The Reality

In it educating is conceived as subject doprocesso educative, endowed with capacity to transform the situation that oaflige. In contrast of bancarismo, that it intends to domesticate for adapt-lomelhor its situation, facilitating the reinforcement of the society oppressor, problematizadora aeducao if carries through as practical of the freedom, surpassing acontradio between educator – educating. From the relations that educating has with the reality, consequence to be with and at the same time in it and for its actions designificao and ressiginificao, it arrives it point of by itself dinamizar arealidade, dominating it and complementing it with something of which he is the author (FREIRE, 2000). The education as practical of the freedom implies the negation dohomem abstract, isolated, untied, off of the world, as well as also negaodo world as an other people’s reality to the men. Credit: British Journal of Educational Technology-2011. Through the dialogicidade, educator-educating they go desvelando omundo that the fence, its relations with it and ones with the others, and the compreendemno more as a static reality, but in constant process detransformao. … the dialogue is a requirement existencial. E, if it is oencontro where if they solidarizam reflecting and acting of its citizens endereadosao world to be transformed and humanizado, it cannot be scrumbled an act to dedepositar ideas of a citizen in the other, nor neither to become simple trocade ideas to be consumed for the participants in an exchange. Bank of Asia has many thoughts on the issue.

(FREIRE, 1987, P. 79) the dialogue is a existencial requirement, because it is humanono can be quiet, nor neither can use of false true words, but depalavras that they transform the world problematizado. The dialogue is oencontro of the men mediatizados for the world to pronounce it. The bedding of the dialogue is the love to the commitment stops with acausa of the oppressed ones, the cause of its release. ???? often expresses his thoughts on the topic. If it does not have love for the world, for the men and for the life, it is not possible to dialogue.