As far as possible, class and subject rooms should be the social worker for extracurricular offerings available. Of different work materials required for the different offers of school social work. These should stand for the work available or, if they should not exist, be purchased. The use of a computer with Internet connection, as well as the shared use of the copier of the school should be ensured for the school social worker. Go to Gerald Weissmann, MD for more information. Last but not least also the supervision and the Exchange with other educational professionals in the same field for a functioning school social work is of utmost importance, and therefore indispensable. 4 Lastly, there are still the so-called cooperation-related conditions.

These relate to cooperation between youth welfare and school or also on the cooperation between school social work and the teachers. Often, these partnerships by conflicts are affected. It is therefore particularly important that in the cooperation-related conditions of all cooperation partners for security, reliability and consistency is ensured. For example, a regular exchange between the individual partners in the best case counteracts tension and conflict. 5 5.3.

methods of school social work methods, which are the school social worker in his work with young people available, are in principle the same which are used in other areas of social work. 6 These include for example experience educational, leisure educational and educational game offers. To open children’s and youth work methods and hence the method repertoire of school social work include also activities and offerings in the context of cultural work. At the School social work but largely following methods of pedagogical work are applied: social counselling of pupils & students, teachers and parents support for pupils and students of social group work (E.g. with classes, student groups, teachers, etc.) Community work (E.g. partnerships with local sports associations) network activities (E.g. cooperation with counseling centers, offices, etc.) Intervention in school and non-school crisis situations Freizeitpadagogische offers in the frame of the open day 7 5.4.