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Genghis Khan

In addition to the rich skullcaps in Mongolia variety of national costumes. An excellent acquisition will be boots, designed for local riders. Click Gerald Weissmann, MD for additional related pages. This is where you can safely go to any hike and travel, as they are particularly durable, and designed for harsh weather conditions. Fans of hand Maida perfect blanket of camel hair. It will take a worthy place in your bedroom, and will be a perfect thing in the cold nights. Surely, if you decide to visit the country again, you immediately get a couple of blankets. If you like to relax outdoors or in their own country, would you buy a beautiful tent.

Imagine how surprised your neighbors on the summer cottage, he saw a strange building. Of course, You can say that the tent rather bulky object, it will be difficult to transport. But it's worth the yurt will be a major purchase of your trip, making the trip unforgettable. For fans of the various knick-knacks perfect gifts with a national ornament. This may be the original mats, handbags, scarves and curtains. If you love to decorate the wall paintings, in Mongolia, you will find national and painting, and more interesting paintings in the art of coinage. A wonderful gift from Mongolia will be chasing the image of Genghis Khan.

In Mongolia, there are still shamans and sorcerers, and people are very superstitious and fear the wrath of the spirits. Surely in a program Your trip will include a colorful representation of the shaman. Vivid and memorable gift will mask shamanistic gods. Bringing the subject, you can amaze your friends and family horror stories about the history and purpose of the mask. Mongolia from ancient times was famous for his weapon. Especially good are beautiful knives and daggers. You can find a small penknife, and an old battle scimitar. The sword, which was brought from Mongolia, will be luxurious and expensive gift for your family, and for a solid head. In Mongolia, special attention should be paid to national food. Mongolian food is distinctive, and no one from the first time to decide try the local cuisine. The perfect gift "meat-eaters" are the local delicacies in the form of various pickled and cured meats. Housewives should buy a collection of herbs and spices that perfectly complement your meal and will make a variety of homemade food. Just ask the local women about preparing national dishes, then to surprise and delight your family and guests. Men will not pass side alcohol Mongolia. Especially famous Mongolian vodka "Archi", so-called "milk vodka." Imagine how your friends will be glad if you bring along a couple bottles of this "elixir." Will give a special flavor feast huge horn goat with Trans-Ili Alatau, from which we can offer a drink to your friends. If you are tired of the azure beaches, or do not have enough money to go to conquer Paris, and a thirst for adventure does not give you the rest, feel free to go to Mongolia! You are waiting for the unknown adventure, you'll discover a new world, and you can get closer to the origins of life. And souvenirs brought back from Mongolia and forever will be your best "friends."