Texts and Education

When something in a text is said, is said in reply to another one something that already was said in other texts. Of this form, a text is always deriving of other verbal or written texts. So that it has certain coherence and understanding of the reading is important for the reader the world knowledge, one to know previous, to recognize and to identify when it has a dialogue between the texts. The intertextualidade can only occur affirming the same ideas of a text or contesting what there it is presented. Simplifying such phenomenon we can infer that the intertextualidade is to say with other words what already was said, or to use such words to refute what was said, or still, intertextualidade is a species of colloquy between texts; this interaction can appear explicit ahead of the reader or be in an implied layer, in the space between lineses of the text. Of form to contribute pra in such a way the interpretation as base for the literal production.

READING the reading is the fortificadora base of the education process/learning. Being by means of it that it is made solid to know and if constroi knowledge, having to be prioritized and worked well in the school, while responsible institution for the education and social, cognitivo and affective development of its readers. Not obstante, it not only must be recognized as element of basic importance, in the pertaining to school scope, but of general form, it is indispensable that the reality lived deeply in diverse institutions very leaves to desire when if deals with the ability of the faculty in activities that involve the act to read and to produce texts, being these related activities, is important that both are worked together, therefore does not have writers without assists of a good one reading. Each time more professors, parents, employers and others, independent of the performance area, attribute the failure of the reader in its daily experiences to the fact not to know to read, that is, not to interpret what he was said, for not getting definitive knowledge of world.