The Sky

Practically a nature which I can see at the same time in his duality, an image that I taught that I not really can separate the two aspects of being single and the split. You are changing constantly, fleeting time accept one or the other form and indeed it never really definitely are one or the other. They are more or less everything and nothing at the same time, and their shape and their shape is not really tangible. Me is only aware in that moment, that this the essence of all being that this is the great spirit, and that he himself, although he has actually no form, shows me in a transform itself constantly and ethereal volatile figure. And what prevails time and again, the image of a cloud-like substance, which then floats across the sky and when I recognize again two Eagle with its wings infinity, is suspect, and guess, but only a temporarily dominant image describes, which is backed by countless other images. I still no adequate term found for this kind of perception, I can only write to how I experienced the whole thing.

I saw something that I actually could not see. I saw it and don’t saw it too and although I noticed a figure, what I saw, had in turn at the same time not really a form, or simultaneously all other kinds were also included. It was the paradox in his absoluteness, I was allowed to simultaneously perceive the existence and non-existence, and this one is necessary the people undoubtedly not usual level of perception. Everything was there and yet somehow also not there. And I took this many in infinity is true layered images and dimensions in the simultaneity. And it was the same with the great spirit, which for one in his unity, revealed me to another dual-level in the form of two eagles showed me which had individual characteristics, such as mother – and father energy, or the God and goddesses-be. Here all the beauty of the sexes separated from each other, seemingly, their meaningfulness, their benefits, their deep significance was the Stilling and proximity of the universal unfolding of all being.