Mental Ordering Process

This dynamics of our process mental ordering and secuenciado by the norms logics, the deductions, the strategies and as we commit errors. All this has enriched the thought. Knowing that the memory exactly does not reproduce our previous experiences or knowledge and that on the basis of this knowledge we reproduce new realities, beliefs and hypothesis we have refuted or changed. Our ideas on the basis of those reflections that the other grant to us and that participate in the construction of the own ones. I stay in my reflection envelope that the duality of the innate thing and the learned thing, all the human beings (in the context in which they are located) participate in an innate potentiality whom he will develop on the basis of the adaptive needs of his surroundings. And there begins the learning in using the resources to its reach including which it interacts with the others in order to provide solutions to the problems that to him are considered (as much in the daily thing as in the scientist) especially in the creative thought that it requires of abilities and ability to work without which the creative thought would not be possible. The talent and the training are not excluding but both of great necessity. The creative thought, takes to experiences new some developed more than others due to cultural and genetic factors, among others, that act of the form in which the same experiences are related to the previous knowledge and find solutions new before the difficulties that appear, and altogether with the critical thought, that the right side of the cerebral hemisphere complements.

In this thought they influence the aspects of the creativity, which can be learned, to develop and depends on the importance level that assigns every one its extension to him of thoughts James Or. Whittaker. It is possible to be learned to think about creative form and to incorporate innovation processes.