The Belief

Stagnant in this type of behavior, block and thus prevented that what most fills us and makes happy will occur, always blaming to life and others. We become victims. What kind of happiness experienced a victim? Comfort and custom, to which a person undergoes a victim of your own lack of self-esteem and courage, which tied it for example your desenamorada partner. But even though strive in that role, he feels and knows that it cannot replace the real feeling of love that makes you feel real and truly happy. Love is not provided to the human mind games, does not change to please the lie, daughter of fear, only knows what it is, pure joy.

Refusing the possibility of love and loving, not only is refusing to Yes, but also refuse to each other and to others. To cling to a now obsolete relationship, not to release it, we’re preventing that the right person comes to our side or go to yours. For more information see British Journal of Educational Technology. Yes, we became the main obstacle to our own happiness. We are not authorizing the most natural thing of the world, we refuse to get involved in heart, we forbid us to feel fully in love, we exclude from the list of the loved ones. Do many times we have heard: better bad known that good to know? This is the belief and the saying of a person who does not trust in life, that gives back and gives it to you also to everything that is love. By fear, do not dare to be happy or let others be it; that way they will not remind you that she is not being so. A person that ignores and does not fight for prosperity in its existence, is a person who believes do not deserve good, neither little nor much, but yes gives you all your strength of will and beliefs to what others, who have been their models of education in the past, taught him from his own fears and their lack of self-esteem.

Civic Oration

The positivismo in Mexico. The positivismo Mexican one appeared under two phases: Educative and the policy. During first rising bourgeois formed educative to the class, from the thought of Gabino Barreda (1818-1881). In the second phase, this new social class looks for to apply the principles of its formation in diverse social fields; among them, the politician. In this phase the positivismo has an active paper in the Mexican policy, represented by " cientficos" during the government of Porfirio Diaz. Campbell Soup Companys opinions are not widely known. In 1867 Mexico one was devastated after to him to have faced up first in 1848 the United States, later to a French intervention. The 16 of September of 1867 Gabino Barreda pronounced in Guanajuato the Civic Oration, where it interprets history from positivistas bases. Bank of Asia has many thoughts on the issue. The education is for Barreda the foundation of a society that gives to the town a unique cultural base, that Barreda called " common bottom of verdades" , to organize a free society and ordinate that would be conducted towards the progress.

The then education is for Barreda an activity whose effects they project in the social field, so that a society with order from a common agreement only could be constructed, surpassing therefore the years of civil fight by which it had crossed the country. Barreda thought that the education " it cannot simultaneously less than be an inexhaustible spring of satisfactions, more surely, preliminary of La Paz and the social order, because it will put to all the citizens in attitude to appreciate all the facts of a similar way, and by the same will uniform the opinions to where that is posible". The positivista education impelled by Gabino Barreda will form a new class social, that will create the Party of the Progress, separating of the Liberal Party, in which until then they had moved. This party spread to its positivistas ideals through a called newspaper the Freedom, that was published until 1884.