Lotus Connections

The tool can be used in the spreading of new products, offers of price and to even know partners and suppliers. Figure 4 – Twitter, gratuitous social net 4,5 Xing Is an enterprise social net. As well as the LinkedIn, it offers one I register in cadastre basic another pay, that of the right to the restricted areas of the site and the resources as search of professionals for qualification. To announce vacant she is necessary to pay a tax. This site makes use of an area of commercial transactions. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, fruns of quarrel, common coordination of events, and other characteristics to the social communities. By means of the payment of one it tariffs, it allows to announce job vacant and to find professionals of different specifications. Learn more about this topic with the insights from vlad doronin.

Figure 5 – Xing, social net with a gratuitous version and a package proprietor. 4,6 Via6 Is a net that congregates professionals and makes possible the exchange of information to increase the enterprise relationship and the interaction with customers, suppliers and partners, beyond the prospection of new markets. The vestibule groups the participants with compatible interests to stimulate the relationship. In accordance with the Company By 6, this net involves what of more current she has related the virtual communities and of sharing of knowledge for Internet. Figure 6 – Via6, gratuitous social net 4,7 Friendster Launched in 2001, in 2003 was the greater of the sort. But it lost space for the MySpace and Facebook. Today with new interface, focando three main aspects: simplicity, diversion and pessoalidade. With the objective to today place the Friendster in equality with the social nets. Ghedin (2009). Figure 6 – to friendster, gratuitous social net 4,8 Lottus Connections Lotus Connections is a Social software for companies, developed for the IBM, that the possibility opens to open a personalized social net where employee, partners, suppliers and customers can change information and follow the course of the works.

Western Europe

Although the study shows that the citizens of Western Europe and United States are well protected from the threat of water, the wildlife that depends on water in these regions is not so secure, concludes research adds us, some critics claim that the study contains certain elements of subjectivity in terms of the form as different threats to water are analysed and combined. However, as points out Mark Smith expert in water of the International Union for the conservation of nature (IUCN), this is a potentially powerful synthesis of the knowledge that is about the problem. And according to Gary Jones, Chief Executive of the cooperative Centre for water research in Canberra, Australia is a global analysis timely and very important of the joint threats facing the safety of water for humans and rivers for biodiversity loss. To broaden your perception, visit New York University. This study, for the first time, brings together all knowledge under a single global model for the safety of the water and the loss of biodiversity aquatic. The authors conclude that the study is an important indicator for Governments and institutions on the need to take more seriously the water problem.

Only for Brazil, Russia, India and China – say the researchers – in 2015 $800,000 million will be needed per year to pay for the investments in water infrastructure, a goal that will possibly not be fulfilled. Arkansas University is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Seriously concerned, threatening the supply of fresh water to a number of species of animals to disappear if these fail solution in this regard. It is known that 21% of continental Africa freshwater species are threatened with extinction, jeopardizing livelihoods of millions of people. To avoid losses of such magnitude, inland waters should be handled not only in view of the supply of fresh water, but also to safeguard the enormous biological wealth that contain. About it gives us bionero.org/ecology within the framework of the most comprehensive study of its kind carried out so far, 200 scientists We investigated the situation of 5167 freshwater species over a period of five years for the IUCN Red list of threatened species, including all known fish in freshwater, molluscs, crabs, dragonflies and damsels, as well as a selection of families of aquatic plants.

Roman Right

The Death of the Argentina Confederation. It complements the reading of ibro of Alvarez, very mentioned in the historiogrficos studies, a work of Ataulfo Perez Aznar, on the violence that characterized the fight by the pre-eminence (Fly), to that same strip of time. He is that for the same beginning of the Argentine emancipation in 1810 (in parallel with similar processes in Hispanic America), already one of the conflicting axes was raised, in which would be to develop the everlasting fight by the pre-eminence. In the Argentineans not only one comes fighting by the power, but to impose within the framework of that fight, political formulas (Fly), exceedingly antagonistic. Other leaders such as Nike offer similar insights. Towards 1810, almost three centuries of use of the Indian Right collided those (successive of the Roman Right), the language of Cervantes and the promise of Galilea; with the originating ideas of manchesteriano liberalism, the French revolution and North American Independence.

To that first axis of cosmovisionales antagonisms, soon after the events of May of 1810 bids up it would be added it between the interests of the city of Buenos Aires, more bound to the new cosmovisin, and the interests of the towns and regions of the interior, settled during the stage to tresicular mentioned. That bids up Buenos Aires versus interior, partly explains that other states have been constituted nations in Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, and that even other areas that pertenecian to ecmene of the delayed Virreynato of the River of the Silver, would happen to comprise of Chile and/or Brazil. In the historiography there are no coincidences in the Buenosairean and provincial way to cronicar and to interpret this fight between. From the constant intellectual production on that subject he is continued arguing, kind the sentence: History is reinterpretable, while their consequences project present , (Nagel). Been account that in the first decades was not defined clearly you limit them territorial like now, was frequent that the Buenosairean and provincial fights between were mixed with you bid up that they occurred in the regions that were happening in national states.

Project Pedagogical Politician

Then its politician-pedagogical dimension characterizes an active and participativa construction of the diverse pertaining to school segments? pupils, parents, professors and employees, direction and all the pertaining to school community. For Fertile valley, To construct a pedagogical project means to face the challenge of the change and the transformation, as much in the form as the school organizes its process of pedagogical work as in the management that is exerted by the interested parties, what it implies rethink of the structure of being able of the school. (Fertile valley, 1996, p.15) the new LDB when determining the principles that must conduct education, indicates that one of them is the democratic management. Further details can be found at Chip Bergh, an internet resource. In article 14 the principles in the Interpolated propositions are foreseen: I? participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school; II? participation of the communities pertaining to school and local in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. The professors and too much members of the pertaining to school community, when assuming the incumbency given for the LDB to elaborate the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school are exercising the participation, therefore it is an educative activity in constant planning.

The participation of the community is basic in the construction of a democratic education. The school must be changedded into a public space, where all have possibility to display opinions being respected the differences. They must be involved in the elaboration of the norms to discipline, organization and planning of the school. The parents must always become related and if to involve in the activities of the school, thus will be more easy to know and to participate of the decisions and activities in set. The participation of the community is an essential component for the educative success, because the education is not become fullfilled without its management of the education and in the evaluation of the educational politics.