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Cuckoo – a bird that lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. Often referred to colloquially as the women who left their children in the care of relatives, friends, or simply abandoned. The majority believes that there have been so just come from socially disadvantaged, marginalized groups, who themselves did not grow in normal conditions. But meanwhile, and in a quite affluent families appear cuckoo. For a long time in our society believe that life orphaned children in a public institution – it is normal that they get everything necessary for life. But is this true? In our time, material and technical base of children’s homes is poor. FASEB Journal: the source for more info. In addressing this global problems require effective measures We are able to do all that orphans have grown full-fledged members of society, and the tragedy – to remain without a family – would not impose any impact on their future life.

That they do not fall into prisons, and prostitution (and according to statistics, more than 50% of former orphans can not find a place in life and get it there) so they are not angry with the adult world and become at least for a little bit happier and more carefree. In 1990, Russia had 564 children’s homes, and in 2004 their number has nearly tripled and reached 1,4 thousand. 2 In early 2007, in Russia there were 748,000 orphans (2.8% of the total children population (26.5 million). From including: adoptions -153,000’s care – 384 000 Reception and foster families – 37,000 in child care – 174 000 1. The sum of the consolidated budget for the development of family forms in 2007 amounted to 21.4 billion rubles (856 million dollars), including: the federal budget – 6.2 billion rubles (248 million dollars) from the Russian Federation – 15,2 billion rubles (608 million U.S. dollars) 2 According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, only 10% of graduates of Russian state orphanages and boarding schools adapting to life, 40% commit crimes, more than 40% of graduates become alcoholics and drug addicts, 10% commit suicide. 3 4 Every year, from orphanages Russia produced 26,000 students. According to Ministry of Education, over the past 15 years, 90,000 of them were not provided with accommodation laid by law.

5 The best care for children from orphanages – their family unit. However, it is not always possible, especially for children over 10 years. In Krasogorskom orphanage (Kamensk-Ural Sverdlovsk region). 35 children. I met with them two years ago. Children have become less ill, better .Pomogaem make annual repairs. In 2008, two children went to the Great Ustyug to Santa Morozu.V our children’s lady is beautiful, clean, cozy, but children need parents! You’re defending the country, so that your children live!