Cooperative Learning

Many are teachers that we reflect on how we can contribute to the creation of a society less individualistic and more concerned with the common good. We are accustomed to talk to our students about moral and social values, although many times it is not what they perceive of our example, much less the environment that surrounds them. Rather than talk about terms and advise in the classroom, what we need is to foster them perform it in an educational environment that allows them to be characterized by those values, that behavior and those coming from an intrinsic motivation attitudes, to be able to function properly during the teaching-learning processes and therefore in society that surrounds them. Cooperative learning is to be an effective tool, for the good performance of our heterogeneous classrooms and at the same time a way of inserting our students to live in society and to set aside the individuality that exists today. Cooperative learning is a strategy, whose aim is to promote the participation of all and all in the classroom. This strategy emphasizes the individual responsibility of each of the members of the group, but at the same time all pursue the same objective: the common good.

Learning is seen as a group need more than individual. We teachers must master the contents and objectives of the class in order to choose the proper technique within all the techniques that make up this strategy. It is very important to also know the individual characteristics of the students who make up the group. It is important know the strategy thoroughly, receiving support from other teachers and recognize the stage of adaptation to the process, to not give up in the middle of the task. The benefits we get with cooperative learning to improve the quality of the educational process begins with the awakening of the intrinsic motivation in our students wanting to learn and take seriously the learning from peers. For this reason cooperative learning allows you to develop self-esteem, improve performance in classes and their interpersonal relationships, allowing cognitive and affective effects needed for a better development towards a life of quality, for the sake of themselves and society. Therefore the cooperative learning is a necessity in our classrooms.