People has included all kinds of selling points in your sales letters not achieving the desired results in the majority of cases. The importance of a sales letter, resembles a store to sell cars. If the appearance of your store is not giving a good impression, nobody is going to buy your cars. Therefore, you must make sure that your sales letter has answers to the most basic questions, and reinforces the interest in your visitors towards your product only with these five specific issues: 1. What is there for me? Rule number one of art sell people only purchase for one reason, the results of a product-, what you will receive from the?. To accomplish this, you must be quick in catching your attention from the beginning with the title. Create a compelling title and tell your visitors what you will get at one time through your head.

2 Will how it improve my life? Here is where you have to understand the emotional appeals that attract your customers potential like moths to a flame, do want to be richer, smarter, have better appearance, slimmer or more popular? Do you want to save time, money or effort? Study your niche market until you know which emotional buttons to push and you’ll see a huge increase in your sales instantly. Use your desires of attracting people, which is where will have to nod your head and continue reading until the end. 3 Why should they trust you? People are skeptical when they are forced to take out their wallets to buy a particular product. It is necessary to clarify their doubts offering positive testimonials from your previous clients and highlight the benefits of your product. If you don’t have testimonials for your product, search in forums related to your place and ask for a free copy in exchange for testimony usually receive an answer in hot sometime. 4. What will happen if I say that not? Your not gonna leave your clients to say no, that’s all. Remind them of the problems that are having, the frustrations, how much money will you lose?, or how sad their lives today and tell them how can change it all at once, with only a small investment in your product.

5 I’ll be glued to your product? Here is where you can seal the deal. Tell them that you proporcionaras them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The most important thing is to buy, and the rest depends on your choices and skills. 70% Of people who buy a product are not transferred unless they have seen something similar before or have planned only order given from the outset. When you answer these questions, you will not only gain advantage over your competitors, also your potential customer vera who worry their problems and have the solution you need. By an effective entrepreneurship.