President Cousin

I do not approve and end point! Now he leaves my room! – This is not thus! Gustavo when beating with the door said! – Plus an enemy? you are to coleccionar them Catherine! You are to coleccionar them! – Ei, has well-taken care of more yes! Rude! – Patrician Excuse! That woman takes off me of the serious one! Who is that it thinks that is to speak to me in that way? It does not pass of one? there, that anger! – Calm! This does not take you the place none! It looks at for me, I I did not walk these two years to work here for nothing? I have contacts ok? You are not worried, that complex goes for front, and in the space that we choose. Inside of little time, I am married your cousin and everything this will be ours, my beloved! Only necessary to have patience! – My cousin uncovers everything this? it knows of us! You have notion that it goes to transform our life into a hell? – Before this my love, I transform of it! – I do not know what you made my cousin, but must give the congratulations to you! For the first time, it was not to annoy but yes the irritated one! Bernardo when sitting down in the table of Catherine said. – First, I do not remember to have invited you; second, your cousin annoys me since the adolescence; third and last point, I aproo that one projecto and did not finish! not even you, being the President, go to obtain to make with that it moves of ideas! – Not necessary to be so irritadia! I also did not want that one projecto but it was approved in unamimity, had of ' ' to eat calar' ' , if one may use the expression! – You were Always a weak one! you continue to be! With license! was arisen. .