Lotus Connections

The tool can be used in the spreading of new products, offers of price and to even know partners and suppliers. Figure 4 – Twitter, gratuitous social net 4,5 Xing Is an enterprise social net. As well as the LinkedIn, it offers one I register in cadastre basic another pay, that of the right to the restricted areas of the site and the resources as search of professionals for qualification. To announce vacant she is necessary to pay a tax. This site makes use of an area of commercial transactions. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, fruns of quarrel, common coordination of events, and other characteristics to the social communities. By means of the payment of one it tariffs, it allows to announce job vacant and to find professionals of different specifications. Learn more about this topic with the insights from vlad doronin.

Figure 5 – Xing, social net with a gratuitous version and a package proprietor. 4,6 Via6 Is a net that congregates professionals and makes possible the exchange of information to increase the enterprise relationship and the interaction with customers, suppliers and partners, beyond the prospection of new markets. The vestibule groups the participants with compatible interests to stimulate the relationship. In accordance with the Company By 6, this net involves what of more current she has related the virtual communities and of sharing of knowledge for Internet. Figure 6 – Via6, gratuitous social net 4,7 Friendster Launched in 2001, in 2003 was the greater of the sort. But it lost space for the MySpace and Facebook. Today with new interface, focando three main aspects: simplicity, diversion and pessoalidade. With the objective to today place the Friendster in equality with the social nets. Ghedin (2009). Figure 6 – to friendster, gratuitous social net 4,8 Lottus Connections Lotus Connections is a Social software for companies, developed for the IBM, that the possibility opens to open a personalized social net where employee, partners, suppliers and customers can change information and follow the course of the works.