Project Company

When in an assembly one of the item of the guideline it is security the joint owners twist the nose, imagining in how much the value dom condominium will go to increase; While the security guard condominium will be faced as cost and not as investment the occurrences go to continue to enrich the reporters, as we follow frequent. Many are the reasons for this wave of the calls attacks by teen street gang in condominiums and one of them is the implementation of devices of security without no criterion operational technician. Of Consultant of Security guard and Doctor everybody has a little, and it always has somebody that some company knows or has interest in participating of the commission that will go to also argue the subject that goes to stop in the assembly, and for the lack of necessary knowledge and with the concern in ‘ ‘ gastar’ ‘ less, a baseless quarrel occurs that finishes with the idea to convoke three or four companies of security to suggest what if it must make to improve the security of the condominium. The companies are chosen for the name or to put some indication, each one goes until condominium (aiming at to vender its products and services) presents a different suggestion; The condominiums to put not to know of the subject, in the doubt, finish choosing the company for the name or the lesser cost, a serious error, that can stop very expensive, therefore did not have a detailed study and specific on the situation of the condominium and what it are offered was through the method called achismo, that is, we go to place these equipment for prevention here, not having a work based in facts and necessary information.

A total subjective method and that in a well next future the presented system, more will not take care of the necessities of the condominium, that momentarily believed to be protecting. The development of a security project must be exclusive for each condominium and is of utmost importance, therefore through methodology based on operational techniques the consultant, for the development of the works, the place searchs information visiting, interviewing involved the direct one and in the process, analyzes the plants and too much procedures indirectly will allow that it to develop an analysis of risk for, after this work, to present the treatment most adequate, always aiming at to minimize and to control the existing risks. Film director: the source for more info. Advantages of the consultoria? The inexistence of bond of the Consultoria with no rendering company of services; The Manual development and implementation of Norms and Procedures; It finishes with ‘ ‘ achismo’ ‘ in security, acting with facts; It prevents unnecessary expenses, customizando the investments; It aims at to prevent action against the life and the patrimony; Superior performance of the team of Services; Increase of the security, aiming at to keep the tranquillity and the comfort of all; To the Administrator a competitive differential; Basement for future injunctions; The professional and adjusted Planning of the security; Therefore, we recommend before implanting a system of security in its condominium, searchs information with a specialized consultant of security, it is the professional able to present the solution most adequate for its necessity.