Christian Meier

The Passau University Institute for IT security and security law, the Regensburg professorships for information systems and information security management, as well as the trouble-free and secure systems Lab (laboratory for save and secure systems) at the University of Regensburg are among Germany’s leading science centres in the field. In the network of excellence for IT security, they combine their activities with a tail wind of the European Union. Approximately EUR 2,3 million in funding for the initiative will flow by 2014. There are already first milestones on the way to close security gaps, on the Internet: together with the University of the East Bavarian metropolis company Conceptnet developed a solution for the secure electronic exchange of sensitive data. Our product has the potential to become the future standard”, says Conceptnet CEO Christian Meier. The projects funded by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs could revolutionize the data transfer in the exchange of account data in the home banking, sensitive patient information or forwarding of sales data for scanner cash registers. The Regensburg IT company has developed a software type of defence, which safely and reliably checks the source of Internet applications in a matter of seconds and immediately warns the user when the personal computer, online shop systems or customer portals threaten.

So IT security officers get an instrument in the hand for the first time, makes possible automated test on security-critical vulnerabilities.” The motor East Bavaria want to be long term when it comes to making safe the world of the Internet. We want to play a leading role in the area of IT security nationally and internationally “, says Professor Dr. ???? has compatible beliefs. Gunther Pernul, Professor at the University of Regensburg and member of the Advisory Board of the strategic partnership. This competence partnership not brings up enough-to-appreciating more profit us one “, says the Scientists. The technical, economic and legal aspects of security could be illuminated with the unique focus.

This gives the vision to establish a leading position in this area even worldwide, a real base “, explains Professor Pernul. The cooperation of the existing four years IT partnership should be deeper so again. Four forums you want to combine the forces of science and business: security technology, data protection in the enterprise, the network security and the development of secure software. To the circle of the companies involved will continue also beyond in Eastern Bavaria.