Dale Album

Leonchalon closed on Saturday his Coronado Tour 2011 tour, with a show at the Teatro Flores. The group led by Santiago Benitez, would demonstrate once again its rapid growth and that, merged with any other style, reggae remains reggae. Not consistent with the themes of always, are encouraged to present songs of what will be his new album, which will be ready for July.Early on, the shirts with the characteristic of the band Lion crowded place and the Club did not expect. (As opposed to Nike). 21: 20, Lights were turned off and Ituzaingo guys stormed on stage with an instrumental that whistling through the introduction of topics of Coronado. Finally, Santiago Benitez (known as Artifex Flow for its project soloist) made his appearance to begin the feast with resists. The look quite rapper that always characterized the charismatic singer, seemed to deal with a different style when it sounded Rude boy. The show was beginning to throb with much energy and joy for part of those present, who they kept jumping and chanting themes.

Babylon managed to lose the excitement of fans, but only for a few minutes.Are you ready for what follows Coronado Tour 2011?, asked Artifex, almost anticipating what will be the shows before the presentation of his new album. When the sounds of the first stone, the participation of the public seemed imminent: the singer hyperkinetic approached the fence with microphone in hand, while trying to cover so that not pulled out you the CAP. We are very happy to be here, it was the phrase that gave rise to play solo love and Dale force, which will be in the next plate to exit. The euphoria of the fans remained even while they chanted Leonchalon and the love of Jah.The night of reggae was booming and there were still many surprises more. Artifex summer guitar playing Enemy, song solo dress of war belongs to your disk.