PSF Nursing

In this manner, he can yourself be approached to the real necessities of the collective as half to tie to action in health the end to take care of the specific necessities of the population (6). PERFORMANCE OF the NURSE IN the ESF AS CONSTRUCTOR OF the COLLECTIVE HEALTH the nurse, responsible direct for the nursing team, must be capable to recognize, educative nosprocessos, a confusion of relaese to consider learning, teaching, espaoonde this occurs, the involved actors, as tambma purpose of the work of the nursing que taking care of, in a more holistic perspective of the human being. We still have also as its responsibilities, the duty to possess a optics that if directs the optimum attendance and satisfaction of its clientele, thus having better to give assistance, to carry through the knowledge of all the questions which are submetidosos its patients, then, preciso that it has a communication accomplishes, geradapor meioda tool of education in health. To the nurse of the ESF, the activities of supervision, training and control of the team and considered activities of managemental matrix still fit finally. As manager of assistance of nursing in the PSF, the nurse must be the knowledge generator, through the development of abilities, introducing innovations to the team, defining responsibilities and supervising if the same ones they are being executed of the form that was planned. It is of responsibility of the nurse and the doctor, to develop projects and actions that have for purpose to provide improvements in the quality of life. Hear other arguments on the topic with Levi’s. Standing out that it has a bigger performance of the nurse in this direction as is observed by the estimates of the Health department, that shows the proximity which this professional keeps with its patients, fact that elapses of a bigger persuasion stops with the same ones.