Professor Formation

In this manner, the proposal does not indicate the magnifying of the contents, but yes the creation of conditions ' ' so that the pupil acquires ' desenvoltura' in relation what he was selecionado' '. The continued formation, in turn, must allow that the educator, from its proper knowledge, reflects on pedagogical practical its and resells it in the process of the course and adds the new meanings to it of the proposal pedagogical of Urban ProJovem. Thus, it extends the understanding of the necessary changes in pedagogical practical its. In the activities destined to the continued formation, collective moments of quarrel and guiding of problems beyond questions of the daily one of the classroom will have to predominate, especially how much to the learning of the pupils. ' ' The continued formation means the moments where the professor creates a critical removal of the practical one to incorporate it the theoretical field. It is this that means action-reflection-ao' '. Therefore when I see pupils I perceive that they to the end of the program have a total innovative vision and transforming of the reality, that has plans to finish Ensino Average and to be able to dream in making college, is very rewarding to be part of this history.

I perceive in pupils one to look at different, the form of if relating with other people in all the levels. You say show them the importance of the program in the life of these young, beyond the formation the search of a better life, worthier, the social inclusion and professional qualification. To make with that our pupils reflect on what happens to its redor and in will take them to the world to an individual growth, becoming them critical and defending citizens of its proper ideas. However, the advances of the citizenship depend, also, of the fight and the claims, the concrete actions of the individuals. To be citizen is not if to ahead conform of the situations of discrimination and injustices, is not to believe that the social inaqualities are natural, is if to compromise and to interact to become the society best.

All human being already is born with a series of rights and needs to fight so that the rights are not alone in the paper. It is to have conscience of its rights and duties to actively participate of all the questions of the society. After all, the rights exist so that each one of us has decent a worthy life and, despite nor always they are respected. Therefore, the experiences in elapsing of these 18 (eighteen) months of the program provided to some learnings and a luggage to me that very contributed for my professional life and formation human being also. I believe that in the life of the pupils it was not different or until transforming of the existing realities. I conclude pointing the necessity of if having new entrance of Urban Projovem in 2012, because my history not yet finished and has many pages to be constructed and wants to write them. (Gilson Pags Landmarks – he is Professor of Geography).