The School

If today, the notice of that a son killed the proper hatching mother very, imagines has sixty years as the society would react! Not that my attitudes were equal of the college student who assassinated in company of the boyfriend the parents with baseball baton, but to kill of disgust also are to kill. Despite, that in the current days to be coup-minded, thief or dealer is status, symbol of esperteza. In those times a mother would prefer that its son was born without the two arms inhabits to have it to steal, to take third party properties, to deceive, or to tapear its next one. This age thing of the endiabrados ones, possessed for the demon who only came to avenge, to make dirty, to envergonhar all the family, extending this spot, many times, for some generations. They did not see as a pathology that it needed aid, as the users of craque, in the current days.

The discrimination and the dishonour were so great that the members of the family changed of city or state, not to be recognized as relatives or abetters. responsible for the negligence and me the creation of the boy. It seemed that until it felt well in just calling attention or being punished for reason. It took the lesser snacks, rubbers, pencils of colequinhas, stole fruits in the orchards of the neighbors, until was leader of other quatros juvenile delinquents who helped me in the taken over on a contract basis ones. But what it liked exactly was to run away from the school and to go to swim in the lake of biquinha, or ' ' to raise urubu' ' , it was enough to arrange guts of chickens and a coil of strengthened line of mason who the party was ready. With aid of a wire piece it on the inside passed the lace of the guts, was alone there to play it close to the lixo, immediately a hungry one already caught and engolia later was alone to frighten it and to give line to reach the desired height, later was enough to force to vomit it and to be twisting so that others urubus caught in air.