstrua for the first time? Because nobody made one ' ' formatura' ' when they have a first loving relation, when loses a loved being? Already I know, this is good to answer: ' ' It pulls life! You had not perceived that she had entered in the world of the adults? or He will be that you if imagined entering in? world of the adults? for the door of the front, with extended red carpet and starting superficially! I feel very, but you were deceived during all these anos' '. My thoughts became vacant for all the sides, and the discomfort was generalized.

Then I decided to silence me, not to excessively seem inconvenient, false, hypocritical, sincere, excessively excessively excessively excessively old. I answered, dry, with one – ' ' Obrigada' '. This must be a drama lived for some. To be fidiciary office itself exactly or to live the mesmice of if following social rules meaningless. When the values do not correspond more with the practical one are change time.

I was thinking about the feelings had invaded that me when I finished the college, relief, fear, force. Yes, we do not have as to deny that it is a concluded stage. Thus, as as much others in the life.