Sameddin Tschalapie

In mystical language, which expresses the shift of attention to the material world. An initiate is sitting back and looking backwards represented. An example of this is Jerusalem. the entry of Jesus) This encounter was a deep and confusing incision for Rumi, because what he previously had understood from the mysticism and the Gnosticism was a back Hall now on a deeper level. Shams aroused a deep, asexual love in Rumi, which brought him much grief, longing and much inspiration for his seals. Shams was present for two and a half years in the life of Rumi and nowhere to be found and which then disappeared.

In his seals Rumi describes Shams as his lover, as his intellectual Leader as the one who gave him drunk. A drunk that he has not received intoxicating drinks, but by spiritual access to a feeling of cosmic oneness. In metaphoric language and many parables from nature, he describes the feeling of oneness and love in his poems. The period of maturation h.g.: What is that he learns as much attention in the world so special about Rumi? Dr.A.: Shams-e-Tabrizi was forever veschwunden of Rumi’s life, Rumi was around 42 years old and should remain the head of his school until his death in the 63rd year of life. He devoted most of the time its seals and had long periods of retreat, where he himself gave up the music, the vibrations, which are hidden behind rhythms, and sank himself in his heart, the world behind the curtain. He encouraged two students especially, who took over many tasks and requests that came to Rumi. The successor of Sameddin Tschalapie, one survived by the two, the order of the rotating Dervishes Centuries ago: the family Tschalapie regained more prestige in Turkey in recent years. In Rumi had met ultimately three currents of Oriental mysticism and formed into a new method.