This is the time that does not have time. ' ' He is wonderful to observe crianinha if to raise on the entire past of the humanity and to walk onward. With imprisoned eyes in its gift. Trpega at the beginning, with the opened bracinhos, a sustentation that does not find in air to its redor. Exactly thus it advances, equilibrista, drunk of life. Plus another step. the parents, tense, fear the tumble. They twist.

They laugh. They stimulate. But it only goes to walk as we, adults, when to obtain same to establish the balance between its internal references and the world to its redor ' '. To speak in way is to speak of the proper life, therefore, it is always if asking which it will be the goal, the route, this is in emotional, professional area or spiritual always is looking a way. Rogers speaks of the difficulty of human being. During all the trajectory of the life becomes choices, many of made right them, others nor in such a way e, is these choices that in will disclose ways to them. In the emotional area, in special, for times, it is chosen as the great love accurately that one or that one that does not go to be able to be to the side and, for times, until if it tries to keep a relationship what in many cases both leave hurt or, exactly young that start to namorar and after definitive time they believe to have joined twin soul e, for a reason or another one gets rid namoro and is completely shaken passing, to the times, even for existenciais crises.

It is thought about the death. The way is lost. The young enters in a mental confusion. Then, when this happens is tried to prevent one to the other. The city for greater that is will become small e, finally in many cases that love that said to feel one for the other become wounded chronic.

Democratic School

On the other hand, the democratization not yet reached all the sectors of the society, as well as of the public school; where the professors, the servers of the society, exactly in the limit of a society divided in classrooms, search to open spaces for the magnifying of the debate ' ' democratic that popular&#039 is the sovereignty; ' . This will be possible when all the pertaining to school community will be involved in the cooperation task, capable to understand the conception critical-reflexive. This functions as foundation in the conquest of the autonomy and the collective construction of common objectives in the pertaining to school scope. Moreover, I stop (1998, p.46) reaffirms that, Having in account that the democratic participation not if of spontaneously, being before a historical process in collective construction, places necessity of if foreseeing mechanisms to it institucional that not but they make possible, but also they stimulate practical participativas inside of the public school. To wait that the pertaining to school democratic management if carries through spontaneously, does not leave of being an interminable wait.

However, the construction will be given mainly for practical collective that can be stimulated by measures that aim at to the participation of all the ones that if appropriate of the school as system that makes possible the future of a society more joust. Exactly because, the democratic management is an interminable process, because it says respect to the initiatives that facilitate to the mechanisms of participation of all the collegiate ones. this democratic participation suffers limitations, since these limits are related to the attitudes of the proper professionals of the education, that many times do not possess ' ' experience democrtica' ' (FREIRE, 2005, p.74). Attitudes these that also are mentioned to the authorities that consider the people incapable to govern, to have autonomy, to decide and to choose what it is more significant in the escolarizao process and thus to be able to propitiate one to know democratic.

Texts and Education

When something in a text is said, is said in reply to another one something that already was said in other texts. Of this form, a text is always deriving of other verbal or written texts. So that it has certain coherence and understanding of the reading is important for the reader the world knowledge, one to know previous, to recognize and to identify when it has a dialogue between the texts. The intertextualidade can only occur affirming the same ideas of a text or contesting what there it is presented. Simplifying such phenomenon we can infer that the intertextualidade is to say with other words what already was said, or to use such words to refute what was said, or still, intertextualidade is a species of colloquy between texts; this interaction can appear explicit ahead of the reader or be in an implied layer, in the space between lineses of the text. Of form to contribute pra in such a way the interpretation as base for the literal production.

READING the reading is the fortificadora base of the education process/learning. Being by means of it that it is made solid to know and if constroi knowledge, having to be prioritized and worked well in the school, while responsible institution for the education and social, cognitivo and affective development of its readers. Not obstante, it not only must be recognized as element of basic importance, in the pertaining to school scope, but of general form, it is indispensable that the reality lived deeply in diverse institutions very leaves to desire when if deals with the ability of the faculty in activities that involve the act to read and to produce texts, being these related activities, is important that both are worked together, therefore does not have writers without assists of a good one reading. Each time more professors, parents, employers and others, independent of the performance area, attribute the failure of the reader in its daily experiences to the fact not to know to read, that is, not to interpret what he was said, for not getting definitive knowledge of world.

Ambient Education

A social demand for practical politics is created then, very strong and that they aim at the recovery and the preservation of the environment. Thus, the development of projects focados in Ambient Education gains recognition and importance and is spread in the most diverse spheres of the society. Ahead of this situation, it is waited, and even though demanded, that the schools directed toward the formal education if pledge in absorbing this demand, developing projects and inserting its pupils inside of this new mentality the school inside of the Ambient Education must sensetize the pupil and search values that they lead to a harmonious convivncia with the environment and the too much species that they inhabit the planet, assisting it to critically analyze it the principles that have led to the inconsequential destruction of the natural resources and some species. Having the clarity that the nature is not inexhaustible source of resources, its reserves are finite and must be used in rational way, preventing wastefulness and considering the recycling as vital process. The interaction between the men and the environment exceeded the question of the simple survival. In elapsing of this century, to take care of to the necessities human beings one was drawing a desbalanceada equation: to remove, to consume and to discard the pupils start to have this perception only when they are in superior education. Because? 1.4.Hipteses to answer the placed question the work raises following the hypothesis: Probably the lack of information on the gravity of the subject can contribute for the lack of programs of Ambient Education; It is possible that the absence of ambient sensitivity on the part of the Direco of the school does not compel the professors if to apply in this thematic one; Probably the lack of material with these subjects in the school can contribute for a weak boarding of the subject.

Educational Orientation

Practical its was very criticized and in many schools this service left to exist, exactly appearing in LDBs older as a specific legislation, implementing the Educational Orientation, its attributes and formation. The extinguishing of the position of the Educational Orientation is happening at this moment in many cities, in some Brazilian states, as it is the case of the city of Saint Maria, in the Rio Grande Do Sul, that in its plan of career alone foresees the professor position. The legal aspect of the formation of the educational person who orientates and its plan of career, the fact of, at this moment to be completing a circle of quarrels, next to Secretariat of Education of the City of Maria/RS Saint for the regulation of this function, the fact of in this city the position of Educational Person who orientates to have been extinct; the necessity of evidence of formation in this area to assume this function inside of the school, as well as the requirement of alicerada practical one in based and well compromised theories with the ethics, the construction of the citizenship and the mediation of the dialogue it enters all the sectors of the pertaining to school community, come back toward the development of the pupil, in way to guarantee the space of performance of this professional in the school, became the object of this study. Being, therefore, the objective of this study to pontuar the presence of the Educational Orientation in the school under the light of the legislation and, more specifically, to ressignificar the practical one of the Educational Person who orientates, from adjusted formation, so that this if becomes a basic partner in the improvement of the process teach-learning. Therefore, it urges to prove the importance of the Educational Orientation and the relevance of its performance in the school, as well as its formation must specific and be qualified to deal with the conflicts of relations between all the actors of the educational scene, to propitiate the reflection of values capable to mobilize pupils to assume its choices, to modify its attitudes and to conquer its citizenship. .