The Width

In order to build scaffolding, you need to make a box (without bottom, of course, to later podstolya left directly on the slab foundation). To saw beams, equal in length bokovinok box. ysis. Then build on these bars in a box by describing a set woodshed (a niche in podstolya). Fasten the screws on them can be right across the front and rear walls of the ducts into the end of this block. Bars must be fastened securely and fairly often, as a consequence they will bear almost the entire burden of concrete podstolya. After that, the resulting set of bars from the top to fill the thin plywood, sheet metal appropriate size, or linoleum, in a word to ensure even and smooth surface, which we then become an internal set of niches in podstole.Kak only these works will be performed, it is necessary to prepare the grout (1 part cement and 3 parts sand + water). Puts a box the first layer of stones (the best to the front wall podstolya), if possible, all voids are formed between the stones fill a small stone, gravel, etc.

and then prepared by a layer of fill with cement mortar. And so on, layer after layer to the top podstolya. Do not forget to insert into the vertical bars podstolya valves, which must also appear on the upper level podstolya 5-8 cm, so that later they associate with the armature assembly to proceed stoleshnitsy.Teper stoleshnitsy.Prosche shuttering all of its plywood to make a better waterproof. To do this, sawed out of plywood piece, repeating countertop you the desired shape and size, adding to these dimensions of 2 cm inside this detail should be sawed rectangular hole the size of repeats in terms of podstolya. Then make the board a width equal to the thickness of your countertops. Cut them into pieces equal to the width and length of the countertop and then bolted on with screws to the plywood edge along the perimeter of the details. The resulting feature set on podstolya, carefully seal from shuttering podstolya.

Between the overhanging "wings" table top and the ground paste vraspor bars so that when pouring concrete countertops projecting parts not caved. Place the reinforcement bars in the formwork table tops, tie them with the protruding ends reinforcement and pour podstolya betonom.Posle the concrete is well frozen, remove the entire casing and start laying the barbecue. Of baking clay bricks in the furnace solution lay out a rectangular shape the size you want (two side and back). At the desired height of the furnace is reimplemented in the front (you can put 2 metal corners on the lined side walls and a brick). Laying each row, from left, right and front brick displace 2 cm inside masonry, back row does not shift, until the flue size 12×12 cm and begin to lay the pipe, which lay out already on the cement rastvor.Posle how furnace ready obkladyvayut her stumbling from the outside. Rear part of the furnace, we left out of brick and stone are not lined with. At the top of the tube preferably installed canopy made of sheet metal