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Until August 31, towns and villages in the competition can ‘ communities for climate protection ‘ apply Berlin, August 16, 2011. Final spurt in the nationwide community competition of the Association of heat pumps (BWP) e.V. municipalities can submit their innovative heat pump projects until the end of August. From 2012, public buildings must assume a role model for the expansion of renewable energies in the heating market. But already many good reasons move more and more local authorities to do so, to choose heat pumps-heating in their construction projects: no harmful emissions locally, a contribution to environmental protection, independence from oil and gas, reducing ongoing costs and support the domestic economy. In addition, many communities benefit from the State programmes for the refurbishment of municipal buildings.

Local authorities, which want to make public their commitment to environmental and climate protection, are invited to participate in the competition of the BWP. As projects various municipal facilities in question, about schools, sports facilities or town halls, museums, courts or public clinics. Each municipality can apply with a photo of the renovated or newly constructed building and the heat pump, as well as specific information on the project. The terms and conditions and more information see kommune competition interested parties. The winning municipality on September 27th at the 9th Forum will heat pump in Nuremberg with a green sign as excellent place of the heat pump”awards.

The competition to set new impulses for the ecological and climate-friendly orientation of municipal construction projects. The use of heat pump systems in public buildings stands for modernity and progress. In competitions such as communities for climate protection”communities show their innovativeness and future orientation”, Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, Managing Director of the BWP. The environmental friendliness of heat pumps is also scientifically proven. According to a study by the Technical University of Munich can save a climate-damaging CO2 emissions expertly built systems compared to conventional heating systems, about 50 percent. The energy consumption is significantly reduced, because heat pumps use free ambient heat from the soil, groundwater or air. Of obtaining 100 percent you need heat only about 25 percent electricity, 75 percent come directly from the environment. “For more information on zeichen.setzen.