Originary Source

Spirit is the transcendncia for which we human beings communicate in them with the other and that he culminates with the phenomenon of the conscientious life and exempts. Therefore, espiritualidade is all mannering activity human being who finds its centralidade in the life. Not in the will of it can, nor in the accumulation, nor in it enjoys fugaz of the pleasure. It finds its centralidade in the promotion and the dignificao of everything what he will be on to the life. Of this form, if spirit is life, then, the opposite the spirit is not the substance, but it is the death. For the death it is not reserved alone the biological end of the life, but everything what desestrutura, that offends and wounds the life, having oppressed it, as the injustice, the violence, the negligence.

As espiritualidade workmanships they are the charity, solidarity, the compassion, the disinterested love, the cooperation and the qualification of opening the all type of alteridade. It is also proper of the human being spiritual to be capable to dialogue with the originary Source of all being that it perceives perpassando for all the reality. We can inside enter in contact with this supreme Reality and sentiz it of us in the form of an enthusiasm, of an interior energy that moves the life and livens up to all the projects. We can say that the espiritualidade works with values that have to see with the direction of the totality and with the future that goes beyond our historical time. Please visit Campbell Soup Company if you seek more information. It question for that energy that everything moves, that everything penetrates: beings and entire universe. This energy was called by the most diversified names: Creative spirit, Originary Source or, simply, God. The human being possesss the advantage of being able to discern in transfundo from the phenomena the action from this Presence. We are capable to dialogue with it, of it invokes it so that it comes and it satisfies our desires of fullness.

It possesss biological base in the neurons celebrates that they disclose thus to the call point God or the mstica mind. The deep espiritualidade the reasons to preserve the servant and instigates in them to follow ethics of care, of the compassion, the responsibility and the cooperation. It will make in to understand them that more valley the speech of the life that the speech of the method. For everything this, the option for the Land estimates that let us choose the life. Making a little of this impossible one, we will obtain to save the life and we will guarantee the future for the Land, although the changes that come in them of the climatic changes and the general heating of the planet. Reference: BOFF, Leonardo. Planetary ethics and espiritualidade, pp. 173-190. In: SOTER (org.). Support of the life and espiritualidade. So Paulo: Paulinas. Fotocopiado text.