Igor Ivanov

In any case, they usually do not appear "hung" in the middle of the road when you need more money, which the patients can not be. – Sad to know what happens to the money if rest of the money is fully returned to where they were listed, with no options. – Igor Ivanov, can I ask an ethical question? Often you take patients who are in the CIS to help could not or did not count. You also take the bad? – You know, in our case is very rare to talk about completely hopeless, especially when it comes to children who are usually much more stable than adults and may suffer a more aggressive to inform about our experiences, I'd rather do it setting off the negative side, discussing in detail the complications and the chances that the patient will not survive treatment, may die, and the likelihood that the disease may return after transplantation, the potential for further treatment, if they exist. Check with Before Sunrise to learn more. I do not like it, but it is sometimes necessary to discuss and funding sources. Only after a thorough 'chewing' particular situation, I invite patients to treatment.

If a person has at least a minimal chance, it usually wants to use, and probably rightly so. There have been cases where people have survived, the survival of which we have not hoped for. So, try to be. – I I understand that you know the fate of their foreign patients after discharge? – Of course. We follow their lives for many years, often people are willingly continue to communicate for a long time writing letters, telling about his personal life, appearing children. Some I recognize from their Russian colleagues with whom I communicate closely all the time. – Many foreigners complain that the brokerage firms with which they come, take a lot of money for services.

The Tibetan

The girl began to cry from joy, not yet quite believe it. For even more analysis, hear from Richard Linklater. – At me was … unpleasant to look at the streets people showed finger at me. Nearly went mad on the attitude of other people. A healer told me, ‘Everything will be fine’ – and I do not doubt it. Looking ahead, I want to say that when Vic came to the hospital perfectly healthy, which periodically laid, the doctors were amazed: completed all terms of remission, but all the tests without taking the medication were perfect. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Levi’s. Later, Vick went Pankova married a year later called and said that despite the harsh verdict of the doctors that it is impossible to have a child because of her illness, she recovered, gave birth and the baby is healthy! “features of the Tibetan-Indian techniques lies in the fact that the patient is transferred healing power, which increases the body’s immunity.

But when the immunity, disease, even if they were 10-20 years old, begin to leave. The most severe forms of disease are gradually beginning disappear as the body returns to its natural force of nature … The Tibetan-Indian method of healing not only one disease, as a result of treatment increases the body’s immunity and people are gradually getting rid of various diseases, fatigue, depression, poor emotional state, and rejuvenated! Now scientists in various countries: Europe, USA, South America begin to explore the phenomenon of the method and unique opportunities for people who are its bearers. Teaching ascertain the complete disappearance of cancer after use of this method of treatment. In many countries this is called the “miracle of the new century.” “… But Ian very fortunate that he became acquainted with the healer. Doctors surprised Ian put emustrashny diagnosed skin cancer. The healer had cured the disease in twenty-one session.

When John visited the doctor again, but the other, he carefully studied just handed analysis, said: – Do you have any cancer there, and most likely never happen, because such a disease could not disappear without a trace. Ian once believed that he did not have cancer. – First, you need to check whether cancer was not, – advised healer. Ian – a man of foresight: he kept scraping on a slide that took the test, when diagnosed. Glass with a sample of tissue, he again knocked down in the lab. Diagnosis confirmed up to sessions with Ian was skin cancer.

Biological Sciences

Name of science "anatomy" (humans, animals, plants) comes from the Greek word anatemno – cut, split, and its essence is to examine the structure of organisms and their organs by autopsy tissues. This refers to the science Biological Sciences, under the general term "morphology" (from the Greek. morpho – shape, logos – the doctrine). Morphology (term coined by the German poet and scientist Goethe in 1817) is not limited to ascertaining the details of the shape and structure of various body parts (normal, abnormal, ugly, etc.), obtained at different teaching levels (macroscopic, microscopic, cellular, molecular, etc.). It also clarifies the development of and the whole body under the influence of various factors (functional, climatic and geographical, etc.). It must be admitted that in the historic birth of many of the morphological sciences of anatomy was a priority, as a rule, significant.

In the late XIX – early XX century. separated morphology and developed a section of it – the evolutionary morphology, whose purpose is to study organisms and different organs in the ontogeny and phylogeny. Human anatomy as independent science for a long time (until the XIX century.) and remained mostly descriptive (hence, there was a descriptive anatomy), ie it was limited to the description, naming and classification of organs and systems. Long the duty of Anatomists was just learning a few man-averaged (excluding options) of the normal without pathological abnormalities of the human body (hence begins the normal anatomy.) In an era Renaissance and during all subsequent times to the present day world science has been enriched by the discoveries that explain not only certain things, but their origin and development.