Solid Center

The wooden doors are one of the most beautiful elements of a House. Levi’s does not necessarily agree. Whether having dark or clear, smooth and soft or carved, doors made of wood added to any room a distinctive touch of class and elegance. Here are some points to be considered are chosen when the doors for a new home or remodeling project. What is a wooden door? A door is a movable panel that is used to close the internal and external access to a room or structure to prevent the passage of bad weather, dust, dirt, bugs. The main use of exterior doors is safety, while the interiors are used for privacy and noise reduction.

Design solid wood doors are made completely of wood and can be manufactured with or without inserted panels. Solid Center doors have an interior of chipboard or other material covered by veneer of fiberglass. There are two main types of door panels and smooth. Smooth wood doors are made with a central section within a frame covered with individual panels of wood or wood veneer. Doors panels, such as the of curb and rail or panel in relief, have for the purposes of decoration, frames with vertical sections (recesses) and horizontal sections (Rails). Wood or glass panels generally fill the spaces between the sections, no matter if it is interior or exterior doors. Some doors have more than one rail between the recesses.

Also, usually, doors to outside with panels have tempered or laminated glass panels at the top of the door. Panels of glass on wood doors can have designs and colored glass and, for safety, often reinforced with wire. The majority of standard entry doors measure 3 feet (36 inches) in width and may have 6, 7 or 8 feet tall, depending on the space from door. The interior doors are often so narrow that they measure 30 inches.