The Processes

Even the best system can and must be improved, what the process-oriented approach and shifted production provide ideal conditions. This controlling, complaint management, guest – and also employee surveys can provide useful data. These findings must then recipes and instructions entered into be and at appropriate intervals to trained staff. 1.2 Advantages and possibilities to the processes in the kitchen can be planned and a time offset production and output system is highly advantageous to do reproducible quality with high security. The exact work is rather possible recipes and procedures when alone can be produced, as if there is a la carte-stress and wait the guests outside in the restaurant. Hear from experts in the field like barrett beauden for a more varied view.

At the same time, freshness and quality of the products are decisive for satisfaction and enthusiasm by the guests. Therefore, yet the component is added to the traditional delayed production by Cook & chill vacuum. Here there are the two ways ready cooked products precisely portioned single servings or Output batches to vacuum pack and to regenerate in the vacuum bag or directly into the vacuum to produce cooked to heat back in the bag and then to refine. Combining this a lot of benefits: longer storage times significantly reduced losses of quality lead to less loss due to superimposed pre-produced components of food. A pasteurization of products can be, achieved during the cooking in a vacuum, which product depending on the sled up to 5 times can be achieved.

This leads to a reduction of wage costs through production of larger quantities and also shopping benefits by purchasing larger quantities and containers. Another advantage is the more accurate calculation by full costing for all binding units or delivery batches and more accurate portioning, which exclude the loss of standing remains in the pans of the classic a la carte items kitchen. You can calculate more precisely what took a portion and overlooks are more easily how many servings in the House and when reproduced must.