Distance Learning Center

Telecommunications environment, the apparent aggressive older generation (not a secret that not all teachers are "old guard" delighted by these innovations), is absolutely "transparent" for children 90. Young people are easily absorb information in spreadsheet form, forums and chat rooms. – We used to have more trust in ochnomu contact, rather than communicating on-line. What is to be feared in the Internet-a medium? – Self-respecting courses must be offered to you free of charge an introductory lesson, where you will find – if you fit this form of learning. It is not necessary to choose E-learning, this suggests, for example, Distance Learning Center "Eidos". This is the last century. Modern means of communication can quickly get in touch with the teacher and not waste time on correspondence.

– Are there any special conditions for distance learning? – In order to learn enough have access to the Internet. For example, training opportunities abroad, or while traveling. Pupil himself is training schedule. For example, can be engaged in the early morning or late evening. The most common are two forms of distance classes: 1) on-line: a mode in which teacher and student meet at a certain time in the network connecting to Skype and work synchronously, using materials found on this site, and 2) off-line: Students work with course materials in a convenient time, the teacher organizes, supervises and directs the learning process. Exercise intensity is easily adjusted. For example, you can practice each day, take classes during the day small amounts and even study the whole course of a couple of weeks before exams.

The Familiar

E many times for backwards of this intromission of other youngsters have second, third intentions. The craze that they have to say as if must deal with the namorada one the face, happens not because they are worried about the integrity of the friend, but because they are of eye in the guria of it. Using of maldosos machistas commentaries, they make the head of the boy against the girl, leaving it so distrustful of it, that it caba for becoming the relation in one porre. From there, early or late, the girl if tires to have that to aturar as much jealousy, as many collections, she finishes for breaching namoro. Contented with this, ' ' amigos' ' of the former ones they feel pra calm to flirt with with the former ones of it.

After all, now it is single However, the influence of the friends is not only me that pro contributes to awake of the jealousy, also has that to take in account the familiar context of which the adolescent lode. As it was educated. Ignorant parents, create an ignorant son. It is logical that to understand more deeply in this in case that, she would be necessary more study. To evaluate certain 0 variable as the social classroom of which it comes, the relation of it with its home the existing bonds and papers between the members of the family.

But independent of the current familiar structure to vary sufficiently, it is fact that in the maiorias of the families has a machista creation, where the man receives more privileges and attention from what the woman. This occurs because of the society that, in general, acts in the same way. this, is thus for consequence of our culture. For speaking in culture, it possesss its parcel of guilt in the jalousie behavior of the men.

Cooperative Learning

Many are teachers that we reflect on how we can contribute to the creation of a society less individualistic and more concerned with the common good. We are accustomed to talk to our students about moral and social values, although many times it is not what they perceive of our example, much less the environment that surrounds them. Rather than talk about terms and advise in the classroom, what we need is to foster them perform it in an educational environment that allows them to be characterized by those values, that behavior and those coming from an intrinsic motivation attitudes, to be able to function properly during the teaching-learning processes and therefore in society that surrounds them. Cooperative learning is to be an effective tool, for the good performance of our heterogeneous classrooms and at the same time a way of inserting our students to live in society and to set aside the individuality that exists today. Cooperative learning is a strategy, whose aim is to promote the participation of all and all in the classroom. This strategy emphasizes the individual responsibility of each of the members of the group, but at the same time all pursue the same objective: the common good.

Learning is seen as a group need more than individual. We teachers must master the contents and objectives of the class in order to choose the proper technique within all the techniques that make up this strategy. It is very important to also know the individual characteristics of the students who make up the group. It is important know the strategy thoroughly, receiving support from other teachers and recognize the stage of adaptation to the process, to not give up in the middle of the task. The benefits we get with cooperative learning to improve the quality of the educational process begins with the awakening of the intrinsic motivation in our students wanting to learn and take seriously the learning from peers. For this reason cooperative learning allows you to develop self-esteem, improve performance in classes and their interpersonal relationships, allowing cognitive and affective effects needed for a better development towards a life of quality, for the sake of themselves and society. Therefore the cooperative learning is a necessity in our classrooms.

Latin America

This is the HomemDiante of the infuriated multitude Pilatos presents Jesus, saying: ' ' Here it is the Homem' '. Pparently with the intention to free it, in what it was neglected by Barrabas. In similar way Nietzsche also it is presented in ' ' Ecce Hommo' ' , saying that when defying the humanity ' ' sou&#039 seems me indispensable to say who; ' preferred to be ' ' one stiro before one santo' ' Here, however we want to show not a man to the multitude, but the human being itself exactly: let us place us of the mirror ahead! We will see one not dreamed beauty, but the extremity of our fealdade. Our presentation is not to show a man: ' ' Here it is homem' ' , but, after some demonstrations of what he is being made for the man, to say that it characterizes it to this: ' ' this is homem' ' , in its singular smallness. Then let us see.

At the beginning of the passed year, looking for to reflect on some catastrophes that reached the planet, it said somebody me that he was being pessimistic. Today, at the beginning of the second decade of the third Christian millenium, we confrot in them with some situations that ask for reflection. Let us remember to us of that some decades behind Latin America if debated and sacolejava to knock down the dictators of the power. Slowly they had been being knocked down if not for the organized social movements, for proper history, therefore they had fallen of podrido. The right extreme yielded to the winds of the infiltration subtlest of the capitalism with arremedos of democracy. The fact is that the dictatorships ruram. Some countries had put a rock and had seated on, refusing to judge it the crimes of these dictators (case of Brazil); others had had different processes, as Argentina, recolocando in the general witness stand dictators already condenados> new judgment pair old crimes: the sumio of you drink.

Champions League

The Italian team falls to the Turkish Trabzonspor 0-1. Two English clubs did not pass the tie on the debut day. Results of Champions League rest Groups Calendar. Inter crashed in Giusseppe Meazza and clouded your panorama in the first phase of the Champions League after losing to Turkish Trabzonspor, while the rulers of English football, Manchester United and Manchester City, were unable to extend its authority in Europe. The team Guardiola left blushing of the first day. A goal from Czech Ondrej Celutska to a quarter of an hour from the end, gave the victory to the Trabzonspor (0-1), debutant in the tournament and seemingly condemned to a premature elimination. In the other group B duel, the Ivorian Seydou Doumbia thwarted return to the Champions League, six years later, the Lille.

The attacker from CSKA Moscow, author of two goals, balanced, at the last minute, the gala benefit gained with goals from Moussa Sow and Benoit Pedretti. Manchester City was unable to come out with the three points of its continental debut. In the duel for beginners, with the new competitive format, the Naples slowed the euphoria of the English set. In fact, the Uruguayan Edison Cavani overtook transalpine team although five minutes later, the Serb Aleksandar Kolarov established the tie before the box of Roberto Mancini, who brought home to the Argentine Sergio Aguero and the Spanish David Silva. It is Bayern who has taken over the group. He won with authority to Villarreal (0-2) and showed their aspirations and the difficulties that the Spanish team, can be found in the Group of death.

Toni Kroos, French Franck Ribery Centre Association the Bavarian triumph, underlined with the goal from Brazilian Rafinha in the absence of a quarter of an hour. Manchester United, meanwhile, also left two points on the road against Benfica (1-1), who had to Javi Garcia as holder and Nolito and Rodrigo Moreno on the bench. At least, the team of Alex Ferguson, who left between the reservations to the goal David De Gea, avoided defeat. The Portuguese team was ahead after half an hour with both the Paraguayan Oscar Cardozo to center of Nicolas Gaitan. He tied before the break, with a dry shot from outside the area of the Ryan Giggs Wales. Nolito came out in the second part, but the Portuguese box could not leave with three points. The Basel is the surprising leader of Group C. Alexander Frei, five minutes from the end, gave the victory to the Swiss box against the Galati Otelul (2-1), who had managed to tie the both the starting of Fabian Frei with Marius George Pena. Real Madrid, with a goal from Argentine Angel Di Maria, already dominates the Group D. Vencio in Zagreb (0-1), while Ajax and Olimpique Lyon were unable to dial. Source of the news: the Inter star and the United and City faced at the premiere in Champions League

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