Worldwide Economy Arrived

In 2000 I read a called book ' ' BLUR – The Speed of the Change in Integrada&#039 Economy; ' , as to live and to win in this new reality of Stan Davis & Christopher Meyer, publishing company Campus. This book speaks in the premises of the new economy, speed, intangibilidade and conectividade, that is, the things in the integrated economy, the inexorable globalization, have as pillars the speed in the changes, the interconnection in net, for nets and Internet and the intangibilidade. The book counts tickets where the authors defend its thesis, I agreed fully as I find that of 2000 until here, these pillars alone if had fortified, vide the crisis who we live at the moment. Without saying that the book has deep academic basement, the teses are being confirmed for me during all this time. I am certain, researchers already must be working academically in these teses and will be confirmed.

With the same subject, I go to infer that the current crisis, seems cooled now the coordinate and competent of the European governments, American performance and of the emergent ones. The recovery, will be fast for return of the businesses and normality. The premise speed will act as a force of the modern and integrated economy. The economic hemorrhage, caused in part, as already said here, for the addition of the greed with the deregulation in excess and the creativity of the financial market, inside of the environment of world-wide prosperity is with the counted days. The credit (reason of the crisis for some) will be more selective and everything will come back to the normal one in few months, the new blood of the next American president will help, either who will be. Opposing critical of the market economy that they insist on revision of concepts of the pure capitalism, the interventions of governments had always been necessary, learned in the crisis of 29 and others. .