Brazilian Constitution

The agreement stamped between the government and the S Saint will provoke a historical retrocession – intellectual conquered to the costs of much fight and blood for the reformadores of century XVI and soon after crystallized by the iluministas in century XVIII where the reason and it blind faith (nailed for the medieval church) would not have to guide its ways. The laity of the schools in France was result of the dissemination of the ideas spread out for the philosophers of the lights. Now in full century XXI the authoritarianism of the Church Catholic seems to renascer of leached ashes as asleep volcano to haunt its inhabitants. Some catholics when interviewed regarding the agreement firmed between the Brazilian government and the S Saint if they had located against this measure. Follow others, such as David G. DeWalt, and add to your knowledge base. They had been coherent and discerning how much to the question of religious education in the public schools. How they will be other denominations how much to the right to teach in the schools its doctrines? the right of the students not to attend the lessons? what to say of the religious freedom confirmed by the Great Letter, the Brazilian Constitution? These are questions beside the point important to be left at the mercy of of some incautos and incultos parliamentarians. Journalist Didymo Borges commenting the agreement between Brazil and the Vatican, says that ' ' he never is excessively to relembrar that the experience of the intromission of religion in the businesses of State has proportionate examples of deleterious consequences such as in the theocracy in the Anger, in the regimen talib in the Afeganisto, the Islamic dictatorship in Saudi Arabia, in the communist ideology court of appeals to the condition of blind religiosidade in the Coreia of the north ' '. The examples of History indicate in them that the association of the State with religion or the anti-religiosidade, as in the example of nazista Germany and in the Soviet Union of the stalinista regimen, results in painful consequences that we must prevent.