Geriatric Exercise

Course in Public Health 2007/SIND-SADE/MG/NCLEO BETIM. Course of Homeopatia? 2009/Vestibule of the Education? Brazilian association of Education in the distance – ABED. After Graduanda in Public Health and the 2011/Education 2009 University Jose Of the Vellano-UNIFENAS Rosary, Campus of Belo Horizonte. Graduanda in Social Service 2008 2011/University Center Interactive COC/UNISEB. SUMMARY the aged population comes increasing considerably, what she attributes yourself to a bigger life expectancy, so that these people have a good quality of life, the practical one of physical activity is of utmost importance as half of prevention and promotion of the health through its innumerable benefits. The present article has for general objective to extend the knowledge on the effect of practical of physical exercises and the physical aptitude of the aged associate to the health. as objective specific: to know as the physical activity can intervene with the quality of life of these individuals; to identify the alterations in the health of the aged ones that they practise physical activity; to raise the level of cohecimentos on the subject. More scientific evidences exist each time pointing the beneficial effect of an active style of life in the maintenance of the functional capacity and the physical autonomy during the aging process. It is essential in the current days, that speak in practical of physical activities for the development and the maintenance of the health of this population, many of the times, forgotten for the effective system..