Educational ABC

The proposal mentioned in another part of this work had as main objective to inside promote a program of training and development in the reorganization of the RH of the Institution for all the collaborators. The intervention proposal was initiated to raise the necessities of training through collection of data by means of applicatory questionnaires next to the collaborators as starting point to initiate the analysis of intervention in the company. The analysis next to the managers of its respective areas was made, on training deficiencies and was elaborated an action plan to plan and to develop a training that took care of the necessities of the collaborators and the organization. The organizations have lived daily conflicts in relation to the satisfaction and accomplishment of its professionals. One knows that the changes are occurring quickly and the information all change the time in a market each more competitive time.

They are necessary to prepare themselves for, after all she is recommended if to structuralize of form to apply and consequently to reach the longed for results. Many times the differential to conquer a place of prominence in the market is in the people whom the organization composes. One notices that the organization has deficiencies in the training process and development of teams. However the Educational ABC in order to improve and to guarantee the good performance of its employees considers necessary to train them adequately in order to prepare them to create one better environment and also to take care of its customers in way to enchant them. The Educational ABC presents deficiency when it is about qualification and training in the execution of the activities. To provide a training can mean it organization to prepare its employees to develop abilities, knowledge, standardization of the tasks and even though to change the behavior. It has as objective to increase the professional and motivacional performance of the human being, improving the results and generating a good organizacional climate.