Igor Ivanov

In any case, they usually do not appear "hung" in the middle of the road when you need more money, which the patients can not be. – Sad to know what happens to the money if rest of the money is fully returned to where they were listed, with no options. – Igor Ivanov, can I ask an ethical question? Often you take patients who are in the CIS to help could not or did not count. You also take the bad? – You know, in our case is very rare to talk about completely hopeless, especially when it comes to children who are usually much more stable than adults and may suffer a more aggressive to inform about our experiences, I'd rather do it setting off the negative side, discussing in detail the complications and the chances that the patient will not survive treatment, may die, and the likelihood that the disease may return after transplantation, the potential for further treatment, if they exist. Check with Before Sunrise to learn more. I do not like it, but it is sometimes necessary to discuss and funding sources. Only after a thorough 'chewing' particular situation, I invite patients to treatment.

If a person has at least a minimal chance, it usually wants to use, and probably rightly so. There have been cases where people have survived, the survival of which we have not hoped for. So, try to be. – I I understand that you know the fate of their foreign patients after discharge? – Of course. We follow their lives for many years, often people are willingly continue to communicate for a long time writing letters, telling about his personal life, appearing children. Some I recognize from their Russian colleagues with whom I communicate closely all the time. – Many foreigners complain that the brokerage firms with which they come, take a lot of money for services.